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Product News Cool and Energy-efficient thrust spherical roller bearings from Nachi EXS, the thrust roller bearings from Nachi, are well suited to support the axially loaded shafts ranging from 65 to 160 mm in diameter. Apart from the typical advantage – tolerance against deflection and misalignment of the shaft – these improved bearings heat up 30 % less as compared to standard-type thrust spherical roller bearings, even at high speeds of 3 500 rpm and shaft diameter 65 mm. The engineers at Nachi have achieved this feature using a low-friction steel cage that completely encloses the rollers. Combined with a high-quality surface of the rollers and considerably low frictional and heat losses, the EXS type bbearings can run at 20 % higher speeds and achieve a significantly higher energy- efficiency. Moreover, these bearings can run at significantly higher loads due to the optimized roller curvature of the rollers with large diameters. Due to their reliable roller guidance with an enclosed, pressed steel cage and their inner and outer rings made of high-grade steel they achieve a very long service life. Special bearings solutions from NKE’s ‘Advanced Engineering’ At this year’s Hannover Messe, the company NKE Austria GmbH exhibited its bearings for demanding applications such as agricultural machines, mechanical & electrical drive systems, pumps and compressors, and also rail vehicles and wind power plants. NKE offers bearing types such as cylindrical, spherical and taper roller bearings, angular contact bearings, deep groove ball bearings, 4 point contact ball bearings and customized special bearings. One of NKE’s major strengths is its range of single row cylindrical roller bearings. It features optimum operational reliability and maximum cost effectiveness. Moreover, NKE also launched its ‘Advanced Engineering’ department where special bearing solutions are developed in close cooperation with the customers, where new technological approaches from R&D and practical experience are combined. Highly accurate inclination sensors despite shocks and vibrations The company, ASM Sensors has introduced ‘Positilt PTK29’ inclination sensor that compensates dynamic influences to give correct values even when in motion. The sensor measures inclination between +/-180 ° with 1 axis or +/-60 ° with 2 axes. Utilizing gyro-compensated ‘mems’ technology, the sensor’s position signal is instantaneous with no delays and has a static linearity up to 0.05 °. The ‘Positilt PTK29’ can be mounted with selectable axis orientation. The sensor electronics are completely enclosed and protected by a hermetically sealed stainless steel housing. The compact, 10 mm flat and max. 49.5 mm wide sensor housing enables installation in space restricted locations. Its rugged design enables it to operate in areas of high shock and vibration in a temperature range of -40 to +85 °C. The sensor is available with digital (CAN open, CAN SAE J1939) and analog outputs. KTR extends its line of lightweight torque limiters with 2 new sizes The ‘Syntex-NC’ overload coupling offers a hybrid design and is manufactured with a wear-resistant surface coating. The design is based on a backlash-free, positive locking ball-latching principle, separating the input and output in milliseconds when exceeding the torque. The torque limiter is available in 2 functional systems: The ratchet design, the coupling re-engages automatically after removing the overload after 15 °, whereas the synchronous design re-engages after 360°. In both cases the coupling is automatically ready for operation again. KTR has now extended its line to include sizes for shaft diameters up to 15 and up to 60 mm with a maximum release torque of 14 and 550 Nm respectively. The ‘Syntex-NC’ is additionally available in connection with the flexible ‘Rotex-GS’ jaw-type coupling and the torsionally stiff ‘Toolflex’ metal bellow-type coupling. High pressure stainless steel filter of HFL series from Argo-Hytos The high pressure filters of the HFL series from Argo-Hytos, are suitable for applications with extreme ambient conditions thanks to their corrosion-resistant filter housings made of stainless steel. Typical applications are in the energy and waste disposal industry, the mining industry and in the offshore sector. 3 different housing lengths as well as filter of various fineness are available to provide the best possible filtration concept according to the respective requirements. The use of filter elements with star-folded filter material ensures the lowest pressure losses and high dirt absorption. This results in particularly long maintenance intervals and excellent results in terms of oil cleanliness. The standard built-in optical clogging indicator signals the time of the filter maintenance, whereby an optimal utilization of the filter life time is achieved. Important operating characteristics of the filters are: Nominal flow rate of up to 180 l/min, Filter fineness from 10 μm(c) to 60 μm(c), Operating pressure up to 400 bar and Hydraulic fluid: Mineral oil and bio-degradable fluids (HEES and HETG). WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 4/2017

