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Shenzhen: the engine of

Shenzhen: the engine of the pearl river delta NEWS AND MARKETS With its high-end manufacturing capabilities and high-tech, high value added production, Shenzhen is the engine that powers the development of South China region. As one of the influential events in South China, the Integrated Automation, Motion and Drives (IAMD) 2018 show provides a great atmosphere for international trade and business. Author: Sushen Doshi, International Correspondent for World of Industries The city of Shenzhen in South China has marked an economic milestone, surpassing the 2 trillion yuan GDP mark with more than 8 % growth in 2017. In nominal terms, Shenzhen has doubled its economic output in just six years – the city’s nominal GDP was 1.1 trillion yuan in 2011. Over 40 % of the output came from manufacturing and innovative businesses related to internet of things, biotech and telecom. The city, which is roughly the same economic size as Singapore and Hong Kong, recorded nominal output of 2.2 trillion yuan or $ 338 billion in 2017 thanks to its booming hi-tech sector. Hong Kong’s GDP was $ 320 billion in 2016 and was estimated to rise 3.5 % in 2017, while Singapore’s economy was valued at $ 300 billion in 2016 with growth estimates around 2.5 % in 2017. Together Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, have a combined economic size of about $ 1 trillion, forming the backbone of an envisioned ‘Greater Bay Area’ meant to lead China’s national economy to the next stage of development. Starting as a small fishing village in 1980 with a population of 30,000, Shenzhen has grown from a manufacturing power house into a hi-tech hub. Home to more than 14 million people and attracting a mix of businesses, investors and migrant workers to its gates. Today, Shenzhen’s entrepreneurs no longer think about manufacturing cheap items. Instead, the focus is on bringing new and unique products to the global market, which is helping China’s manufacturing sector transform into a global leader in innovative technologies. According to Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, more than 4.1 % of Shenzhen’s GDP went into research and development in 2017 – the highest for any Chinese city – and that level was expected to rise to 4.25 % by 2020. Shenzhen is becoming an example and putting pressure on other cities in the region to go hi-tech. Looking at Shenzhen’s growth, even decision makers in Hong Kong have decided that Hong Kong would double its R&D expenditure in the next five years to encourage innovation. Among Shenzhen’s lo- 10 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2018

the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Israel, Britain, Taiwan and China. With a display area of 30,000 m 2 , the exhibition will showcase latest technologies in industrial robotics, control systems, machine vision and mechanical transmission technology. In 2017, the IAMD Shenzhen witnessed approximately 35,000 visitors and a great atmosphere for trade and business, proving the powerful appeal and great influence of IAMD Shenzhen in South China’s market. Based on it’s strong industrial background, South China is emerging as a core of robotics industry. In 2017 edition of the IAMD Shenzhen show, leading companies in the field of robotics like Yaskawa-Midea, IAI, Youngsun, GSK, QKM, I-Robo, Huachuang, Han’s motion, and Kent made their presence felt. Apart from the participation of industrial pioneers, IAMD Shenzhen also witnessed for the first time 4 delegations including Hong Kong Automation Technology Council, Taiwan Electrical & Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, Guangdong Robot Professional Committee and German Pavilion. Affiliated to Federation of Hong Kong Industries, the Hong Kong Pavilion covered a display area of 435 m 2 , and showcased nearly 20 distinctive automation manufacturing equipment and systems, so as to present the strength of Hong Kong’s advanced technology and quality products. Product Category at IAMD Shenzhen cal authorities, technology, instead of labor-intensive production or fixed-asset investment, was seen as the best new engine to boost local economic growth. “Designed in China” Shenzhen’s manufacturing sector is not satisfied to be just the manufacturing base of the world, it has it’s sights set on becoming a world leader in hi-tech innovation, and move from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”. The city is home to large high-tech companies, such as telecoms firm Huawei, smartphone maker ZTE and internet giant Tencent, as well as boasting the world’s largest drone manufacturer DJI and the robot kit maker Makeblock. And it is now attracting an increasing number of startups, thanks in part to accelerators such as ‘Haxlr8r’ and ‘Brinc’, which aim not only to bring ground-breaking technologies to the market, but also to disrupt the way products are designed. Not so long ago, if one wanted to have the most innovative technology, one would go to Silicon Valley for electronics, but today, it’s Shenzhen. IAMD Shenzhen 2018 As one of the fastest growing regions in the global manufacturing industry, South China has been constantly upgrading and transforming for the last few years, and Shenzhen is at the forefront of this transformation. As one of the key influencers and technology trend setters in South China, Integrated Automation, Motion and Drives (IAMD) 2018, previously known as Industrial Automation Shenzhen (IA Shenzhen) begins on 27 th June 2018. This three day event will be hosted at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, and will attract more than 500 top-notch enterprises from all over the industrialized world including Germany, South Korea, Organized by the Deutsche Messe AG, Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai and Automation Society of Guangdong Province, IAMD Shenzhen 2018 has a synergy effect and vigorously promotes the industrial development in Southern China. The trade fair has on display advanced technologies, latest products and systems in the following product categories; Industrial Robotics: Industrial robots and parts, painting robots, palletizing robots, assembly robots, handling robots, welding robots, rectangular co-ordinate robots, robot integrated application and solutions, CNC Systems etc Intelligent Control System: Control Systems, PLC, Scada, sensors and actuators, communication network and field bus control systems, data acquisition and identification system, assembly and handling systems, linear positioning system and various process and production automation systems. Electrical systems: Servo motors, frequency converters, connectors, HMIs, chassis and cabinets, electrical power supply and distribution units, wire and cable accessories, electrical and opto-electronic components, electronic & power test and inspection equipment. Machine vision: Smart cameras, industrial lens, interface cards, machine vision accessories, light sources, image processing systems, machine vision integration systems. Mechanical power transmission system: After it’s stunning debut at the IA Shenzhen 2017, the Motion and Drives segment will feature again in Shenzhen this year. At the Motion and Drives segment, exhibitors display the latest technologies that are designed to meet even the most demanding manufacturing needs. The product category in this sector includes: Drives and mechanical transmission systems likes linear motion systems, gears, chain and belt transmissions, brakes, springs, couplings and bearings. It also includes a wide range of fluid technology products especially in oil and water hydraulics, pneumatics, seals, lubricants and lubrication systems. Non-standard automation equipments like automatic packaging machine, automatic labeling machine, laser marking machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic winding machine, all kinds of automatic production lines, electronic components and auxiliary equipment, training and consulting. Photographs: Lead Photo Fotolia WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2018 11


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