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AUTOMATION metries. This

AUTOMATION metries. This guarantees the precise gripping of terminal blocks and maximises the automated system’s area of application. Different terminal shapes are precisely gripped and mounted on the terminal rail. Universal magazines provide maximum flexibility, enabling a magazine to be assembled with different components. The automated system has a total of 40 magazine locations for components as well as 18 locations for diverted terminal rails. Due to the generous holding capacity of the magazines, filling processes are minimised and partial quantities avoided. This saves the user time and costs through lower setup costs and reduced warehousing. Furthermore, thanks to their design, the magazines offer a secure hold for the individual components during filling. This prevents the individual parts from slipping or falling, even if they are accidentally knocked. Coordinated range By looking at panel building as an integrated process, Weidmüller considers this important aspect in all of its developments, such as the Klippon Connect A-Series. To further improve and speed up the assembly and marking process, for a long time Weidmüller has been focusing on robot-friendly component design – a decision that gave great impetus to further automation. To design processes to be more effective, on the basis of the standard product range, Weidmüller has added preassembled markers to an appropriate Klippon Connect A-Series portfolio. Customer benefits Based on many years of practical experience in panel building, Weidmüller offers a comprehensive portfolio with products, services and machines that are optimally coordinated, speed up processes With the Klippon Automated RailAssembler manual picking, assigning, positioning, mounting and checking of individual terminal blocks are a thing of the past effectively and increase quality. The Klippon Automated RailAssembler maximises the automation potential when used in combination with the Klippon Automated RailLaser for fully-automated marking. Photos: Weidmüller 02 Weidmüller Klippon Automated RailAssembler – a system for fully-automated terminal block assembly 14 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

Machine Vision USB3 Camera sets new standards Flir Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of the new Flir Blackfly S visible spectrum camera module, the first to integrate the Sony Pregius S IMX540 sensor with 24.5 MP at 12 FPS in a USB3 camera. The combination of the Blackfly S feature set with IMX540’s high megapixel (MP) count and fast imaging enables engineers and researchers from biomedical to semiconductor industries to inspect more in less time and with fewer cameras required. Delivering 24 MP, 12 FPS Sony Pregius distortion-free imaging of fast-moving targets, the Blackfly S enables faster production lines even for very detailed inspection. The Blackfly S also delivers high quantum efficiency and low read noise allowing shorter exposure times, and therefore less powerful lights are required resulting in lower lighting costs. Encrypter: the easy-to-use encryption tool Safeguarding sensitive digital information has become paramount in the age of an increasingly mobile workforce. Corporations need to know that their confidential documents are not falling into the wrong hands once outside their organization. Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, and CodeLock and Licensing Systems (Pty) Ltd., an information security technology company, have joined forces for CodeLock to Taiwan’s “Anti-Covid 19 Pavilion” launches online Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) presents with its “Taiwan Anti-Covid-19 Pavilion” a new free information portal about Covid-19. is a website where high-ranking medical institutions and more than 2,000 Taiwanese companies provide detailed information about current research results and present new business strategies with Taiwan. The online service is aimed at experts from various fields. In addition, the “Medical Taiwan” platform offers details on high-quality epidemic prevention products and information on reliable partners. This provides interested parties with a comprehensive, compact and competent information portal. Complex wiring easily realized The connectivity specialist Escha does not only offer unique single-ended- and double-ended cord sets, it also offers manufactured cable harnesses adapted to individual customer requirements. Complex wiring structures can easily be realized with these harnesses. Overmolded round connectors from Escha can be combined into inch-perfect offer a novel encryption tool that provides a fast and easy way to secure valuable documents and sensitive digital information traveling across disparate mail servers. With the use of CodeLock’s Encrypter tool and Wibu-Systems’ encryption technology, documents are protected with drag-and-drop ease prior to transmission across the Internet. Photo: Ensuring security when files are outside of your control – that’s the main goal of Encrypter powered by CodeMeter. cable harnesses basically facilitating and speeding up fitters’ work. It is possible to label cables through a variety of markings and printings simplifying allocation of cables. Meanwhile, single connectors are no more used in many applications but readily made cable harnesses. Upon customer request, Escha equips overmolded round connectors in cable harnesses with markings, printings facilitating installation even by unskilled staff. In order to make sure cable harnesses can be directly installed, they undergo a hundred percent electrical test at Escha. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 15