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As a plug & play

As a plug & play solution that is already installed in the CytroBox, CytroConnect provides the basic functions of the software free of charge in a Freemium model. Machine manufacturers and end users can also book additional options in the subscription model. The “Maintain” module reports errors as a push service, processes additional status information and provides maintenance instructions. The “Predict” service package uses rules and algorithms for predictive maintenance concepts, for example by integrating Rexroth’s Online Diagnostic Network (ODiN). Bosch Rexroth has integrated its hydraulic domain expertise as a service package into the software, and uses AI-based analysis algorithms to create a health index for the power unit. Intelligent solutions for every performance range MOTION AND DRIVES Plastics processing machines generally require a high-performance central pressure supply, which provides the necessary energy for the machine axes as energy-efficiently and quietly as possible. The variable-speed pump drives in the Sytronix family, which are also used in the CytroBox, are state-of-the-art in this respect. Sytronix SvP typically offers the ideal solution for injection moulding machines with small and average closing forces. Synchronous servo motors offer optimum dynamic performance in this context and closed-loop accuracy up to a power level of 80 kW. They cover a wide range of functionalities from pressure control and closed-loop pressure flow control right through to closed-loop position control and force control. A protective pump function extends the life cycle and avoids machine downtime. All Sytronix variants can be integrated in the widest variety of automation architectures via a multi-Ethernet interface for the most commonplace real-time Ethernet protocols. In the case of machines with large closing forces, Sytronix DFEn with p/Q control systems cover the performance range up to 630 kW. The DFEn connects an axial piston variable displacement pump optionally with a synchronous or asynchronous motor and harmonised drive controllers. It combines the closed-loop speed control of the drive with a variable displacement pump. Dualquadrant operation provides access to comprehensive electrical and electro-hydraulic control options to influence the flow smoothly in accordance wwith demand. A teach-in method can be applied in cyclically operating machines in order to accelerate the system again in good time before an increase in the flow. Field bus valves with multi-Ethernet interface IFB directional control valves with multi- Ethernet interface are integrated by machine manufacturers independently of the control system used. As Connected Hydraulics, they reduce system costs and offer integrated safety and additional functions. Users can implement pressure and force control optionally with internal or external pressure sensors. The integrated safety interface (EN13849 Kat4Ple), 02 Energy efficient, quiet, space-saving and intelligent: CytroBox covers all requirement profiles finely scaled with series components 01 Higher process reliability and availability through intelligent, connected hydraulics for plastics machines which allows a single-channel shut-off, also reduces the costs of safety applications. The intuitive commissioning software tool ensures rapid parameterisation and configuration without unwieldy programming. The short cycle times of the valve controller of < 1 ms improve accuracy and cycle times. Moreover, the valves provide data for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance during operation. Above all, they are already Industry 4.0-ready. IO-Link: “USB of automation” With IO-Link, Rexroth offers highly efficient end-to-end communication with sensors and actuators at field level for analogue-controlled valves regardless of the field bus used. This “USB of automation” allows the hydraulic components to be integrated into the bi-directional digital communication. This enables easy connection in hardware and software and allows flexible adjustment of hydraulic valves for varying production processes. IO-Link valves record the running time and temperature and produce a histogram. This information is retrieved by users and service engineers via the IO-Link interface. Summary Connected Hydraulics simplifies the engineering phase by relocating functions to the software. In addition, the commissioning outlay is reduced significantly. The connected hydraulics with harmonised components and software modules increases process reliability and repetition accuracy. It is also possible to reduce power consumption and thereby lower operating costs. Manufacturers can uncover new options for condition monitoring thanks to connectivity. End users can use predictive maintenance concepts through to cloud-based systems, such as ODiN, and thereby increase the availability of their machines and systems considerably. Photos: Bosch Rexroth 18 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

New functions for Robotics Control Software 7 Millimetres for fully integrated Speed Controller The BXT motor family, consisting of brushless DC-servomotors with especially short design, was expanded in all sizes with a diameter-compliant, integrated Speed Controller. With an additional attachment length of just 6.2 mm, the Motor/Speed Controller combinations are available with the same installation space as the products with the IEF3-4096 (L) integrated encoder. The Speed Controller can be combined with the 2214… BXT H, 3216…BXT H and 4221…BXT H housed BXT The parameterizable Movikit Robotics software module from SEW Eurodrive expands the possibilities for controlling universal robot kinematics. Among other things, it enables workers without higher-level language programming skills to create and edit robot programs directly at the machine. New functions to the software module offer additional for integration into automated processes. There are touchprobe measurement and sensor-based positioning. Time-based and distancebased path events trigger the robot at defined positions. Standardized fieldbus interface can be used to move the robot along a path with ease via a higher-level controller. motors. Even with full integration, the robust Speed Controller guarantees the use of nearly the entire power and speed range of the corresponding base motors. MY DRIVE IS FROM NORD! THE NEW IE5+ MOTOR The level stage of energy efficiency: IE5+ Compact and hygienic design Constant high efficiency over the entire adjustment range GEAR UNIT + MOTOR + DRIVE ELECTRONIC = DER ANTRIEB. Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG | Fon +49 4532 289-0 |


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