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A drive that electrifies

A drive that electrifies the excavator Tigon, a hybrid of a lion and Tiger, is the name given to the latest drive technology of the Swedish articulated backhoe loader manufacturer Huddig. Rarely does a name fit so well to a system: An optimised connection of a combustion engine and electric motor, both of which bring their advantages via the hybrid function. The result is the successful combination of both worlds. An ‘all-in solution’ with ideal operating conditions in every situation: Hybrid drive, purely battery operated or powered from the socket. The drive unit is equipped with specially adapted 610X series electric planetary drives from Bonfiglioli. The articulated backhoe loader with Tigon technology therefore appears like an exhibit in deep black with a few strips and surfaces in red. Staged in front of a black background with targeted lighting effects, the design alone reflects its special position in the market. The manufacturer Huddig knows how to make others curious about the special technology hidden under the sheet metal dress of the machine, which is already impressive due to its sheer size. It represents the next stage of development towards more energy efficiency and environmental protection. Huddig sees itself as the market leader for articulated backhoe loaders in Sweden. Founded in the late 1950s, the company has meanwhile already delivered more than 10,000 machines. Export has been encouraged for several years. The market in Germany has been actively targeted since 2014. The products are characterised by a unique combination of pendulum articulation and specially developed chains and wheels for movement in almost every terrain. With the Tigon technology, the company is following its aspirations by further developing the product offerings to offer ultimate solutions for efficient and productive work in the city, cable and rail segments. Polished hybrid technology The core of the Tigon technology is a sophisticated hybrid technology made from diesel engines and electric motors, which enables an unprecedented power generation and recovery for construction machines. The prototype shown achieves significantly reduced fuel savings compared to conventional backhoe loaders. The combina- DRIVE TECHNOLOGY Series 610X wheel drive from Bonfiglioli Author: Chris Liebermann, Werbekoch GmbH, Pr Office in Ubstadt-Weiher WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017

INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION in cooperation with INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 01/2017 Fluidtechnik Antriebstechnik in cooperation with 01/2017 MOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION in cooperation with 01/2017 in cooperation with Fluidtechnik Antriebstechnik tion of a Cummins diesel unit with an output of 104 kilowatts as well as a lithium-iron phosphate battery with 25 kilowatt hours of energy content. The maximum available power is 135 kilowatts with a voltage of 92 volts. Several operating modes are possible: Maximum performance in parallel or serial hybrid mode, quieter and more environmentally friendly in battery or ‘plug-in operation’. Huddig calls this advantage ‘all-in’. The sum of the possibilities yields more than the individual possibilities alone. Wheel-drive system for heavy-duty-applications Bonfiglioli’s 610X four-wheel-drive system has been specifically adapted to the requirements of the Huddig articulated backhoe loader, which significantly increases the driving precision and energy efficiency. Each of the four special traction drives is driven by a 30 kilowatt electric motor and delivers a maximum output torque of 40,000 Newton metres. The new 610X wheel drive from Bonfiglioli has been specially developed for heavy duty machines that require high torque and maximum stability of the main bearings. In the case of the Huddig articulated backhoe loader, each wheel can be independently controlled. This makes it possible for the vehicle to maintain control much better on a slippery surface. In addition, the articulated backhoe loader is able to manoeuvre more easily, even at a minimal noise level, in confined spaces such as on construction sites in the city centre. The impressive articulated backhoe loader with a weight of around 13 tonnes runs completely free from emissions from the battery or when supplied with energy via a cable in quasi-stationary use. backhoe loaders or caterpillars, but also for agricultural machinery applications such as combine harvesters, harvesting machines, selfpropelled sprayers, and many more. About Bonfiglioli The Italian company Bonfiglioli was formed 1956 in Bologna by Clementino Bonfiglioli. With a market share of 15% of the construction machinery industry, Bonfiglioli is one of the largest manufacturers of drive technology solutions for excavators, dozers, concrete mixers, dumpers, graders and much more. Successful cooperation “Our know-how with axle drives and electric mobility was the reason for Huddig to entrust Bonfiglioli with the development of a wheel drive according to their demanding specifications,” explains Stefano Baldi, Sales Director for Mobile Machines at Bonfiglioli. Lars Lindahl, CEO of Huddig adds: “The great advantage with Bonfiglioli is that the company is ready to individualise the drive to meet our needs. And we feel that Bonfiglioli understands us!” The open and trusting cooperation also led to the fact that the drive was not only individualised, but also tailored to the requirements without compromise. Lars Lindahl continued: “We are looking forward to implementing further Bonfiglioli projects in order to offer the market and our customers the best solutions.” The cooperation between the two companies, which are known as specialists in their respective fields, began with the first tests of the standard drive 610W2 in the concept machine from Huddig. The results were very satisfactory, said both managers. Then we went into the development phase, where we wanted to implement the specific demands of Huddig in a targeted and motivated manner as quickly as possible. “It was easy to see that Bonfiglioli listens, accommodates our demands and desires, and understands how to implement them in a product,” says Lindahl. The 610X electric drive from Bonfiglioli is an example of the company’s ability to develop drive systems that meet individual customer requirements, based on decades of experience and in-depth expertise. The 610X electric drive in its basic version is therefore suitable both for construction machines such as excavators, REACH INTERNATIONAL DECISION MAKERS! BRASIL CHINA GERMANY INDIA INDONESIA ITALY RUSSIA TURKEY USA 01/2017 WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017 Please find media information here:


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