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Great opportunities to do business The Cemat is worldwide on an expansion course. Two new regions have already placed on the international event calendar this year. We asked Krister Sandvoss, Global Director of Cemat Worldwide about the strategy and the background. CEMAT WORLDWIDE In 2017 Cemat will take place for the first time in the regions of Indonesia and Canada. How do you justify this decision, what is your motivation? Both events follow our strategy of introducing the Cemat brand in markets with the most potential for our customers. The timing for the premiere of Cemat Southeast Asia (Jakarta) in March 2017 was excellent, because the Indonesian government is currently in the final stages of new infrastructure projects in Java, Sumatra and Borneo, all of which offer business opportunities to companies from the Cemat branch. The new Cemat Canada (25–28 September 2017; Toronto) will take place in Ontario at the center of the Canadian automobile industry. Fiat Chrysler, Ford and General Motors collectively operate six plants in the province that produce mainly for the U.S. and overseas markets, and many of their suppliers also maintain production facilities in Ontario. Here we see another great opportunity for our Cemat exhibitors to do business. Cemat is thus on a worldwide expansion course. Which countries and regions do you have in mind for the future? We already organize Cemat events in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America. We constantly evaluate the global market regarding potential for new Cemat events, but we prefer not to speculate. I will just say that when we identify good opportunities for our customers in additional countries or regions, then chances are you will see a Cemat there, too, in the future. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 3/2017

From 2018 on, Cemat in Germany will take place in parallel to Hannover Messe – for what strategical reason? The demand in industry for customization, flexibility and responsiveness continues to grow. This exerts tremendous pressure on manufacturers to develop ever smarter supply chains. The only way they can do this is with the expertise of Cemat’s Intralogistics 4.0 experts. So, Hannover Messe is recognized worldwide as the home of Industry 4.0. Now Cemat reinforces the program with intralogistics for smart factories. The colocation introduces exhibitors from both shows to an expanded base of potential customers from around the world. For visitors, the combination delivers a complete overview of the industrial value chain, especially in the industrial automation halls that showcase networking, autonomous systems and self-organizing manufacturing. What is the position of intralogistics in this new constellation with Hannover Messe? MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Beginning in 2018, Cemat will occupy the northwest corner of the Hannover Fairgrounds, wrapping from Hall 19 to Hall 26 and connecting directly to the automation halls. Both shows retain their unique branding. For example, we will produce separate tickets, but a Cemat ticket will also be valid for Hannover Messe and vice versa. The co-location creates many cross-marketing opportunities for us on both the exhibitor and visitor sides. With Cemat parallel to Hannover Messe, we now have a single, global platform that unites industrial technology, energy systems, and intralogistics and supply chain management. At one time and place, visitors will find the complete range of trends and innovations as well as solutions for their businesses. Watch the video interview with Krister Sandvoss, taken in Jakarta by our editor The idea behind “Smart Supply Chain Solutions” is this: Logistics is a building block of Industry 4.0, because accurate, flexible supply is essential to all producers of goods. Soon, every parts container, every rack, every materials handling and transport system – even every item of material – must be able to communicate with its environment: machines, robots, accounting and inventory systems, etc. Cemat presents automation and integrated control solutions for smart, digital logistics processes. This extends far beyond mere logistics optimization solutions; we are talking about revolutionizing entire value chains and creating completely new business models. Cemat plays a vital role here, because it is the only trade fair that provides a global overview of technology trends in the industry. We constantly evaluate the global market regarding potential for new Cemat events Krister Sandvoss, Global Director Cemat Worldwide, Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover/Germany The questions were put to Krister Sandvoss, Global Director Cemat Worldwide Deutsche Messe AG, Hanover/Germany by Holger Seybold, editor World of Industries – Intralogistics & Distribution The worldwide key theme of Cemat is ‘Smart Supply Chain Solutions’. Can you explain, what is inside this statement? Photographs: Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcilik, World of Industries Safety 4.0 ROBA ® -topstop ® —the certified braking system for vertical axes with brake monitoring your reliable partner MAYR-englisch.indd 1 15.03.2017 09:02:47 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 3/2017

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