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Paper production 4.0

Paper production 4.0 Papierfabrik August Koehler is well on the way to becoming a digital enterprise. So it opted to use Siemens solutions to implement an ingenious security concept and provide a technology package for its new packaging line. The emphasis is on greater efficiency and sustainability. 01 Koehler intends with a new paper machine to offer alternative packaging systems using renewable raw materials AUTOMATION The journey of Paper maker Papierfabrik August Koehler SE (Koehler) towards digital transformation has been supported by Siemens security concepts for the comprehensive protection of its plants and systems. Koehler has now also invested in the launch of a new “Flexible Packaging” business division which will focus on the production of paper-based, flexible and environmentallyfriendly packaging solutions. Koehler decided to bring Siemens on board again to provide the power supply, drive and process control technology for its new venture. The modern solutions used have enabled the efficient, future-proof operation of a total of four paper machines and three coaters at Koehler’s mill. As part of a series of security measures, Siemens initially drew up a concrete analysis of the current situation as the basis for a security concept designed to improve the mill’s overall security level. This provided Koehler with a clear, impartial and comprehensive picture of its digitalization and security status maturity level. The experts from Siemens then visited the site to assist Koehler with uninterrupted cyber security implementation. The solutions implemented encompassed expansion and segmentation of the company’s networks, alongside perimeter protection of its paper mills including automation firewalls as well as the implementation of malware protection to different systems. Sustainable packaging One aspect of Koehler’s new “Flexible Packaging” business division is a project by the name of “Green+”, which places the focus firmly on sustainability and waste prevention. With its Flex Pack portfolio, Koehler intends to offer alternative packaging systems using renewable raw materials. Integral to the project are a new paper machine with Yankee cylinder for packaging production, and an offline coater for further processing. The production capacity is planned to reach around 100,000 tons a year. Comprehensive solution The power supply to the machine is provided by 53-panel NXAir and 24-panel Sivacon S8 systems. The medium-voltage system is equipped with 800A and 1250A Sion circuit breakers and configured with a 2500A (ampere) busbar trunking system, providing a rated short-time withstand current of 25 kiloamperes per second. The machine is protected by devices from the Siprotec 5 series. The paper machine and offline coater and the two-drum winder involve extensive drive technology: A total of 67 drives for the paper machine with a total output of 8.8 megawatts, 162 drives for the coating machine with 5.5 megawatts, and seven drives for the slitter winder with 0.3 megawatts were installed from the Sinamics and Simotics portfolio. The Simatic PCS 7 with Sivaas visualization system is used for process control, and the total engineering scope encompasses around 5,000 process circuits. With the assurance of an ingeniously devised security concept and state-of-the-art power supply, drive and control technology, Koehler is ideally fixed to pursue its course towards Industrie 4.0 and to achieve sustainable, resource-saving manufacture of its packaging products. Photographs: teaser fotolia/ 01 Papierfabrik August Koehler 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 3/2019

MSR175 data loggers record physical parameters background: fotolia The issue transportation monitoring of all types of goods can be solved by small, electronic MSR175 data loggers, which accompany the cargo during transport and accurately record varying parameters that contribute to a damage event for later analysis. All of which is installed in a waterproof plastic case and can be reused many times over. These compact MSR175 data loggers are barely the size of a thumb and are manufactured by Swiss MSR Electronics GmbH. In order to record events causing damage, they feature high-performance sensors combined with sophisticated storage and evaluation electronics. Their data provide the necessary facts to verify the perpetrators of damage or to further optimise transport packaging. Regarding the technology: The two 3-axis acceleration sensors (±15 g and ±100 g) inte-grated in the MSR175 data logger record critical events, such as shocks and knocks, at a measurement frequency of up to 6,400 measurements/s. Frequency converters with new power ranges Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its portfolio of frequency converters to include devices with additional voltage and power ranges. All of the new devices are equipped with an Ethernet-on-Board card. While the FR-A800 model with four load characteristics is designed for heavy duty operations, the FR-F800 is aimed at applications for fans and pumps. The manufacturer now also offers compact devices up to 630 kW in the 800 series. At higher voltages, these units can operate with lower currents so that smaller cable cross sections can be used. A liquid cooled series for harsh operating conditions is now also available – the FR-A800-LC series. The FR-A800 Plus series provides special devices for crane and wrapping applications. The crane version also suppresses load vibrations and detects if the motor is slipping, for example. The roll-to-roll variant has a voltage monitor that adjusts any mechanical losses caused as a result of friction. DER ANTRIEB Reliable. Versatile. Global. NORD 4.0 READY! THE GEAR UNIT Strong bearings Quiet running THE MOTOR High efficiency Global standards Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG | Fon +49 4532 289-0 | THE DRIVE ELECTRONIC Field distribution system Easy implementation WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 3/2019 17


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