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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 1/2017

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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 1/2017

Magnetic kit encoders

Magnetic kit encoders feature multi-turn range with no need for backup batteries Posital’s new family of kit encoders provide the manufacturers of servomotors and other machinery with rugged, accurate and cost-efficient tools for building rotary position measurements into their products. The new kit encoders are based on Posital’s highly successful self-contained magnetic rotary encoders. Now however, the core components of these instruments are available as separate assemblies that can be readily integrated into other products. The kit encoder components offer a number of advantages over the rotation measuring devices that have traditionally been used with servomotors and rotating equipment. Compared to resolvers, they are more accurate and offer multi-turn measurement capabilities. They also provide digital outputs instead of the analog signals produced by resolvers. The encoders also provide an all-electronic multi-turn absolute position measuring capability that evaluates the full absolute angular position, including the total number of shaft rotations. The rotation counter is powered by the company’s well-proven Wiegand-effect energy harvesting technology so that rotation counts are always accurate, even if the rotations occur when external power is unavailable. This system eliminates the need for backup batteries or for the geared optical disks used in some products. Compact IP67 controller with Codesys 3 Turck is presenting its TBEN-PLC Codesys 3 controller as a compact IP67 PLC for controlling small or modular machines. Thanks to its robust housing and high degree of protection, the TBEN-PLC can operate directly in the field and thus enables the implementation of machine and plant controls without the need for a control cabinet. Machine automation concepts and the use of pre-assembled cables reduce the cabling effort and simplify commissioning. Decentralized solutions without the use of control cabinets also save time and costs. When used as a master, the device also supports Modbus RTU, CANopen PRODUCT NEWS Universal Robots now certified for applications in cleanroom environments Universal Robots’ lightweight collaborative robot arms can now be implemented in controlled environments: After successful tests in accordance with VDI 2083 Part 9.1, the international industrial guideline concerning the various functions and measures of cleanroom technologies, the robot arms and the accompanying controller boxes have been awarded the certification for cleanroom applications by the international certification organization TÜV SÜD. In compliance with the industrial norm ISO 14644-1, the robots UR3, UR5 and UR10 are now authorized for the global use in cleanroom environments of the cleanroom class ISO 5. The controller box, in turn, has received authorization for cleanroom class ISO 6. The controller box may be upgraded for deployment in cleanrooms requiring the class ISO 5 with a few technical modifications. In the Federal Standard 209E, often referenced in the USA, ISO 5 and ISO 6 are the equivalent of class 100 and class 1 000 respectively. and SAE J1939 in addition to the industrial Ethernet protocols Profinet, EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP. The RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces can also be used as required in Codesys. When combined with Turck’s safety block I/O module and other Turck I/O technology with IP67 protection, comprehensive machine controls including safety technology can be implemented without the need for control cabinet. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 1/2017

Smart and small power distribution With the RiLine Compact, Rittal is offering manufacturers of small controllers and switchgear an innovative and, above all, type-tested power distribution system. RiLine Compact is designed for mounting different versions of protective and switching devices on a system that is shock-hazard protected from the outset, and then to supply it with electrical energy. Its standardised and standards-compliant technology makes it suitable for use in controls for both the IEC and UL markets is easy. The innovation consists of a base plate, in which fully shock-hazard protected busbars are installed that can be easily contacted through a grid in the top cover. Various adapters are available that allow easy connection, so helping to mount control and protective devices. In addition, a adapter for connection to round conductors is available, as well as a variety of functional modules for motor and power control. Jumo Dicon touch in the Profinet world With the Jumo Dicon touch two-channel process and program controller, the measuring and control technology specialist is now taking its first steps in the Profinet world. In addition to the existing RS422/RS485 Modbus RTU, Ethernet, and Profibus DP interfaces, the Dicon touch can now be connected and communicate with a Profinet controller. For this purpose the process and program controller uses a Profinet interface with integrated two-port switch, which enables simple line structures to be set up. The modular hardware concept of the process and program controller touch enables a high level of flexibility that makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications. Four analog universal inputs for connecting to resistance sensors, thermocouples, and standard signals as well as up to eight external inputs are able to record a variety of physical measured values with high precision. background: fotolia Servo cables with the world’s smallest bend radius Igus presents its new CF29 servo cable series – one of several new high-end cable families for continuous motion in e-chains with an outer jacket made of halogen-free TPE. This product range extension offers completely new possibilities for energy supply to drives, for users with very tough requirements such as ambient temperatures or small installation space. A core structure optimised for motion combined with a gusset-filling extruded TPE inner jacket that provides even more stability as well as a highly flexible TPE outer jacket are the features of the new CF29 chainflex servo cable series. The high-end series is suitable for the smallest bending factors for servo cables down to 6.8 xd and is therefore unique on the market. The new series offers a guaranteed solution in a temperature range of -35 °C so can be even used for moving applications in deepfreeze warehouses. Development kit for embedded vision applications Basler’s development kit simplifies the oftencomplex and time-intensive task of integrating LVDS-based camera modules into embedded vision applications. To achieve this, the Basler PowerPack for Embedded Vision contains reference implementations for both the hardware and software side that can be used as a template for designing a complete embedded vision system. It paves the way for developers to integrate a Basler dart camera with the BCON for LVDS interface into an SoM (system-on-module) with suitable architecture. The PowerPack for Embedded Vision is comprised of a Basler dart camera module with the BCON for LVDS interface and 5 megapixels of resolution, a lens, a processing board with Xilinx Zynq-7010 SoC (system-onchip), cables, and additional accessories. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 1/2017


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