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World of Industries 2/2020

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World of Industries 2/2020

Double hoist unit

Double hoist unit solution provides additional flexibility and improves handling rates LOGISTICS The paper industry is a key sector for process crane technology. The corresponding cranes and hoists have to perform a wide range of tasks, from precise positioning of paper machine rollers to fully automated stores for paper rolls. Laakirchen Papier AG is a good example of the potential that can be achieved. Laakirchen Papier AG is an important part of the local economy in the Laakirchen municipality in Upper Austria. As part of the Heinzel Group, the company produces paper for packing and publication purposes on the two PM 10 and PM 11 paper machines at this location. Following the conversion and modernisation work, paper machine PM 10 specialises in the production of lightweight corrugated base paper made from waste paper for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. This provides a not inconsiderable increase in its production capacity. At the same time, the company has extended its production capacity for SC paper used for magazines, catalogues and printed advertising material on paper machine PM 11. The resulting investment in a new paper-roll shipping store is an important part of the growth strategy pursued by Heinzel Group, which has set itself the goal of becoming the most competitive and eco-friendly paper factory in Europe. Loading times cut by 30 per cent Two process cranes (33 m spans) supplied by Demag handle the rolls of paper in the shipping store. The store can accommodate some 8,870 tons of paper when filled to a capacity of 80 per cent. The store is filled around the clock in 24/7 operation. Besides the limited area for storage of the paper rolls, the loading times, which are limited to five working days, also posed a challenge. Particularly at the beginning of the week, when the roll store is largely full, the trucks that collect the product need to be served very quickly. “To clear the order peaks in the paper store, we initially placed emphasis on reducing the number of crane travel operations. This was achieved by installing two crabs on each crane”, explains Markus Otto, Demag Process Cranes Sales Director. The open winch units are equipped with vacuum lifting devices, which can be used to store and retrieve the unpacked rolls of paper 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020

The concept with two process cranes operating on one crane runway, each fitted with two open winch crabs that can travel independently of each other, is an example of Demag expertise Winfried Bauer, editor-in-chief World of Industries quickly and, above all, gently. Each crane is designed in such a way that it can handle rolls with a maximum diameter of 1,500 mm, widths up to 3,300 mm and a maximum weight of 4,5 tons in pairs or individually. Using the new technology, the system can perform 104 roll-handling movements per hour. Otto explains: “These performance figures were also achieved by combining the fast travel and lifting speeds of our process cranes with this double-crab solution.” The cranes, which feature dual channels for all safety-relevant features, are precisely positioned at the points specified by the warehouse management system by means of laser position measuring systems. The vacuum lifting device needs less than a second to connect to the rolls of paper by suction. Lifting and lowering speeds of up to 78 m/min are achieved with a load and 120 m/min without a load. The cranes place the paper roll products in dedicated stacks measuring up to 15,05 m in height in an area measuring 2,700 m². “With our new fully automated crane store, we can load approx. five trucks per hour. Compared to a manually controlled store, we have cut loading times by some 30 per cent”, explains Dr. Thomas Welt, CEO of Laakirchen Papier AG. The Demag warehouse management system also contributes significantly towards system performance. “The software can flexibly assign the travel areas to both of the cranes, optimises utilisation of the storage locations and prepares any scheduled retrieval operations”, explains Gerhard Lange, Demag Senior Project Manager Process Cranes for the paper industry. The two process cranes utilise benefits for handling rolls and for power consumption: electric power generated during the lowering and braking operations is fed back into the power supply by power recovery units. In this way, the company’s energy footprint is further improved. Co-operation going forward The investments in the paper machines and cranes have paid off for the customer. During a visit to the site, work on a third area of the paper roll shipping store was well underway. The additional capacity is also urgently needed because the operating speeds of PM 10 and PM 11 are to be gradually increased to 1,600 and 1,800 m/min, respectively. Since both process cranes were specified for future requirements, the additional loads will be no problem for the installations. WB Photos: Demag, f+h ROBA ® -brake-checker: Intelligent safety Permanent brake monitoring of switching condition, temperature and wear ON / OFF ON / OFF WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2020 17


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