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World of Industries 3/2020

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World of Industries 3/2020

The material flow

The material flow computer has also been redesigned: It is no longer running as hardware, but runs on a virtual server, which is located on a mainframe and is backed up accordingly. The visualization has also been updated. The storage and retrieval machines and the conveyor system were updated to a current bus system. And the S7 control of the conveyor system is connected to superordinate systems via Ethernet, so that remote maintenance for the system is possible right down to each individual component. 03 Within three weeks, the production warehouse was fundamentally modernized Replacing the AS/RS increased the performance by 30 percent The most spectacular measure was the replacement of the old storage and retrieval machines. “We knew that our shuttle car still had power reserves,” explains Dennis Bosch. “So we also wanted to increase the performance of the storage and retrieval machines.” viastore then calculated what increase in performance would be achieved by the replacement of the AS/RS by current models in comparison to a mere modernization of the old machines – and what would be the extra costs. “With completely new, more dynamic AS/RS, we achieve a performance increase of 30 percent,” says Lars Breuer. So the decision was easy. The two old machines and the floor crane rails were removed through two hatches in the roof, and the new ones were installed in the same way. LOGISTICS 04 With energetic support from the company fire brigade, the old storage and retrieval machines were removed through hatches in the roof, and the new machines were installed company would need for the retrofit. A roadmap detailed what work would be done, and when. “So we knew exactly when and how long the plant would stand still,” explains Bosch. “In addition, we were able to say which and how many parts from the warehouse we had to accommodate externally and what we had to do at what time.” This also helped with the coordination with all other involved parties in the company, for example those departments in which we had to make room for the temporary storage of the required parts. “It was impressive that viastore adhered to the roadmap almost 100 percent,” emphasizes Dennis Bosch. Completely modernized in three weeks In the three weeks leading up to Easter 2019, the logistics system was completely modernized: The old S5 controls were replaced by modern S7, and the shuttle car – which connects the outbound aisles of the storage and retrieval machines with the pick stations – was given a new drive. The controls and drives of the three fire protection doors, which separate the rack area from the pre-zone and the rest of the hall in case of fire, were also modernized. “There was a separate control installed by the manufacturer, which had also been discontinued,” explains Gregor Rentschler, the viastore project manager who was responsible for the retrofit on site. “With the new controls, we have implemented a gate clearance control including emergency power supply – this ensures that the conveyor line at the fire doors is cleared in the event of a fire and the doors can close safely.” This is an aspect demanded by fire insurance companies today. Good teamwork The company fire brigade took care of securing the work on the roof and also helped with removing and installing the masts. “Handling the project together with the Metabo employees made the work particularly special”, emphasizes Gregor Rentschler. A sign of this good cooperation was the home-baked cake that Dennis Bosch brought to the construction site. “The food was great”, Gregor Rentschler admits with a smile and emphasizes once again: “It is important that in such a project, the interaction of our experts and the customer’s employees works.” Dennis Bosch confirms that “the team was key to successfully implementing the overall project.” It is therefore important to him that his Metabo core team be mentioned by name: “I take my hat off to Uwe Hennig, Mike Kießig, Steffen Killer, Martin Lehr, Tobias Fuchs, Kevin Rebelo and the entire logistics team. They all have done a great job. And the other colleagues and departments involved in the preparation and followup also did a great job – a great team effort.” A performance boost for the warehouse Although the modernized plant has only been in operation for a few months, there is already some success: “It is still too early to give specific figures,” reports Dennis Bosch. “But I assume that the increase in performance will result in the promised double-digit range. The colleagues in the warehouse have already noticed that the system is running faster. Not only is the material outside faster, but the data records are also available fast as lightning.” Remote maintenance allows events to be resolved online very quickly. In addition, the energy consumption will decrease because in the new AS/RS, a DC link coupling ensures the internal energy compensation of motoric and regenerative loads. “The entire retrofit project went very well,” says Dennis Bosch happily. He recommends that companies that intend to modernize their plant “have enough time for pre-planning – that should not be underestimated. The system analysis and the detailed roadmap from viastore are a reliable basis.” Photos: viastore 8 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

“Clean” solution for clean room partitioning The Bayer Weimar GmbH und Co KG plant, opened in 1994, and is both the company Head Office as well as the location for production, quality control and packaging. At this site, around 500 employees manufacture hormone-containing solid dosage tablets, coated and film-coated tablets. The processing of hormone-containing drugs requires special demands on the production areas in the plant. EFA-SRT CR high-speed roller doors from Efaflex were therefore installed to separate the clean rooms from the corridors. Nino Baracskai, Head of Technical Office, explains the importance of the high-speed doors in front of the clean rooms and airlocks as follows: “Absolutely no hormones may enter the environment from our pharmaceutical production. We therefore operate our production areas with -15 Pascal vacuum to protect our employees and the environment. This means that when the doors are opened, the air flow is in the direction of the clean rooms.” The corridors in front of the airlocks to the clean rooms must therefore always be spotlessly clean. The fast action of the highspeed doors (opening at up to 2 meters per second and closing at up to 0.75 meters per second) help ensure that the air exchange from the corridor into the airlock and from the airlock into the production area only takes the shortest time so that particles do not enter the production rooms despite the negative pressure. This keeps the filter load low and reduces air loss. The doors’ curtain is also adapted to the clean room environment. “Our requirement profile included doors with stainless steel frames and plastic curtain that are washable and resistant to detergents,” explains Nino Baracskai. The Efaflex CR-series clean room doors are perfectly adjusted to the requirements in controlled production zones. The high-performance high-speed doors have a smooth surface structure and no protruding edges. They can be easily cleaned, and a depositing of particles is largely excluded. Predestined for cleanrooms Like all Efaflex high-speed doors, the clean room doors are enormously heavy-duty and low maintenance thanks to their excellent quality. However, the most important case for Efaflex clean room doors are their high level of air tightness, which contributes considerably to cost savings in clean rooms, and the modular design in clinical look. The narrow frames allow for a space-saving and visually appealing installation, even in confined spaces. Despite the complicated installation conditions under airlock conditions, the assembly of the doors ran completely smoothly. Nino Baracskai also has more than good things to say about the responsive field service engineer: “I can always call him if there’s a problem. He thinks about the issue and then offers very good solutions.” Bayer Weimar GmbH und Co. KG. company information Bayer Weimar GmbH und Co KG is a legally independent pharmaceutical site located in Weimar on the grounds of the former Jenapharm and is a fully owned subsidiary of the Bayer Group. Weimar is also home to the logistics center with purchasing, delivery of all materials, storage in a fully automated high-bay warehouse with around 8000 pallet spaces, distribution, shipping of products and production planning. All processes in the company, from planning to dispatch, are optimally controlled thanks to consistent investment in a modern computer-aided, integrated system for factory master planning and production management. The company therefore achieves a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs while maintaining competitive costs and the outstanding quality that is essential for pharmaceutical products. Photo: Efaflex WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 9


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