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Product News PRODUCT NEWS EtherCAT measurement technology modules - accurate and fast With accurate data arriving from Beckhoff’s new EtherCAT measurement modules, the raw material and energy consumption can be optimized, while it also forms the basis for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. With these modules, high-end measuring devices and traditional automation technology can be combined into one universal system. For this purpose, Beckhoff offers a combination of a comprehensive I/O system that supports all common sensor types, and TwinCAT as a central software platform. This new generation hardware ensures extremely high-quality measurement data, with measurement accuracy of 100 ppm at 23 °C, precise synchronization of < 1 μs, and a high sampling rate of up to 50,000 samples per second. Beckhoff offers 11 modules with different interfaces and input circuitry. They can cover, for example, voltage measurement of 20 mV to 30 V, current measurement of ±20 mA, thermocouples, RTD (PT100/1000), or load cells. The measuring ranges of the input channels can be flexibly parameterized, both electrically and on the software side. Direct operated DC valves for closed loop controls Parker Hannifin, the specialist in motion control technologies, has completed its range of direct operated proportional DC valves with the new zero lap spools for the D1FC/D3FC series. This option makes the use of the valves for closed loop controls possible. The most important innovation for the D1FC/D3FC is a position feedback system which is completely integrated in the housing. The direct coupling of the sensor to the spool also facilitates precise control of the spool position. Thanks to the integrated position feedback sensor, there is no need for an exposed cable connecting to the position control; this alleviates the risk of potential faults through inadvertent breaking of the connection. The robust, compact valves stand out with their new zero lap spools as well as their high dynamics and repeat accuracy in closed loop controls. Thanks to the inbuilt digital electronics, the valve parameters can be flexibly adapted with Parker’s ProPxD parameterization software. Danfoss debuts new generation of ‘O rbital X’ motors Danfoss Power Solutions recently launched the new product line of motors ‘Orbital X’. The new motors will replace the current OMP, OMR, DS and DH motor models. In comparison to existing models, Orbital X has up to 15 % higher torque capacity than current OMP or OPR motors, and up to 45 % more than current DH and DS motors. It also offers to improve the bearing capacity by 20 % over DH and DS motors. Furthermore, the shaft seal lifetime is improved by 50 % and the motor has a finish that meets the corrosion class C3 standard. Two new modular platforms will replace six existing options. With new modular platforms, Orbital X increases flexibility in use, improves application performance and reduces the total cost of ownership for OEM customers. Along with the physical product launch, Danfoss also debuted a line of Orbital X app to improve user experience and customer response time. OEMs will have direct access to the product conversion tool, which simplifies the process of integrating an Orbital X motor. IO-Link makes sensors fit for Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 needs sensors that not only collect data but also communicate the data up to controller and enterprise level. For this, the company Ifm, opts for IO-Link technology. With IO-Link’s digital data transmission, the measured values cannot be distorted by any cable interferences. With IO-Link, the parameter settings during sensor configuration can be directly adopted from an IO master, hence saving a lot time. Ifm’s new generation of IO-Link masters is extremely robust and offers 2 Ethernet ports with a switch for Profinet. The ‘LR Device’ software is used to configure the connected sensors and actuators. Something completely new about the software is that, it finds all IO-Link masters in the Ethernet network and creates an overview of the whole plant. Additionally, ifm offers the Line-recorder, which enables bi-directional communication between sensors and higher-level ERP systems. With this system, the data can be transmitted directly to the ERP system without putting additional strain on the PLC. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 2/2017

Fan blades inspired from nature Taking inspiration from humpback whales, the company, Ziehl-Abegg is developing its new radial fan, that allows for energy savings of up to 10 %. To improve further, it was essential to optimize the angle of incidence between the air flow and fan blade, which in turn depends on the flow volume. The movement of the whale fins causes the angle to constantly change. If its pectoral fins were at an angle too steep to the flow this would produce a lot of turbulence as the water passes over them. Changes in the fan blade design, create an optimum angle of flow over the entire span, hence keeping the turbulence in control and minimising the losses. The bionic design of the blade surfaces reduces the noise level and its corrugated shape gives additional strength and optimises the weight. Unique technology for stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders Measuring the stroke of a hydraulic cylinders used in mobile machines is an important task, as this enables the monitoring of the motions further to be carried out. The company, Siko has developed a unique system SGH10, for direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders. Other systems in the market are based on magneto-restrictive, inductive, or hall based technology. In contrast to these systems, a wire-actuated mechanism installed directly in the piston head is used to measure the stroke. This means the entire system is built into the cylinder and cannot be influenced by the environment. Another advantage is the reduction in costs as this does not need the sensor rods to be integrated into the piston over the entire measuring path. In the SGH10, just one small thread is needed in the piston to mount the cable. This allows the system to offer major potential cost savings for hydraulic cylinders. Another highlight is that, this can even be used in telescopic ylinders. Visit us at: Hanover Fair 24 - 28 April 2017 Hall 20 I C50 Saving time during assembly Layher AG is expanding its product line with the addition of pressure switches with integrated plugs. With types 471 and 472, Layher AG adds to the previous models with integrated plug, now with two and three-pin Deutsch plug. This eliminates the need for connecting the cable. The electrical contact is made reliably and without complications, simply by bringing together the mating connectors. Plug variants such as M12x1, bayonet plug DIN72585 and Deutsch plugs 2P and 3P are now available. Depending on the plug variant, protection classes up to IP67 or IP6K9K can be achieved. The pressure switches are available as normally open, normally closed or changeover contacts. They are also available as a membrane or piston switch in the range from 0.5 bar to 350 bar. nobrox ® – a new, versatile thermoplastic material for seals and engineered components nobrox ® delivers top performance in all relevant material properties for sealing, guiding and anti-extrusion elements. In adddition, high versatility and extensive freedom of design make nobrox ® perfectly suited for engineered components as well. As your partner, Parker Prädifa helps you meet your sealing and engineering challenges. Extreme wear resistance and high resilience Robustness against abrasive particles and rough surfaces Broad media compatibility and wide application range


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