Suction and low-pressure hose for a temperature range of -40 to 100 °C The company, Dietzel Hydraulik provides the ideal hose solution for use in extreme weather conditions or in particularly tight installation spaces in construction vehicles, machines or plants. The suction and low-pressure hose ‘17A’ impresses with its high temperature resistance from - 40 to +100 °C. Its design, 2 high-tensile fabric braid reinforcements and 2 parallel wire netting inserts enable a tighter bending radius to be realised compared to the standard SAE 100 R4 (66 % on average). Pressure tests indicated a significantly higher pressure resistance, in this case, the 17A is 20 % better than average suction hoses in accordance with the SAE standard. It is available in the nominal diameters of DN19–DN152. New selective laser sintering material from Igus for additive production The motion plastics specialist igus has expanded its 3D printing range and now offers a new laser sintering material, which is particularly suitable for the additive manufacturing of gear wheels. The iglidur i6 laser sintering material has been specially developed for lubrication and maintenance-free gear wheel applications. This new material for selective laser sintering (SLS) is characterised by a wear resistance of at least 6 times than that of standard materials, thereby extending the service life of moving applications. In the igus test lab, iglidur i6 was tested in comparison with conventional materials for SLS printing. In the test, a worm wheel was tested with 5 Nm torque and 12 rpm. The gear wheel made of the standard laser sintering material PA12 remained stationary after 521 cycles since the coefficient of friction had increased too much. The gear wheel made from the new laser sintering material iglidur i6 showed minor wear after 1 million cycles and was still fully functional. The new material now expands the already existing range of 6 Tribo-Filaments for the FDM method and iglidur I3 for the SLS process. IndraControl XM2201: Robust hardware for extreme environments 6 European and American certification boards have approved Bosch Rexroth’s IndraControl XM22 control hardware for use on ships and offshore installations. The certifications include the control hardware and extension modules for the expansion of the communication interfaces. This variant of the IndraControl XM22 uses the same modern processor technology for high performance as the standard versions. The hardware proves itself as a high-performance solution even in extreme ambient conditions. The control modules are approved for a temperature range from -25 to +60 °C. The rugged and shock-resistant electro-mechanical system can withstand vibrational loads of up to 5 g and impacts of up to 30 g. Both, the control electronics and the I/O modules are extremely resistant to EMC influences. Helical-bevel gear units by Bonfiglioli expand the portfolio of its heavy duty drives Bonfiglioli, the Italian company specializing in the manufacturing of gearboxes, gear motors and drive systems, continues to expand its range of helical-bevel gear drives by presenting 4 new sizes of the proven HDO helical-bevel gear series: 71, 81, 91 and 95 ranging from 9 to 23 kNm torque. The new helical-bevel gear units of the HDO series are modular in design, extremely reliable, and offer high flexibility due to vertical and horizontal symmetry. Due to the robust cast-iron housing and the ground-profile bevel gears, according to the latest finishing processes, an extremely quiet and vibration-free operation is ensured even under the roughest operating conditions. The HDO series by Bonfiglioli is suitable for IEC and other international standards of electric motors. The new sizes of the HDO series are designed for the heavy-duty industry and specifically for material handling, mining, food and beverages, construction, water and waste water, recycling. Brake technology 4.0 — upgrade now! ROBA ® -brake-checker: Permanent brake monitoring of switching condition, temperature and wear your reliable partner MAYR-englisch.indd 1 28.07.2017 14:41:41 WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 4/2017


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