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Simplifying the device

Simplifying the device configuration Many manufacturers of machines and systems decide against using diagnostics-capable network components, either because they lack the necessary know-how to configure the devices or shy away from a setup process they fear might be time-consuming. Therefore, Phoenix Contact offers different options for a smooth and quick configuration of network devices. One simple option is using an SD card as a configuration memory device. That way, the device settings can be transferred to an unlimited number of components. This solution is particularly suitable for recurring tasks during initial setup. An alternative is using a software tool, for instance, the FL Network Manager from Phoenix Contact, which enables a quick initial setup and easy monitoring of network components. Configuration via PROFINET control Configuration via CLI Configuration via SD card Initial commissioning and maintenance with the FL Network Manager package loss rates resulting, for example, from electromagnetic interferences in the vicinity of the network cables. Although the reasons are mostly simple, their consequences can be serious. When the network is not redundant, one single connection failure can lead to whole areas being disconnected, thus causing downtime. Diagnostics-capable infrastructure components help determine more quickly what type of problem has occurred and where it has happened, thanks to link down detection and comprehensive port statistics. Consequently, the time and effort for the service technician as well as downtimes are often significantly reduced (fig. 1). ... network overload and unauthorized access Another cause for network problems is network overload due to subsequently added components. Particularly in smaller networks, stability often declines when additionally installed devices lead to an increase in data traffic. This happens, for instance, when dataintensive camera systems are subsequently integrated into existing networks. Especially the real-time capability of automation networks – such as Profinet or Ethernet/IP – can suffer due to the larger amount of data. Diagnostics-capable network components, such as Managed Switches, help detect problems also in this case, by providing statistics on the utilization of individual data connections. Moreover, network problems can result from unauthorized access via a free and unprotected port on a switch. Consequently, the network can be deliberately manipulated or malware can be transferred by accident via a service laptop. In addition to the protection against unauthorized external access it is thus important to control internal access to the machine and production network and to ensure that attempts to gain access to the network can be directly reported and traced by means of notifications and alarms. Doing so again requires diagnostics-capable network components. That is why many Managed Switches offer security functions that control and monitor access via the ports and report any unauthorized attempts to gain access. Provision and mirroring of the diagnostic data When using diagnostic-capable components from Phoenix Contact, the user has numerous ways to obtain the network data. Webbased management is a user-friendly and easy option and can be accessed using a conventional Web browser. Besides various Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Command Line Interface (CLI) 02 Network components from Phoenix Contact offer comprehensive diagnostic options Syslog Profinet Control AUTOMATION Web based management (wbm) Remote diagnosis via VPN and Security Router Network diagnose and software tools 10 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

configuration options, it provides a clear and structured overview of all diagnostic data (fig. 2). The network components from Phoenix Contact also provide their diagnostic data via different standardized interfaces to users who prefer using a centralized diagnostic system. The events displayed in the event log can, for instance, also be sent as a notification to a Syslog server, if required. This technology is supported by many diagnostic systems. In Profinet and Ethernet/IP networks, the control usually reads the diagnostic data directly. This makes it possible to query data from network components – such as Managed Switches – and process the data in the control system. For example, process data or acyclic data, also called record data, are used in Profinet environments. Useful function for analysing data traffic For a detailed analysis of the data communication at the package level, numerous network components from Phoenix Contact include functions for port mirroring. These functions enable the entire incoming and/or outgoing data traffic at one or several ports to be copied to what is called a mirror port. Specific software tools, which record the mirrored data traffic, then help analyzing it. This function is particularly useful for experienced users or members of support teams with comprehensive knowledge about networks who need to find the cause of unobvious network problems. Summary The powerful network components from Phoenix Contact offer various functions for performing diagnostics on machine and produc- 03 Powerful network components offer various functions for performing diagnostics on machine and production networks tion networks. Whether it is experts or users with little knowledge about networks: everyone can choose the diagnostics option that is right for them. This is why Managed Switches, such as the FL Switch 2000 product family, or wireless components, such as the FL WLAN 1100 and FL WLAN 2100 series, prove an optimal solution for minimizing downtimes caused by network errors (fig. 3). Photos: Phoenix Contact Over 100 motion plastics ® innovations ... ... now experience virtually in 360° New plain bearings standard product range for predictive maintenance No more unexpected bearing damage. iglidur ® isense plain bearings indicate their wear status in good time. If a bearing needs to be changed, the system is informed about it. l Can be combined with iglidur ® online service life calculator l Avoid sudden failures l Detect and monitor maintenance requirements via remote diagnostics igus ® GmbH Tel. +49-2203-9649-145 The terms "igus, iglidur, motion plastics" are legally protected trademarks in the Federal Republic of Germany and, where applicable, in some foreign countries. motion plastics ® EU-1284-(Banner) iglidur isense 185x130_CC.indd 1 22.09.20 23:39 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 11