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World of Industries 3/2020

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World of Industries 3/2020


Roba-brake-checker module already in the design of the future: modern and functional Maintenance costs savings through integrated brake monitoring MOTION AND DRIVES Based on the concept of permanent inspection, mayr power transmission offers solution concepts for the predictive maintenance of electromagnetic safety brakes. Here, the focus is placed on the Roba-brake-checker module, which is not only able to monitor and supply brakes without the use of sensors. In an advanced version, it also provides data, thus enabling scheduled and cost-effective maintenance. Author: Andreas Merz, Product Manager at mayr power transmission, Mauerstetten, Germany Permanent inspection, demand-related maintenance, plannable and suited to the actual utilization, automated remote maintenance or cross-machine / cross-plant error analyses – these are the key aspects of tomorrow’s machine maintenance. mayr power transmission offers solution concepts for the predictive maintenance of electromagnetic safety brakes based on permanent inspection, as these brakes are predestined components for the maintenance, safety and system availability, and permit conclusions to be drawn regarding the system operation. Monitoring of the safety brakes takes place without the use of sensors with the retrofittable Roba-brake-checker module. 01 Solution concept for the proactive maintenance of electromagnetic safety brakes based on permanent inspection: here you see the Robatopstop, the modular safety brake system for A-bearing side servomotor attachment 10 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

02 The Roba-brake-checker: Sensorless, networked brake monitoring for efficient and proactive machine maintenance 03 The electromagnetic design of the proven Roba-linearstop linear brake series has been approved for monitoring with the Roba-brakechecker module – it is the only electromagnetic rack and pinion brake on the market Safety becomes visible Through the extended analysis of current and voltage, the module detects the movement of the armature disk and knows what condition the brake is in. In addition to the switching condition, temperature and wear, the Roba-brake-checker also monitors the pull-in distance or tensile force reserve, i.e. whether the magnet is still able to release the brake. With the module, substantially more parameters are thus depicted during monitoring than with a conventional switching condition control. In the advanced version, the module is equipped with an additional circuit board with a customer-specific interface (e.g. optical, WiFi, IO Link, OPC UA etc.). Via this interface, data regarding the switching time, current, voltage, resistance, performance und relative attraction current can be generated. This means that processes can now also be evaluated, anomalies in processing procedures can be detected quickly and conclusions can be drawn from complex interrelationships. Safety and reliability become visible, so to speak. Maintenance becomes plannable and cost-effective due to permanent inspection. The system operator or manufacturer is able to undertake maintenance in a targeted manner, aligned to their working processes. Furthermore, integration into remote maintenance systems is also possible. Integration of the monitoring function into the control system For direct integration of the monitoring function of the Robabrake-checker into the machine control system, a licensing model with mayr power transmission is possible. The company supplies the validation for specified brakes and supports integration and data evaluation. Additional components are not required. “In collaboration with the customer, the issued data are integrated into the customer-side evaluation system on a project-specific basis taking the requirements of the respective application into account”, explains Bernd Kees, Product Manager at mayr power transmission in Mauerstetten. Intelligent safety for machine tools “Machine tools benefit from the permanent inspection of the safety brakes by the Roba-brake-checker module”, explains Kees. “If, for example, the limit temperature is reached, this is an indication of damage to the brake, of brake failure or even incorrect dimensioning. The Roba-brake-checker also shows when critical wear values have been reached. This permits preventive maintenance, which in turn ensures higher system availability.” Temperature progressions and changes in parameter across a product’s lifetime are also made visible. In the case of previous solutions, such as contactless release monitoring, users are only able to see the failure or destruction pattern, but do not know how the error occurred. Using the Roba-brakechecker, on the other hand, progressions are made visible and error analyses can be used and even transferred onto other user systems. All this data from malfunctions and normal operation thus supply valuable input for future improvements and optimizations, for example for more system safety or an extended performance limit. Photos: mayr power transmission WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 11


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