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Simply shut AUTOMATION

Simply shut AUTOMATION Author: Gerrit Boysen, Manager Product Marketing Security, BA IMA, Phoenix Contact Electronics GmbH, Bad Pyrmont, Germany

the door In times of increasing digitalization it is important to protect industrial networks against unauthorized access. However, measures often fail to do so because companies lack the necessary technical know-how. Therefore, Phoenix Contact launches a new security router for solid cybersecurity baseline protection, a device that can be used even by untrained personnel. Most people pull the door shut when they leave their home. The majority of participants in a survey would be surprised if that didn’t happen. Because in that case, it would be easy and quick for every passerby to walk into private rooms, take something from there with them, rearrange the rooms, or, at worst, vandalize them. So, whereas in the real world it’s considered to be natural to at least close the front door, this is unfortunately not the case in the virtual Protecting industrial networks is as important as locking the door when leaving home world. Many companies simply leave the door to their industrial network open. This means that devices from all over the world can access their production data, look at them, read, copy, alter, or destroy them. Why is it that a lot of people behave completely differently in the virtual world than they would in the real world? Why don’t the companies at least pull the “door” to their network cells shut, to say nothing of locking it? The answer is comparatively simple: the majority of personnel doesn’t recognize the danger, or else they wouldn’t act like that. First, there are people not knowing that they would need a door for the network cell at all. Second, there are other employees who trust in the company’s IT department tasked with checking the door to the network. At the same time, they are the ones who literally leave the exterior basement door or the patio door open for unauthorized people to enter the production network. Automation of more complex settings The doors to a home can be compared with the firewalls for industrial networks. When they are missing, in the wrong location, or not being shut properly, they pose a security risk. This is why the security product must be tailored to the needs of each individual user to provide opti- 01 The FL mGuard 1100 offers three supportive firewall functions to users without specific IT security skills WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 7