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High-resolution camera

High-resolution camera simplifies work steps The Cubiscan 125 from AKL-tec is now available with a high-resolution 20-megapixel camera with optical zoom. The camera allows the user to directly take a high-resolution top view photo in a fully automated process. In addition, the software offers the possibility of “cropping”, where the object is picked out of the image. Furthermore, the high resolution can be used for the recognition of plain text. For measurement, small parts and non-cubic objects are measured by infrared scanning and larger, cubic objects such as cardboard boxes by ultrasonic sensors with a precision of up to 0.1 cm. Cubiscan 125 is designed for interfacing to a warehouse management system. This simplifies the picking and transportation planning on the one hand, and the choice of packagings and storage locations on the other. It is also suitable for checkweighing and compatible with programs for loading optimization. The touch screen display ensures easy operation. A trolley and further accessories enable installation of a mobile workstation. Third Generation Kanban The Stocksaver system from Werma Signaltechnik is a simple retrofit solution for all FiFo roller racks and realizes the third generation Kanban in production logistics. With the third generation Kanban, intelligent reporting points on the FiFo rack ensure transparency of the material stock. For example, at the automotive supplier Auto-Kabel, where the solution is used to prevent machines from stopping. The clever system for process optimization protects the FiFo racks from idling and successively reduces the safety stocks previously required. In addition, the machine operator no longer has to leave his workstation to order replenishment from the logistics provider, as the Stocksaver software informs the warehouse personnel automatically and in time about the need for and priority of replenishment. AKL-Power also for pallet storage and retrieval machines With 45 years of experience in warehousing technology and warehousing systems, Dambach Lagersysteme is a reliable partner for system integrators and general contractors. As a technology driver, the company is continuously expanding its product range to include its own load handling devices, shuttles and conveyor technology. One of these developments in the field of pallet storage and retrieval machines was presented at the Logimat. With the aid of linear motors as travel drives, pallet storage and retrieval machines are now reaching driving performances that are usually only seen in PRODUCTS automated small parts warehouses. The running wheels no longer have to transmit drive forces. This also reduces wear in the drive system. True to the motto “Dynamics warehousing”, the performance gap between conventional storage and retrieval machines and shuttle systems is now being closed. The manufacturer offers storage and retrieval machines with linear drive across the entire product range: From small parts storage and retrieval machines to rack conveyors in the low temperature sector. 26 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 6/2019

“Plug & Play” solution for e-Kanban control via wireless network The automated system solution for optimizing material replenishment processes in Steute’s “Wireless” division digitalizes and networks the Kanban process. Radio sensors automatically record the current material requirements and transmit the data without delay to the material management system, where the automated booking in Moving all-rounder Habasync high-performance toothed belts from Habasit are used as all-rounders in numerous intralogistics applications – and that with low operating costs thanks to durable materials and simple maintenance processes. Belt widths from 10 to 600 mm are available. The 600 mm variant that is made of thermoplastic polyurethane with an aramid tensile member, has a pitch of T10 or H. Individual configurations are also possible, depending on the application. At the same time, the thermoplastic polyurethane with hardnesses from 88 to 92 Shore A (depending on the type of base material) is also resistant to oil, grease or chemical agents on the one hand, and to hydrolysis on the other. In order to minimize abrasion during operation, the high-performance toothed belts are also available with a polyamide coating. the ERP system takes place. A dashboard takes over the status visualization of all e-Kanban workstations. The system components communicate via a low-power radio network. This makes the software solution suitable for flexibly connecting mobile intralogistics components and systems to the industrial data world. The user thereby benefits from a continuous flow of information. For example, the user can configure whether a sensor is installed per rack bay or whether it is a multi-level Kanban system. Switchgears and sensors specially developed for this application are also part of the company’s “Wireless” range. New fleet management system from Jungheinrich The intralogistics experts at Jungheinrich are bringing a completely redesigned modular web tool to the market for the digital optimization of truck fleets and intralogistics processes. The cloud-based solution helps the user keep a keen eye on efficiency and productivity numbers for their fleet, for example by analyzing up-to-date information on operating hours and unit costs – across all locations, regardless of the manufacturer. Through the intelligent integration of data, the system can generate easy and quick analyses of operating hours, capacity utilization and operating costs. The Jungheinrich fleet management system can be used for fleets of any size, and can be adjusted to any and all customer needs, thanks to the combinable modules. The web portal emphasizes intuitive operability and makes all the most important key figures clearly available on the dashboard. The resulting high commercial information transparency increases the efficiency of the fleet and cuts costs for higher profitability and sustainability within customer intralogistics. Jungheinrich will expand the system in the coming months with additional modules to increase efficiency and security. WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 6/2019 27


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