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Transnorm continues its

Transnorm continues its dynamic Intralogistics Innovations into China LOGISTICS China’s e-commerce market continues to see high double-digit growth year on year. Home to in excess of 750 million internet users, it accounts for 40% of global retail e-commerce – more online shoppers than any other nation. Online sales in B2C have already surpassed sales of 0,000b per year and projected to exceed trillion per year by 2022. The term ‘New Retail’ coined by Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma sums up the convenience compared to shopping in polluted, congested urban areas plays into the Chinese propensity for digital-centric online services. Large E-tailers key in on heightened consumer enthusiasm around popular shopping holidays – Singles’ Day, similar to the western world’s Black Friday occurs yearly on November 11th. Enticing the growing number of consumers with high disposable income (up 7.5% year-on-year) and those with high consumer consumption is vital – itself growing at a disproportionately larger rate than the any other country globally including the US. Transnorm continues to invest time and resources into developing its presence within the Chinese market, bringing with it the refined engineering synonymous with a blue-chip German company. Already well established in the Airport industry across China and worldwide – it has delivered baggage handlings modules to over 300 airports 01 Especially in small and medium parcel distribution centers, the scalable and adaptable modular sorting solution “TSM” supports the demand for greater automation 20 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 7/2018

across the globe. Specific to the region, this includes recent installations at both the Shanghai Pudong International Airport project in 2017 and since, nearly 1,000 modules for the new Beijing Daxing International Airport due to open in October 2019. Presence at Cemat Asia 13 As a reliable partner for system integrators and end users and celebrating a 50 year anniversary in 2019, Transnorm also delivers modules and solutions predominantly in the Parcel, Intralogistics and e-commerce sectors – increasingly a huge focus in China. This makes Cemat Asia at Shanghai’s New International Expo Centre from 6th – 9th November the perfect platform to inform about the “Global Excellence for Intralogistics” product portfolio specifically optimized to excel under the challenges facing businesses across booming China. Over the past few years, the company has continued to push the envelope with its game changing innovations, designing modular solutions to overcome problematic issues across the Parcel and Intralogistics/e-commerce sectors, specifically to increase automation. Sorting Modules 02 Transnorm Belt Curve is an industry-leading Technology common in Parcel and Airport Firstly, Transnorm Sorting Modules (TSM) which has already popular amongst smaller posts and express mail sites. The inception came after it became more and more apparent that the demand in the Parcel sector was for agile modules working seamless in-unison to deliver high performance, reliable solutions fulfilling conveying and sortation requirements. Designed independently of one another to perform a specific function, the modular components which combine to make up the TSM now encompass each process required at smaller Posts or express sites. Often times there is either a shortage of space or cost disparity to position a sorter on site, yet there is still a necessity to sort a high throughput volume – this is the gap in the market where the TSM excels. The ability to duplicate layouts and incorporate solutions as opposed to stand alone modules takes advantage of homogeneity in technologies used and a simplified maintenance schedule results in the longest lifespan in the industry. Furthermore, space optimization and adaptable layouts within existing sites, expansions and new builds mean that Transnorm has scope to impact the market more prominently than ever. Agile high performance modules are designed to work in harmony providing reliable solutions to fulfil the functions of unloading, conveying, timing aligning, sorting and loading – facilitating the sortation of 6,000 pph. To handle the increased demand and hit lofty benchmarks for performance, a combination of belt straights and belt curve conveyors perform at high speeds, providing quiet (max 67 - 72db), reliable operation. These transport functions lead into a series of timing conveyors which ensure there are sufficient gaps between goods before they enter the identification point. Transnorm timing technology achieves a zero performance loss thanks to an ideal ratio between the length and width of the conveyor. Strip-belt & full-belt merges optimal serve angles of 30°, 45° and 60° of Transnorm’s SmartSort LineSplitter – the standardized bestin-class diverter solution offering the most efficient material flow. This implementation yields gentle product handling and considerably reduced distances between the individual parcels are possible as a result of the extremely low line switching times. The broad spectrum of goods conveyed is reliably handled with capacity and speed fully adjustable to support changing shift patterns. Completing the process, robust outbound handling whether that be a gravity conveyor for pickup and dispatch zones or a Sovex Telescopic Boom Conveyor, the technical know-how of the Transnorm Group lends itself to high levels of energy efficiency, underpinned by standardized, economic design principles across the board. Transnorm Singulation Concept Transnorm Singulation Concept (TSC) is another successful initiative has been adopted by Deutsche Post DHL contributing to achieving ambitious infrastructure goals with the genesis project installed at a large facility with a further scheduled to go-live before Q4, 2019. A future-proof smart solution, TSC handles the rise in parcel throughput volumes and demand for increased automation. Bulk unloading and speedy sortation is key to shorten the time spent by parcels in the hub whilst maximizing the sortation capacity to increase efficiencies. This modular and scalable solution is simple to integrate and represents the future standard in Parcel handling. Capable of bulk handling over 95% coverage of the parcel load spectrum, spanning from small envelopes up to heavy duty parcels it was born out from the clear inefficiencies in manually unloading parcels piece by piece from trailers in high volumes. Automated separation into single file follows, boosting automation now sought by major Post & Parcel players. No complex software or controls are required in order to optimally operate the individual TSC modules resulting in a smart combination solution made up of proven, standardized modules. TSC then also covers timing, alignment, merging, sorting and linesplitting functions. These modules are scalable and standardized to work seamlessly in unison – making a real-world difference in terms of productivity and efficiency. Photographs: Transnorm WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 7/2018 21


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