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World of Industries 3/2020

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World of Industries 3/2020

02 The LVS12 dual-flow

02 The LVS12 dual-flow control valve is used for pressureindependent, parallel operation of two single-acting actuators and saves both installation space and weight 03 Highly dynamic lift/lower module for load-compensated lifting and lowering up to 150 l/min and 350 bar standard additional priority function, which saves cost and space. Other highly responsive valves, specialized for the harvesting process, provide automatic steering, which ensures ongoing corrections as well as row-sensing. Another special feature is that Bucher Hydraulics equips its steering valves with self-compensating spools, with the result that, after a displacement, the restoring force back to the neutral position is independent of the load. The adaptability of Bucher Hydraulics’ solutions for towed machines is also reflected in the connection to the tractor supply, where the company is a technological pioneer. The valve operation can easily be set for either fixed-displacement or load-sensing supply systems. Using an adjustable pressure compensator in the inlet section, which can be changed over from 2-way to 3-way functionality, users can employ the same valves for both open- and closedcenter systems, thus ensuring that a constant flow rate is always available for the valve block in the towed machine regardless of the type of pump system in the tractor. Even when there are higher pressure drops in the lines, sufficient pressure is always available for control functions in this application, which in total saves energy costs. Special functions for self-propelled machines The highest possible harvesting performance is based primarily on uncompromised and reliable functionality, as found in the harmonized Bucher Hydraulics system for self-propelled machines. In particular, savings in terms of space, weight and cost were crucial for the design of an innovative expansion section with a split spool. The special feature consist of two spools in one valve body with one spool bore. This means that two actuators can now be controlled independently of one another – and in conjunction with a flow control valve that handles 180 l/min at 350 bar. The large oil galleries reduce pressure losses, increasing energy efficiency thanks to reduced diesel fuel consumption. The split-spool technology enables a wide range of functions such as dual-flow control functions, lift/lower module in flow/ return or return/return. The dual-flow control feature saves installation space and weight and is suitable for pressure-independent, parallel operation of two single-acting motor drives, for example. The details guarantee unique solutions MOTION AND DRIVES Well-proven steering systems and changeover facility Agricultural machinery must, of course, offer a high level of driving safety in addition to optimum in-field performance. In the case of towed machines, the systems predominantly in use are based on castor steering. These only work in forward gear and are otherwise locked by seat valves. With a special electrical additional steering system, Bucher Hydraulics offers a component to increase safety: this additional steering system is also active when reversing and is used for the speed-adjusted steering of one or two axles. Also available are electrohydraulic steering systems from the EPOM program. With these systems, users benefit above all from the special design of the steering valves featuring a downstream pressure compensator. These steering valves can be integrated directly into the valve block without the need for the otherwise The lift/lower module impresses with load-compensated lifting and lowering. To ensure the stability of such a system, Bucher Hydraulics uses highly dynamic valves that can accurately implement control signals even at a high command frequency with signal durations of just ten milliseconds. The flow and return function corresponds to an adjustable pressure support, in that the flow and return spools can be actuated and positioned independently of each other. By varying the ratio of the flow and return openings, any required pressure can be created at the actuator outlet. All in all, with its broad-based concept Bucher Hydraulics offers all the functionalities required for a wide variety of applications. With the LVS platform, manufacturers of towed and self-propelled machines can systematically design customized solutions that deliver 100 % on the required benefits, and significantly reduce costs through the use of innovative technologies. 14 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

Melservo MR-J4 amplifier with multi-network interface A new world of automation Nowadays, mechanical engineering is software development. The new ctrlX Automation platform is Bosch Rexroth’s answer to this market requirement. It encompasses the latest engineering software technologies and all PLC and motion tasks. Software functions are combinable in any number of ways with ready-made, customized and customizable apps. These apps can be created in a variety of programming languages such as C++, script languages such as Python, or new graphical languages such as Blockly. This gives machine manufacturers new-found freedom. ctrlX Automation offers users a choice: they decide whether to program in IEC 61131, PLCopen or G-Code, or in conventional high-level or Internet languages. Configuration and commissioning of the automation components is completely web-based, eliminating the need to install software. Within minutes of switching the system on, the software is programmed. A completely virtual ctrlX Automation system environment is available, enabling programming without hardware. System functionalities can be extended at any time via the user’s own process functions, apps, and open source software. In total, ctrlX Automation cuts the engineering time and effort by 30 to 50 %. The MR-J4 servo amplifier series from Mitsubishi Electric incorporates a multi-network interface called “Servo Open Network”. It enables the user-friendly drive to be compatible with all relevant motion control systems worldwide. Communications is simplified by offering mainstream industrial Ethernet protocols including CC-Link IE Field, Profinet, EtherCAT and Ethernet/ IP. Another important advantage of the servo control systems from Mitsubishi Electric is the level of OEM support available globally. On-site support from the manufacturer is offered during commissioning and maintenance. Network protocol selection is easy and user-friendly thanks to the plug & play concept applied to the servo amplifiers. A Quick Start Guide is available for each of the networks alongside immediately usable and expandable sample projects and function blocks, which are supplemented by flexible connection options. The servo systems for the power range from 0.05 to 22 kW are highly compact, occupying up to 50 % less volume than comparable products. They are also supported by a large selection of motors with high power densities; offering maximum flexibility in design and efficiency with a minimum footprint. Digitalization of existing machines Tool identification using Balluff Industrial RFID increases production efficiency, as it makes incorrect tool allocation or missing tools a thing of the past. This enables optimizing the service time utilization of the tools. In addition, scrap and rework due to excessive use of tools are virtually eliminated. With Easy Tool-ID, Balluff has provided an affordable entrylevel solution into tool management for a long time now. Version 2.0 has now been released on the market. It is convenient to upgrade and is characterized by being easy to install and configure. It features an additional touchscreen display and offers the user even greater convenience in practical operation as well as during configuration via web browser without intervention into the machine tool. PRODUCTS © KUKA Roboter GmbH Brake technology 4.0 for maximum demands ROBA ® -servostop — compact, high performance-density safety brake for robot joints your reliable partner WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 15


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