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Reliable safety brakes

Reliable safety brakes for storage and retrieval systems Modern storage and retrieval systems ensure the smooth and efficient transportation of goods in automated high-rack warehouses. Here, the tried and tested Roba-stop-M-safety brakes by mayr power transmission are essential components, guaranteeing maximum operational and functional safety in such storage and retrieval systems. WAREHOUSING

Fast availability worldwide and short lead times, increased order frequencies with simultaneously-falling order volumes – as globalization increases, so do the demands on intralogistics systems. Therefore, highly-dynamic storage and retrieval systems are used today in modern high-bay warehouses which move with maximum accuracy and permit optimum spatial utilization. In order to guarantee the safety of people, machines and materials at all times under heavy loads, innovative safety technology is essential. Therefore, a renowned manufacturer has relied on the tried and tested Roba-stop-M-safety brakes by mayr power transmission in their new storage and retrieval systems. In case of error conditions such as power failure and emergency stop, these ensure that the respective storage and retrieval system stops reliably within the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the safety brakes convince customers with their minimal energy requirements, extremely low self-heating and short switching times. The high service lifetime, the low levels of maintenance required and the simple and quick installation also make these brakes a particularly economical solution. Dynamic and energy-efficient The storage and retrieval system distinguishes itself through a particularly dynamic drive concept. A frequency-controlled central drive interlocks through positive locking onto the upper and lower guide rails, each with a toothed wheel in a toothed rack. The synchronization takes place mechanically via a cardan shaft. As a result, the mast is doubly supported and therefore achieves high rigidity without load oscillations. Furthermore, the synchronous drive provides the prerequisites for a more lightweight mechanical construction. As a result, a smaller drive with lower electrical consumption is sufficient. Therefore, the storage and retrieval system operates extremely efficiently despite the high dynamics. Safety through fail-safe principle One Roba-stop-M safety brake by mayr power transmission is installed directly on each upper and lower toothed rack of the storage and retrieval system. These electromagnetic safety brakes work according to the fail-safe principle. They are closed in a de-energized condition, and therefore also in case of a power failure or an emergency stop. When the current is switched on, the brake generates a magnetic field. As a result, the armature disk is pulled towards the coil carrier against the spring pressure. The rotor, which is connected to the bearing-mounted pinion shaft via a gear hub, is thus free, meaning that the brake is released. The shaft can rotate freely, and the pinion rotates in the toothed rack. In case of error conditions such as power failure or emergency stop, the Roba-stop-M brakes engage directly in the toothed rack as stand-alone brake systems independent of the drive, and reliably bring the machine to a standstill within the shortest possible time. The braking torque is retained even in case of damage to the brake, caused for example by cable breakage or failure of the magnetic coil. The tried and tested Roba-stop safety brakes by mayr power transmission guarantee maximum operational and functional reliability in storage and retrieval systems Compact and functionally safe Roba-stop-M brakes guarantee full safety even if the drive is dismantled, for example for installation or maintenance work. In addition, the safety brakes by mayr power transmission score crucial points with regard to operational safety and ease of maintenance in comparison to many other safety brakes. They distinguish themselves through an enclosed constructional design and the high Protection IP 54 or IP 65 in sealed design. Designed for a duty cycle of 100 per cent, the Roba-stop-M brakes are maintenance-free for the service lifetime of the friction linings. Their compact and functionally safe construction enables quick and cost-effective installation. Installation and adjustment errors can be avoided thanks to the design-specific, tested and non-changeable working air gap. Furthermore, the variable spring configuration for different torques makes the safety brakes particularly flexible. mayr brakes reliably guarantee maximum operating safety. For this purpose, the company focuses on careful quality inspections: these include quality assurance measures during the course of the design process and a comprehensive final inspection. Prior to delivery, all brakes are intensively tested on test benches and functionrelevant values are recorded. An electronic database in which the measurement values are archived together with the associated serial numbers of a product guarantee 100 percent traceability. Careful tests and inspection are central components of the mayr understanding of safety: they ensure that the values stated in the catalogue can also be reliably achieved. Photographs: Shutterstock, mayr power transmission About mayr power transmission mayr power transmission is one of the most traditional and yet one of the most innovative German companies in the field of power transmission. Mayr specializes in torque limiters, shaft couplings and safety brakes as well as electro magnetic clutches and brakes. The company employs approximately 1,000 employees worldwide and continues to grow. Headquartered in Mauerstetten, Germany the company has production sites in China and Poland. 8 subsidiaries in Germany and 7 international offices including in China, France, Italy, Great Britan, Singapore, USA and Switzerland. After several extensions to the production and administration areas in the preceding years, the company now has a 17,700 m² production facility in Mauerstetten, Germany. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INTRALOGISTICS & DISTRIBUTION 3/2017

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