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PTC Asia begins its new

PTC Asia begins its new journey with a larger focus on smart manufacturing NEWS AND MARKETS As one of the largest trade shows in mechanical and fluid power transmission technology on the continent, PTC Asia is responding to China’s participation in the fourth industrial revolution with a new slogan this year, “Driven to be Smart”. For more than 2 decades, the international trade show Power Transmission and Control Asia (PTC Asia), has witnessed China’s transformation from a developing country to the world’s largest manufacturing power. Moreover, PTC Asia has been contributing to China’s rise as an international destination for business and industry by providing valuable market information and continuously creating international business opportunities in the power transmission and control technology sector for the Asian market. Now, in the next phase of China and Asia’s industrial development, PTC ASIA aims to integrate the value chain to build an even larger industrial platform for the qualitative development of the engineering industry. The first two weeks of November, are definitely going to be busy and important weeks for the Chinese mechanical engineering and industrial automation sector. Starting on 31 st of October until the 3 rd of November is the trade show PTC Asia, along with its line up of concurrent trade shows all being hosted at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. At the Expo Centre in Shanghai, apart from PTC Asia, there are also trade shows like ComVac Asia, CeMAT Asia, Cold Chain Asia, Heavy Machinery Asia and Industrial Supply Asia 2017 to be held. These concurrent trade shows provide a complete and current picture of China’s industrial marketplace, Ce- MAT Asia attracts industry experts and professionals from logistics and supply chain industry, ComVac Asia for compressed air and vacuum technology, and Industrial Supply Asia for subcontracting and lightweight design, the Heavy Machinery Asia show brings in exhibitors and visitors representing mainly the metallurgy, mining and petrochemical sector. These international events feature more than 1 200 exhibiting companies and 75,000 trade visitors from all over the world gathered in a display area of 70,000 m 2 . Also starting from the 7 th of November until the 11 th of November is Asia’s largest trade event the Industrial Automation Show (IAS) Shanghai, which is being held at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre. These events being organized back to back in the same city create a huge marketplace. It provides a much greater access to create new business networks and a broader platform to connect with professionals working in various industry sectors. Author: Sushen Doshi, International correspondent for World of Industries WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017

Industry 4.0 and PTC Asia Each year, the importance and deployment of Industry 4.0 related applications and technologies is increasing, as it creates infinite possibilities and new business models for companies all over the world. In times of change, where entire industry sectors are increasingly integrating with the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing, at the same time China’s factories are also undergoing a tectonic shift from low-cost-labor intensive production to high-tech and high-value production. From the efforts that the Chinese government is taking to promote its ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative to the recent technologically high valued acquisitions that China’s industrial corporations have undertaken, it is clear that China is not going to be just a spectator while fourth industrial passes by. Chinese leadership and its industries have made it a point to been an important stakeholder in this new ‘smart factory revolution’. When talking about the fourth industrial revolution or the ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative, mechanical and fluid power transmission is one of the core issues. By applying the industry 4.0 concepts to monitor and optimize the performance of the components, it becomes an important contributing sector to achieve the smart and efficient production processes. Additionally, with intelligent components, the power transmission systems become the root of data mining for Industry 4.0, which makes it even more relevant. As one of the largest trade shows in mechanical and fluid power transmission technology on the continent, PTC Asia is responding to China’s efforts with a new slogan this year, “Driven to be Smart”, which focuses strongly on key subjects with an aim to share knowledge, create new applications and finding solutions. For manufacturers and suppliers of products, equipment and systems in this sector, PTC Asia, organized by the Deutsche Messe at Shanghai’s Expo Center, is an especially great opportunity to showcase their products that meet Chinese requirements. Even today, China relies on foreign imports for most of the core components in engineering machinery and equipment sector. Increasing localization in innovation and high-tech manufacturing is one of the top priorities that Chinese companies are focused on addressing. In recent years, industrial intelligence has become an irresistible trend. A high level of the industrial intelligence is essential for the development of intelligent factories, and at grass root levels, developing smart components is the key. These smart components also assist in upgrading the processes and provide the machinery with precise, efficient, energy-saving and cost-effective transmission and controls. The new factory maintenance technologies, like predictive maintenance that are speeding up the production process and reducing downtimes have also drawn global attention. Based on the analysis of process data, predictive maintenance can help to avoid various predictable problems in time. These stateof-the-art technologies also can be found in this year’s event. Also, the predictive maintenance sector of Hannover Messe will be presented at the stage of PTC Asia 2017 for the first time. Renowned enterprises from all over the world will assemble in Shanghai during the show to display a variety of predictive maintenance products and technologies. In addition, this year’s show will particularly focus on the application industries, displaying solutions that cover the machine tools, agricultural machinery, automobile manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical machinery, engineering machinery and other fields. Concurrent to the show, the Smart Manufacturing Forum powered by the German Mechancial Engineering Federation (VDMA) will take place, with its focus on discussing operations and applications in terms of data and signal processing, condition monitoring and diagnosis, forecasting and decision support, energy efficiency, sustainability, product innovation, process and safety issues in the Industry 4.0 environment. There is no doubt that PTC ASIA is not only a grand gathering for the engineering industry, but also a significant platform for companies to expand their overseas market. Product Category at PTC n Hydraulics and Pneumatics: Hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, gear pumps and gear motors, hydraulic variable speed drive units, control valves and pressure switches, pipes, hoses and connectors, filters for hydraulic and oil lubrication systems, compressed air preparation equipment and pneumatic actuator drives etc. n Sealing technology: squeeze seals, rotary shaft seals, reciprocating (piston and rod seals), mechanical seals, flexible graphite seals, other filler seals and sealing materials, seal test rigs and measuring instruments and special production equipment for seals etc. n Mechanical transmission parts and equipment: The mechanical power transmission sector has a vast array of product categories like Gears for automotive, aircraft, agricultural and construction machinery applications, high speed and heavy duty gear boxes, planetary gear boxes along with harmonic and worm gear boxes, and machine tools for gears. Chain transmission products like short pitch and duplex pitch roller chains, heavy transmission roller chains, tooth chains, plate chains etc. Products for Belt transmissions including Timing belts, V-belts, Flat belts, ribbed belts, variable speed belt drives etc. Couplings comprising of rigid, flexible couplings, universal joints and shafts, cam mechanisms, various types of clutches and braking systems. Standard bolts and nuts along with high strength and high precision fasteners, various types of springs utilised for standard as well as special applications. n Bearings: Deep groove ball bearing, Cylindrical roller and Double row spherical roller bearing, Double row self-aligning ball bearing, Needle roller bearing, Angular contact ball bearing, Thrust ball and roller bearing, Tapered roller bearing, Bearing components such as ring, steel ball, anti-dust shield, seals and cage, bearing-related parts such as axel, sleeve and wheel etc. n Electrical power transmission: Industrial motors, Servomotors, small motors of special design (up to 750 W), Frequency converters and electrical drive control systems, accessories and components for electric motors. n Engines and Gas turbines: Otto gas engines, diesel engines, diesel gas engines, stirling motors, multi-fuel engines, rotary piston engines, small gas turbines, power generating sets driven by internal combustion engines, parts and accessories of engines etc. n Special equipment and instruments: Pressing machines, Gear processing equipment, CNC, Machine tool, Tools and dies, specialized manufacturing equipment for springs, chains, testing and measuring instruments for chains, gears and fasteners. Photo: fotolia WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017


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