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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 3/2017

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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 3/2017

Long-term stable

Long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor PRODUCT NEWS Sensirion AG introduces the SGP - a long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor, which is based on Sensirion’s multi-pixel platform. That integrates four gas sensing elements into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring a fully calibrated air quality output signal. The combination of long-term stability and multi-pixel technology opens up new possibilities for environmental monitoring in Internet of Things applications. Sensirion’s proprietary metal-oxide technology and multi-pixel platform provide the SGP with an unmatched robustness against these contaminants resulting in very long-term stability and accuracy. Separator system from igus revolutionizes e-chain harnessing Fast harnessing saves time and money. But this is only of benefit if the energy chain to be harnessed has been optimised to this end. The E4.1L from igus is one of the lightest cable-carrying e-chain on the market. Easy to open and fill from all sides as needed: the E4.1L offers outstanding flexibility for harnessing. This is made possible by the unique design principles of the e-chain. The easy accessibility of the complete interior from both sides, the innovative separation system with new separators and one of the fastest opening mechanisms – these are the characteristics that make the E4.1L the e-chain that can be filled the fastest. This means that it is now very easy to insert shelves on several levels for interior separation according as needed. Temperature transmitter for demanding applications The new Jumo dTrans T07 device series is a two-channel temperature transmitter with Hart communication which is available in a B-head or in DIN rail housing version. The versions with Ex and SIL approval enable safe use in demanding process applications. The configurable transmitter transfers converted signals from RTD and TC sensors as well as resistor and voltage sensors to the galvanically isolated 4 to 20 mA current output with Hart-7 protocol. Internal sensor monitoring functions and device error detection enable a high degree of measuring point availability. The dTrans T07 device series is customized for all industries which require especially safe and reliable temperature measurement. Application areas include the chemical industry, energy suppliers, power plants, and the oil and gas industry. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 3/2017

Precision thickness measurement using a compact sensor system background: fotolia The thicknessSensor is particularly well suited to precision measurement of narrow strips. This compact sensor system from Micro-Epsilon extends the C-frame product range for thickness measurement. The sensor provides extremely high precision results combined with ease of use and a compact design. The measurement process is performed on a non-contact, wear-free basis. The system consists of two laser triangulation sensors that are fixed opposite to each other on a frame and measure against the target from both sides. The evaluation unit integrated in the frame calculates the thickness values and outputs them analogically via tension and current or digitally via Ethernet. The intuitive web interface provides the new sensor system with particular ease of use and enables the user to load individual presets for the respective measurement task. Up to eight user-specific sensor settings can be stored and exported in the setup management feature. The measurement task can be optimised using signal peak selection and freely adjustable signal averaging. Reliable measurement results under tough conditions Reliable oxygen measurement is just as important for controlling an optimized combustion process as it is for emissions monitoring. The oxygen analyzers in the Zirkor series by Sick provide an oxygen reference value for emission measurement in order to ensure reliable measurement results. There are three versions available. The Zirkor100 is extremely rugged thanks to its cell technology. The integrated cell diagnosis function keeps maintenance work to a minimum and all important information can be accessed via Zirkor Remote. The Zirkor200 is a high-tech analyzer with simple connection options. It can work in ambient temperatures of up to 1,600 °C and calibrates itself automatically. Thanks to its variable probe lengths and a higher number of interfaces, it can be installed in all kinds of plants and applications. Servo converters with certified Powerlink interface The Nuremberg-based manufacturer of drive and automation solutions, Baumüller, is offering its servo converter family b maXX with a certified Powerlink interface. The converter series b maXX 2 500, 3 300, 4 400 and 5 000 were recently awarded by the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) as compliant with the Powerlink specifications. In addition to its house bus EtherCat, the company therefore also supports Powerlink and standard Ethernet as well as fieldbus systems, such as Sercos, EtherNET/IP, CANopen, ProfiNet IRT and Varan and offers a flexible and adaptable communication with ist wide selection of fieldbuses. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 3/2017


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