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COMPRESSED AIR NEWS Product News One screw compressor for all applications Renner Compressors describes the RSF 127 D as a screw compressor with an extensive control range and an extremely high level of efficiency. It has a nearly loss-free direct drive and supports power classes 75, 90 and 110 kW at pressure levels of 7.5, 10, 13 and 15 bar. The RSF version features speed control with 87, 97 and 127 kW available and a steplessly adjustable pressure range from 6 to 15 bar. In combination with the model RSF 90 D for basic supply, the RSF 127 D is responsible for control tasks, working especially efficiently in the main control range. Because there is no transmission, the efficiency of the drive is nearly 100 %. The efficiency-optimized compressor stages and IE 3 electric motors ensure optimum energy efficiency. The radial fans, with a static residual thrust up to 130 Pa, are likewise economical. They serve as the connection to an exhaust duct system. In this way additional “energy devouring” support fans can generally be eliminated. The speed controlled screw compressors are equipped with a RENNERtronic Plus control unit as a standard feature. Despite the space-saving design, the machine is very maintenance-friendly. The compressor is especially economical to maintain. This is due to the low storage and reserve costs resulting from multiple use of service parts within the series. With its small footprint, it is able to pass through most door openings without being disassembled. The system can also be installed close to a wall where space is limited – ideal for container installation. ComVac: Hall 26, Stand B68 A new efficiency level for compressed air supply Energy efficiency plays a key role today in deciding which technology to use to provide an industrial compressed air supply. Almig is setting a new standard in efficiency here with its 2-stage compression principle. A specific level of unrivaled power is achieved by two compression stages joined together. In this way the recently introduced G-Drive T series of Almig provides a very high volume flow with lower motor power consumption compared to equivalent market-standard one-stage compressors. Lower speeds and a lower stage-internal pressure differential not only increase efficiency but also lengthen service life while enhancing the reliability of the compression unit. The G-Drive T200 compressor from Almig at the Hannover trade fair offers all these advantages and also features a small installation space thanks to its carefully planned design. In terms of Industry 4.0, the compressor control unit meets all requirements for participating in company-internal communication and also for being externally monitored via Cloud services. ComVac: Hall 26, Stand B55 background: fotolia WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 2/2017

COMPRESSED AIR NEWS New energy-efficient cold air dryers SPX Flow intends to set a new milestone in energy efficiency with the Flex cold air dryer series from Hankison. The high-performance unit uses Phase Change Material (PCM) to achieve major energy savings. The system pays for itself in one to two years. The cold air dryer series makes use of the latest advances in heat transfer technology as well as an innovative approach for effectively removing liquids from compressed air. The system is equipped with the 3-in-1 heat exchanger and the PCM encloses the cooling and compressed air circuits. Because of this, the Phase Change Material remains colder for a longer time and the coolant compressor does not need to run as often as in conventional energy saving designs. Because the dryers can be adapted to the compressed air requirement at any time, they can be dimensioned for the maximum compressed air requirement of the system without any appreciable additional energy loss. Hannover Messe: Hall 15, Stand G43 Information transparency 4.0 for compressed air units Aerzen’s communication-capable control unit, the AERtronic, makes it possible for users to integrate compressed air units into their production and manufacturing interfaces. The WebView module can also be conveniently added to the control unit so that operating and service data can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Warnings and fault messages of blowers or compressors are forwarded to the relevant points immediately by email. For diagnostics via remote access with an Internet-capable, mobile terminal device (smart device) or for maintenance of a central process control room, Aerzen customers can use WebView, the integrated AERtronic solution, to access operating data and service information related to their process air units with an html5-capable web browser – with no need for any additional software or apps. This gives them a quick breakdown of the most important measured values and parameters related to operating and maintenance intervals. WebView is designed so that existing systems with AERtronic can be upgraded cost-effectively at any time. ComVac: Hall 26, Stand E12 High compressed air quality and productivity thanks to integrated drying and filter systems The Parker Zander business unit of Parker Hannifin is presenting the new integrated drying and filter systems CDAS (Clean Dry Air System) and OFAS (Oil Free Air System). Both CDAS and OFAS meet the requirements of ISO 7183 and ISO 8573-1 for compressed air purity. OFAS also complies with purity class 0 for total oil content (applies to both oil-lubricated and oil-free compressors). This classification ensures optimum air quality, even for critical applications, at a fraction of the cost of an oil-free compressor. The innovative drying and filter systems offer long-term high performance capacity over a longer time. Both systems use the special Snowstorm filling technology, which maximizes packaging density and prevents channels from forming. It also ensures a stable dewpoint, contributes to a low differential pressure and minimizes energy consumption. The CDAS and OFAS systems also feature impressively low maintenance times, simplified exchange of replacement parts, maximum operating time and extended maintenance intervals. The latest energy consumption technologies combined with advanced flow rate management and special filter solutions ensure a consistently lower differential pressure for significantly lower energy consumption and low operating costs. ComVac: Hall 26, Stand B78 WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 2/2017


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