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Terminal block assembly

Terminal block assembly – digitalised an fully-automated Faster, more precise and more cost-effective: This motto is becoming increasingly relevant in everyday business and a continuous value-added process is essential. Weidmüller uses the example described here for a fully automatic assembly of terminal strips to show what part of the process chain can look like. AUTOMATION Especially during times of fluctuating economic utilisation, value-added processes need to be designed to be manageable as well as flexible and scalable – especially in panel building. New digitalisation and automation approaches can play a major part in this. Weidmüller considers panel building to be an integrated process – from the planning stage through to installation and operation. The most recent example is the integration of the Klippon Automated RailAssembler for the fully-automated assembly of terminal rails. Time savings of up to 60 % The Weidmüller Configurator (WMC) is responsible for continuity in the process. The software generates the terminal block’s digital twin. By means of corresponding interfaces, planning data from eCAD programmes can be used consistently. The Klippon Automated RailAssembler uses the data it receives to control the production process for complete terminal blocks. Manual picking, assigning, positioning, mounting and checking of individual terminal blocks are a thing of the past. By eliminating the manual production steps, not only are potential errors minimised, but the automated process enables time savings of up to 60 % compared with manual terminal block assembly. The continuous support of the software during all work steps helps the user and provides transparency of the order status. Maximum flexibility and optimised handling Equipped with a flexible gripper, the Klippon Automated RailAssembler can also robustly handle more complex component geo­ 12 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

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