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Solutions for wheel loaders that improve machine and operator performance MOTION AND DRIVES A market leader like Danfoss, is collaborating with OEMs of wheel loaders and other heavy construction equipment manufacturers to understand the unique challenges that end-users of each OEM face. This collaboration is focused on developing customized and complete solutions at company’s Application Development Centers with an aim to increase efficiency, operability and comfort, while lowering the downtime and total cost of ownership. Danfoss Power Solutions, a global provider of mobile hydraulics for the construction, agriculture and other off-highway vehicle markets, is proud to offer differentiating wheel loader solutions and sub-systems, which are tested and proven at the company’s global application development centers (ADCs). At the ADCs, the wheel loader propel, steering, fan drive and work function solutions undergo real-world conditions and are tested to prove the increase in systems efficiency, machine productivity, operators comfort while lowering the machine cycle times and total cost of ownership. Danfoss has its team of experts in place to assist OEMs introducing their wheel loaders to market quickly. In today’s competitive market, wheel loader OEMs are looking for ways to optimize profitability and increase market share through differentiation. They aim to shorten time to market and optimize engineering efforts — all while meeting rigorous safety standards. Working in collaboration with expert engineers from Danfoss, makes achieving these goals for wheel loader OEMs easier. For manufacturers of wheel loader solutions and sub-systems, Danfoss proves to be the best possible partner as it offers products and complete solutions designed to address the needs of the wheel loader application and duty cycles. Improving machine performance and reducing operator stress End users of equipment’s like wheel loaders have different demands depending on their geography, terrain and purpose of application. So, OEMs of wheel loaders and other similar construction machinery are faced with considerable options and strategies to enhance their machines to meet the varying demands. Working in collaboration with team of Danfoss experts, OEMs can develop a customized and complete wheel loader solution that addresses their unique challenges. Danfoss’s portfolio of sub-systems and products encompasses all aspects of machine performance - such as steering systems, telematics, worke function systems, transmissions and thermal management. In one example, optimized joystick steering solutions have shown reduction in operator muscle activity by 65 % combined with an increase machine productivity by 6 % compared to conventional steering. In yet another example, Danfoss’ refined driving modes can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15 % for hydrostatic transmissions, while maintaining productivity levels and improving operator comfort. The state of the art wheel loader technology, designed and delivered by Danfoss, enables OEMs to differentiate more quickly and attain market share. One of the important differentiators in today’s scenario is an electric or hybrid power solution. As a leader in the mobile electrification trend, Danfoss assists integration of electric or hybrid drivelines in wheel loaders. This allows better power distribution management to the transmission and thermal management system, while also saving fuel and reducing emissions. Photograph: Danfoss Power Solutions 34 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 7/2018

Rheintacho offers four speed sensor series for mobile electric drives What parameters are end-users looking for when considering speed detection inside electric drives ? High IP-rating, zero-Hzcapability, different connectors, and high temperature resistance – Rheintacho’s speed sensor series FQ, FP, FM and FK answers the above questions with ease. All models of the sensor family are equipped with a proven differential-hall technology for safe and reliable detection of rotational speed even in critical electrical and magnetic environmental conditions. The 2-channel design allows not only detection of rotational speed but also the direction of rotation. Especially in the price-sensitive market of electric drives, users can choose Rheintacho sensors matching their needs regarding required signals, necessary protection class for specific applications, interface via cable, and connector integrated into the sensor body. The sensors can be used in a wide range of temperatures up to + 140 °C, due to the housings made of high-quality plastic. Since more than a decade, the Freiburg–based specialists are supplying speed sensors for electric drive systems in various applications like material handling, indoor-vehicles and electric fan drives. Selecting the right process valve quickly and easily with Festo’s configurator Selecting the ideal process valve from a vast variety of options can be a tedious task. Festo’s process valve configurator makes selection process extremely simple. Just by selecting a few parameters, the configurator immediately suggests appropriate combinations, making engineering and procurement processes fast, reliable and easy. This tool takes in all relevant factors into account: from initial product search, configuration, sizing and documentation right through to ordering and delivery of the ready-to-install process valve unit – including customerspecific requests. The components are tailored and ready-to-install, and are perfectly matched: butterfly valves, quarter turn actuators, pilot valves, sensor boxes, positioners, adapter kits and hand levers. Whatever you are looking for, whether it is the ease of manually actuated combinations, a unit with pilot valves and a sensor box, or a unit with a positioner, you simply choose the required parameters in the input menu and the configurator suggests the right solutions. With this configurator, Festo is driving digitalisation and supporting its customers to enter the age of Industry 4.0. Maxon’s brushless flat motor for high torque Manufacturer of high precision drive system, Maxon motors has developed a new brushless EC 90 flat motor which features maximum torque in a compact design. The EC 90 flat has a diameter of 90 mm and is available in two versions, with 160 or 260 W. In the 260 W version, the motor delivers an impressive continuous torque of up to 1 Nm, which makes it the most powerful among all other drives. Its characteristics make the 260 W version of the EC 90 an interesting choice for direct drives, i.e. without a gear unit. Possible applications include wheel drives, logistics systems and pumps etc. In combination with the ‘mile’ encoder, this brushless DC motor is ideal for positioning tasks. The Swiss based company also offers cable versions of the new EC 90 flat models and the smaller EC 45 flat motors. By default, the cables are attached to the motor and come with a connector. © KUKA KA Roboter GmbH Brake technology 4.0 for maximum demands ROBA ® -servostop —compact, high performance-density safety brake for robot joints your reliable partner MAYR_EN.indd 1 27.08.2018 17:35:16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 7/2018 35


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