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Transnorm reinforces its

Transnorm reinforces its commitment in Asia 01 The right combination of Transnorm modules boosts throughput in parcel distribution centers of courier and express service providers CEMAT ASIA In response to the continued positive trend in Asian markets, the Transnorm Group, Harsum/Germany has reinforced its activities in China and Thailand. After investing in a new warehouse and a new production site, the company together with its subsidiary Sovex is now closer to customers. In this way system integrators in the airport and parcel sectors and all areas of intralogistics can be optimally supported from sales through manufacturing and implementation to spare parts supply. It was just three years ago that conveyor technology specialist Transnorm, together with Transnorm System (Shanghai) Co. LTD, founded a separate sales and service company in Shanghai. That allowed the company to meet the requirements at the time of its steadily growing Chinese market, consisting for example of system integrators in the country active in intralogistics or baggage technology for airports. Through this means the company, previously known in China mainly as a supplier of key components for baggage systems in airports, successfully intensified its business activities with couriers and express service providers. The scope of Transnorm’s business in China has accordingly risen significantly since 2014. The reason for this is certainly booming online business, which has led to an extremely high volume of parcels. But high export quotas and government initiatives to strengthen the domestic economy will also ensure continued high economic growth. Logistics in particular will benefit from this. As a result, both local and foreign companies have stepped up construction of new distribution and parcel distribution centers. Due to increasing digitization and the rising level of automation that goes with it and also requires more networking of the relevant conveyor components and systems, the efficiency of these components and systems is also increasing. These requirements underscore the demand for maximum availability. Thus the technical solutions of the Transnorm Group interface seamlessly with the requirements of digital transformation with Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Smart Factory. With this profile of requirements in mind, integrators and end customers know Transnorm for its distribution and transportation modules and solutions that meet these exact requirements. Particular highlights include the tried and tested Transnorm belt curves (Fig. 01), SmartSort sorters and inclined conveyor belts (Fig. 02). Solutions developed in conjunction with customers often play a key part. Telescopic conveyors from Sovex are a perfect addition to this product range in the loading and unloading sector. An example is the Bendy Boom telescopic conveyor (Fig. 03) that is setting standards when it comes to ergonomics and flexibility. This product was developed in close collaboration with important customers in the parcel sector and illustrates just how well the corporate philosophies of Sovex and Transnorm work together. The process starts with loading and unloading trucks or containers, etc. using telescopic conveyors from Sovex, and progresses through to conveying modules and solutions from Transnorm for managing complex and highly automated processes within the logistics center. New warehouse in Shanghai and new plant in Bangkok Transnorm is also supporting the high availability which stands behind conveyor technology systems not only with innovative tech- WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017

nology, but also with a new warehouse (Fig. 04) at the site in Shanghai. Spare parts are also kept in reserve there along with a certain number of the most commonly used conveyor technology modules for the Chinese market. This allows Transnorm to reduce delivery time considerably. As a further indication of the importance of the Asian market, Transnorm and Sovex have placed a new production plant in operation in Bangkok (Fig. 05). Both Transnorm modules and Sovex telescopic conveyors are manufactured in this modern production site. A modern machine park provides the desired level of manufactured depth for key components. With these activities the Transnorm Group is significantly reinforcing its commitment in the Asian market, is now able to operate in closer vicinity to customers and has enhanced its capability to meet customer requirements while offering the technical competence for solutions. Customers also benefit from shorter delivery times, fast spare part supplies as well as an extensive range of service and maintenance options. 02 Especially in small and medium parcel distribution centers, the “Transnorm Sorting Modules” concept (TSM) supports the demand for greater automation Presence at CeMAT Asia The Transnorm Group will be present at one of the most important trade fairs for the Asian market with a larger presentation than last year. At CeMAT Asia in Shanghai (Hall W2, German Pavilion) interested visitors from qualified specialists can receive information about technical innovations and their potential efficiency in logistics, which is becoming increasingly digital. For example the company is presenting conveyor technology modules that are specially tailored to intralogistics applications. In addition to the Transnorm modules, Sovex telescopic conveyors will also be presented at the trade fair stand for the first time. With these modules Transnorm meets the high requirements of its customers regarding quality, reliability, ease of maintenance and integration into the digital value-added chain. All aspects that ensure efficient and economical system operation. These modules and solutions are used for example in sorting and distribution systems for containers and boxes in industry, commerce and in distribution centers. This wide range of applications ensures that operating system integrators and end users will receive key intralogistics components optimized for their specific industry and tailor made for their requirements, especially for the parcel segment, a sizable segment which especially important for the Chines market. 03 Efficient loading of deliver vehicles with the Sovex Bendy-Boom telescopic conveyor Photographs: Transnorm 04 Closer to the customer. The new warehouse in Shanghai enables fast delivery of conveyor technology modules and spare parts About Transnorm Transnorm is a leading, international manufacturer of high-performance modules for package freight, container and carton conveyor systems, as well as parcel and airport baggage flow systems. According to Transnorm’s own information, the company is a world market leader in the area of belt curve conveyors, with a market share of more than 50 percent. With approximately 550 employees worldwide, Transnorm currently generates sales totaling around 110 million Euro. Since 2015, Sovex is a Transnorm company. 05 The new production site in Bangkok manufactures conveyor technology modules and telescopic conveyors for the Asian market WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 5/2017


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