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Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe 2017 to emphasize on the benefits of Industry 4.0 NEWS AND MARKETS Over the last few decades, Hannover Messe, the world’s largest industrial trade fair, has been a place for demonstrating leading industrial technologies and innovations. In a lot of ways this event showcases the direction in which the industrial world is heading. On April 24 th , the gates for the world’s largest industrial trade fair, ‘Hannover Messe’, will be open for everyone. The show organized by Deutsche Messe AG, runs from 24 th - 28 th April in Germany’s northern city of Hannover. Over the last few years, the focus of this event has been digitalization of the entire industrial ecosystem. Many innovative companies have displayed various applications in this context, but at this year’s Messe we can see the technologies needed for the successful digitalization of industries are fully developed and ready to be implemented. Small or large, all sorts of companies have a multitude of high end technologies like Industry 4.0, integrated energy networks, machine learning, predictive maintenance and collaborative robots (cobots), to choose from. Decision makers, at all levels often find themselves in a spot, where it becomes difficult for them to predict what value these modern technologies can add to their organization. This is where Hannover Messe 2017 comes in. The challenge now is to make these decision makers and industry professionals understand the direct and long term benefits that digitalization offers to their organization. Speaking at an event, Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board member Jochen Köckler said that “Challenging people to ‘think outside the box,’ highlighting the various ways in which digitalization can add value, and opening up new markets - that’s what this year’s Hannover Messe is all about, with its lead theme of Integrated Industry - Creating Value. The show will have around 6,500 exhibitors and will feature Poland as its official Partner Country .” Trade Fair Line Up Hannover Messe covers a wide range of themes with its 7 international leading trade fairs, at the same time and under one roof. The topics and exhibits covered at Hannover represent the most fundamental industry sectors like - Industrial Automation, Motion Drive and Automation, Digital Factory, Energy, Compressed Air and Vaccum Technology, Industrial Supply and Research Technology. The Industrial Automation show is one of the world’s leading trade fair for factory and process automation and Robotics. At the Motion Drive and Automation show, manufacturers of power transmission and fluid power technologies feature prominently in Hannover. It is one of the most important trade fair for the manufacturing sector, attracting more than 1200 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from around the globe. The strength of the show’s international reach can be seen from the fact that it draws about two thirds of its exhibitors from abroad. The Digital Factory is a unique trade fair for industrial IT solutions and integrated processes. The exhibitors at Digital Factory present a full array of solutions for tomorrow’s smart factories – for example, production planning and control software, data exchange concepts, virtual product development systems and tools for predictive analysis. Cobots, Artificial intelligence, these are exciting topics in the manufacturing industry. But neither the factory of today nor WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 2/2017

tomorrow runs without compressed air and vacuum technology. The ComVac show covers the complete range of compressed air and vacuum technology, from generation and processing to pumps and measuring instruments to financing and management. The Industrial Supply show covers wide variety of sectors from lightweight construction, sheet metal working, surface technology, engineering ceramics and highly complex machining technology. The visitors benefit from the sheer range of solutions this trade fair provides. Creating new business models When Jochen Köckler talks about opening new markets at this year’s Hannover Messe, it means a lot more than just acquiring new clients and customers. A lot of companies all over the globe talk about smart factories and advanced manufacturing, but Hannover Messe with its lead theme of Integrated Industry means much more than smart factories and smart production. The goods produced by smart factories will stay connected with their manufacturers throughout their service lives, supplying a constant stream of valuable data. This data will enable the manufacturers The motto of Hannover Messe 2017 is “Integrated Industry - Creating Value”. What does it mean? Decision makers in the manufacturing and energy sectors need to identify which advantages of digitalization they can use to increase their competitiveness. Hannover Messe showcases the complete value-adding potential of digitalization, so expect to see not only the latest products and technologies, but also new concepts, new business models and new markets. Which innovations do you expect for the show – especially in the field of Industry 4.0? Why should engineers and technicians come to this year’s Hannover Messe? Because Hannover Messe covers all important industrial topics, from Integrated Industry and Integrated Energy to lightweight design, applied research and startups. No other event in the world provides such a complete picture of global industry. The Hannover Exhibition Center is completely booked with 6,500 exhibiting companies this year. The highlights include robots that are as simple to operate as smartphones, machines that learn from their mistakes and digitally integrated and controlled energy systems. Plus, we have top trends like Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance, and Smart Materials. Workforce development is also crucial in the digital age, so expect more technologies like augmented reality, smart glasses and tablet computers. Poland will be the partner country. What do you expect from this partnership? Partner Country Poland will promote three key points at Hannover Messe: reindustrialization, increasing foreign trade and promoting Polish innovation in industry. Many Polish companies offer Industry 4.0 technologies, which makes them attractive partners for foreign companies. Poland will showcase roughly 150 exhibiting companies across all sectors of the fair, with especially big contingents in the energy and industrial subcontracting halls. Partner Country Poland will further strengthen business and scientific cooperation between Poland and all countries at Hannover Messe. Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Managing Board Deutsche Messe AG WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 2/2017


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