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Product News B&R’s Orange Box making legacy equipment fit for smart factory The Orange Box by B&R enables machine operators to collect and analyze data from previously isolated machines and lines and makes fit for the smart factory with a minimal effort. An Orange Box consists of a controller and B&R’s preconfigured software blocks – known as mapps. The controller collects operating data from any machine via its I/O channels or a fieldbus connection. From this data, the mapps generate and display OEE ratings and can also share the information with higher-level systems via OPC UA. Installing the Orange Box requires no changes to existing hardware or software. Equipment owners can achieve a substantial boost in productivity with a remarkably small investment in time and cost. To collect and analyze basic operating data, all you need is a compact PLC and the mapp OEE component. For more advanced features – such as alarm management or energy monitoring – the solution can easily be scaled up with more powerful PLCs and additional software components. To give the Orange Box a modern user interface in addition to PLC functionality, a Power Panel or a Panel PC can be used. Level sensors that can distinguish between 2 different liquids or media The LMC sensor family from ifm electronic reliably monitors levels, e.g. in machine tools or wastewater management, or protects pumps from running dry. It provides an extremely high deposit suppression and its rear installation permits flexible and application-specific installation. The LMC sensor can be set to almost any liquid or viscous medium as well as to bulk materials. Permanent medium temperatures up to 100 °C or a heavy build-up are no problem as well. With its switch point setting feature, it can distinguish between two media. The parameters can be easily set via IO-Link and the USB interface. The new unit also provides reliable and maintenance-free level detection where other devices reach their limits. Moreover, the unit that is sheathed by a robust stainless steel housing is shock and vibration resistant. Default setting at the factory allows for simple “plug & play”. With IO-Link, the user also is well prepared for Industry 4.0. PRODUCT NEWS Accurately monitoring moisture content in oils and diesel fuels The EE360 moisture in oil transmitter from E+E Elektronik is dedicated for reliable monitoring of lubrication, hydraulic and insulation oils as well as diesel fuel. The E+E sensing technology ensures highly accurate measurement of water activity and temperature, and calculates the absolute water content of the oil. The probe can be used for conditions up to 180 °C and 20 bar pressure. On the 3.5 inch TFT color display all 3 quantities can be read simultaneously. The integrated data logger stores 20,000 values, which can also be shown as graph on the display. This means that, besides current data, the user can keep an eye on the trend of oil condition. The stainless steel probe can be installed into the process with an ISO or NPT slide fitting, or by using the optional ball valve or can be plugged in. These options help the probe facilitate the accurate control of the immersion depth, can be mounted or removed without process interruption and allow for easy installation and replacement. The measured data is available on 2 analogue outputs or on the digital Modbus RTU interface. Extensive error information and diagnosis are available on the display as well as via status LEDs and warnings. T12HP digital torque transducer: HBM’s new flagship range of torque products The new T12HP digital torque transducer from HBM supports dynamic measurements in the test stand and provides high accuracy, particularly in terms of temperature stability. Temperature influences have virtually no impact on the measurement result, due to a TC0 value of 0.005%/10K. Due to the T12HP’s high accuracy and the FlexRange function, users can run more detailed analysis in any partial range from the full measurement range. Unlike other technologies used in the market (“Dual Range”), different measurement tasks can be performed using a single characteristic curve. Switching to a second measurement range is not therefore not needed with T12HP. The T12HP, therefore, meets the market requirements for increasingly flexible and efficient test cycles; for example, in the development of ever more energy-efficient motors. This also reduces the test bench setup times, and increases the utilization as well as the number of tests. Profibus, EtherCAT, CAN and Profinet interfaces ensure easy integration of the T12HP torque transducer with different test stands. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017

Locking pins with magnetic locking action Locking pins are amongst the most frequently used standard parts across all technical applications. There are many variants with different materials and strengths, different types of buttons and different types of axial hold. Ganter, the global supplier of locking pins is now adding 2 new variants: The first is the GN 124.2 with 1 or 2-sided ball retainer that outdoes its predecessor, the GN 124, with a new polyamide button. Second is the GN 124.1, which has a new functionality and does not have a mechanical axial lock at all. A strong neodymium magnet is integrated into the bottom of the knob and thus holds the inserted pin in position. It therefore remains absolutely smooth, only protrudes minimally and, can be removed from the hole even without pressing the release. The big advantage of the magnetic variant is that it offers a much higher holding capacity than the ball retainer variant and sits in the hole without axial play. The materials of the locking pin are selected in such a way that the magnetic flow is not hampered and the holding strength can be completely utilized. The modular design of GN 124.1 is also available with customized specifications for diameter and lengths. Stauff redesigns its pressure test kits for maintenance and service engineers Stauff, the German fluid technology specialist, has redesigned its range of pressure test kits from the SMB and SMB-Digi series. Just like before, the new plastic cases will contain test couplings and hoses from the Stauff group as well as multiple pressure gauges and other accessories required for connection. The content of the box includes, analogue or digital measuring and display devices for pressure ranges between -1 and 600 bar, test couplings with ball or piston valve as well as test hoses with different lengths and diameters. The new pressure test kits are more durable and resistant than before, mainly due to the foam inserts and robust design. With accidental opening of the cases being practically impossible, service engineers benefit the most as it prevents damage and loss of the test devices. The redesigning placed a special focus on the foam inserts which ensure safe positioning of the individual components while allowing easy removal. Careful selection of the correct material additionally provides outstanding long-term resistance against common hydraulic media. This makes them well suited for use under adverse conditions. New connectors with single cable for power, signal and data from TE Connectivity TE Connectivity, the company specializing in connectivity and sensors, now offers connectors for servo motors, linear motors, spindle and stepper motors. The decentralized servo drives are increasingly networked via Fast Ethernet, which offers the benefits of real-time control, but the dual cabling for signal and power remains a major hindrance. The Motorman hybrid connector from TE Connectivity provides this decentralized technology with a single cable for power, signal and data, and enables manufacturers to optimize production. Two Fast Ethernet sockets offer the full benefits of real-time automation control while reducing cabling complexity and cost. The connectors are available with a robust metal enclosure suitable for harsh industrial environments or a lower-cost version with a plastic enclosure. They are rated IP65 for water and dust protection and can withstand 50 g crash shock. Operating temperature range is from - 40 C up to 85 C. Earlier this year, TE extended its range of Motorman hybrid connectors, with a “Shroud” version that includes secondary locking for more advanced security, and a cable crimped version available for cabinet applications. Everyone needs one Servocouplings for all drive constellations –inexpensive price –wide product range –short lead time your reliable partner MAYR-Englisch.indd 1 24.08.2017 14:48:59 WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017


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