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World of Industries 3/2020

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World of Industries 3/2020

Optimized without

Optimized without compromise Hydraulic drives in agricultural machinery need to demonstrate the highest precision, reliability and flexibility under the most adverse conditions. In achieving this high system performance, a vital feature is valves that can be adapted without compromise and exactly as required for the specific requirements. With the extensive range of valve functions that Bucher Hydraulics offers with its LVS series, every manufacturer of agricultural machinery has future-proof solutions at its disposal. The new expansion sections are aimed at delivering higher energy efficiency, reduced installation costs and significantly lower pressure losses in towed and self-propelled machines. MOTION AND DRIVES T o meet existing and future requirements of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, the valve specialists from Bucher Hydraulics have developed numerous new functions for the LVS series of proportional directional control valves. Working in close cooperation with manufacturers of towed and self-propelled machines, further applications for these fast-switching valves are now emerging. Utilizing their precision, responsiveness and dynamic characteristics, they are designed to permanently reduce operating costs. These extremely compact valves, with a nominal flow rate up to 180 l/min and pressure ranges up to 350 bar, have been proving themselves in the market for years. The comprehensive system expansion, featuring two-stage valves with electrohydraulic operation, direct-operated solenoid valves and seat-valve combinations, facilitates application-oriented solutions that meet increasing demands and growing functional segmentation. In the agricultural engineering sector, users now have access to new system solutions that are coordinated with one another for configuration within a valve block and thus work in harmony. Particular functionalities are selected for the respective application without any need for compromise and can be expanded at a later date, so at any time machine manufacturers can install the exact configuration required at that time. Special functions for towed machines For more than 40 years, Bucher Hydraulics has been contributing solutions for optimized harvesting performance by supplying valve blocks for a very wide range of towed machines. An example of such application experience at work is in self-loading feed wagons: a single block with just one valve section is sufficient to control the scraper 12 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

floor. For very fast unloading, the integrated boost function makes it possible to deliver the whole oil flow at one actuator outlet on demand. The product range extends right to the valve block itself, where up to 35 functions for controlling highly complex machines can be integrated. As a further variant of the single-acting hitch control (available for towed and self-propelled machines), a double-acting hitch control is also available for towed machines such as slurry wagons with trailing-shoe applicators. With the help of the doubleacting LVS hitch-control valve, the trailing shoes can always be kept on the ground with the right contact pressure, regardless of hard or soft ground. This optimizes the ground pressure distribution for careful working as well as the depth control. Simple ON/OFF actuator functions integrated in the block Complementing the technically demanding functions that are controlled proportionally via LVS valves, Bucher Hydraulics now offers additional components for integration into the LVS modular control block system: valves for simple ON/OFF actuator functions requiring only low flow rates are available as spool or seat versions. On an as-needed basis, these expansion units are incorporated in a control block together with the premium LVS valves. Supplementing the well-known SVH04 directional valve that features bidirectional seat-type shut-off, new directional spool valves have been developed, which can be complemented by hydraulically actuated or electrically switchable seat valves. This enables machine manufacturers to create simple ON/OFF functions very cost-effectively. Auxiliary-function sections improve travel comfort The full range of adaptable electrohydraulic systems that Bucher Hydraulics offers specifically for towed machines is reflected in the EPOM program (Externally Propelled Off-Highway Machines). All the hydraulic and electronic components are characterized by their high reliability in the field: they deliver optimum service even with strongly fluctuating temperatures, high mechanical loading and 01 Supplementing the well-known SVH04 directional valve that features bidirectional seat-type shut-off, a cost-optimized modular system of directional spool valves, series D-DS06, was developed. These can be extended with hydraulically actuated or electrically switchable seat valves. electromagnetic interference. With Bucher Hydraulics, users can choose between two control units for the analog-proportional control of up to 8 or 11 valve sections via toggle switches and rotary potentiometers. The package solution is completed with a wiring harness. The components have a tank-line pressure rating of 210 bar, so that no damage to the hydraulic system occurs even with a wrongly connected hose. Thanks to the low off-load and block head losses, up to 150 l/min at the actuator ports is possible with a pressure difference of only 9 bar. Highlights of the EPOM program include specially designed auxilia ry-function sections aimed primarily at improved travel comfort: the top cylinder, undercarriage, and drawbar suspension sections facilitate increased traction, maintenance of a constant level, and the absorption of travel shocks. The use of the TÜVapproved axle-lift section reduces tire wear and diesel fuel consumption. The axle-suspension section enables weight-dependent control. Editorial board: Winfried Bauer (Editor-in-chief), E-mail: Nicole Steinicke (Editor-in-chief), E-mail: Manfred Weber, E-mail: Managing editor: Winfried Bauer Assistant editors: Petra Weidt, Melanie Lerch, Angelina Haas, Ulla Winter, Doris Buchenau Design/Layout: Anna Schätzlein, Sonja Daniel, Anette Fröder, Mario Wüst E-paper designer: Anna Schätzlein Publishing house: Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. 2, 55129 Mainz, Germany Commercial register No.: HRB 2270, District Court of Mainz VAT-ID: DE149063659 Privacy statement: Managing director: Dr. Olaf Theisen Publishing director: Dr. Michael Werner, E-mail: Correspondent India: Sushen Haresh Doshi M.Sc. Advertising sales director: Beatrice Thomas-Meyer, E-mail: Advertising sales manager: Oliver Jennen, E-mail: Andreas Zepig, E-mail: Sales representatives Austria: Heinz-Joachim Greiner, E-mail: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway: Malte Mezger, E-mail: France: Marc Jouanny, E-mail: Great Britain, Ireland: Rob Brewer, E-mail: Italy: Edgar Mäder, E-Mail: Switzerland: Hermann Jordi, E-mail: USA, Canada, Mexico: Patrick Venezia Jr, E-mail: Advertising disposition: Isabell Faß, E-mail: Brigitte Glückler, E-mail: Nevenka Islamovic, E-mail: Heike Rauschkolb, E-mail: In cooperation with: Hannover Fairs International GmbH, Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Germany Internet: WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 13


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