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NEWS AND MARKETS protection devices, circuit breakers, monitoring and protection equipment, power back-up and supply systems, safety devices and systems; HMI devices like display monitors and screens, control panels, industrial communication products like fieldbus and ethernet systems, and wireless communication systems. With increasing levels of integration between automation and motion drives, the demand for software products is also on the rise, IAMD Beijing showcases software for industrial applications like project planning, plant administration, integrated management and production planning, ERP, software for control technology and programming, cloud computing applications and cyber security for automation and automated plants. Apart from exhibitors showcasing their products, IAMD Beijing also hosts a series of conferences and discussions on the burning issues of the region’s industrial landscape. In the past few years, the introduction of Application Park has been very well received by visitors as well as exhibitors. In 2018, Application Park covered four hot topics including intelligent manufacturing, intelligent automobile manufacturing, intelligent packaging and intelligent agriculture equipment manufacturing. Here exhibitors delivered presentations about their real world solutions in related industries, discussed intelligent production systems and helped manufacturers to find ways to upgrade from equipment suppliers to total intelligent solution providers. In comparison to the size of industrial activity in the Northern China region, IAMD Beijing has immense scope to broaden its reach, engage with a much higher number exhibitors and visitors and deliver more business for all participants. With every passing year, one can also witness the improving level of sophistication of exhibited products and technologies. Slowly but surely, IAMD Beijing is establishing itself as an influential international trade event in Northern China. The story of Shenzhen Exactly after 45 days of completing the trade fair in Beijing, Hannover Messe’s global brand wagon now arrives in Shenzhen. Regarded as the Silicon Valley of China, the city of Shenzhen is strategically the perfect place to host the next Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives event. As one travels from North to South China, the difference in industrial landscape becomes quite evident. Shenzhen and South China in general has much more advanced factories as compared to North. The region is one of the most densely populated industrial belt in the world, with cities like Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Jiangmen, Foshan, Dongguan, Guangzhou representing industry sectors like IT, manufacturing of electronics and electrical equipment and components, biotechnology, petrochemicals, industrial machinery and its components, automotive industrial machinery and automobile manufacturing itself. If put together, the GDP of the region is more than $ 1.2 trillion. Two things have helped Shenzhen in its meteoric rise; first is the size and scale of goods and skills available. With huge electronics market where traders sell pretty much every component needed to make the world’s gadgets, including circuit boards, LEDs, microchips and crystal oscillators. The second is its attitude to design. The world’s largest manufacturing hub attracts enormous amounts of freelance mechanical and electrical engineers. And the lack of intellectual property rights makes all design open source, leading to collaboration rather than the traditional model of closely-guarded prototypes. In recent years, Shenzhen has been continuously improving its policy supporting system, strengthening support for strategic emerging industries and future industries and striding towards the development of high-end manufacturing industries including robots, precision manufacturing equipment, digital network equipment, new components and parts. IAMD Shenzhen 2019: empowering intelligent manufacturing in southern China As the top industrial automation show in Southern China – Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives Shenzhen 2019 (IAMD Shenzhen) has been a great success year after year. This three day event organized by Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai Ltd., is set to begin from 26 th - 28 th June at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. With a total display area of more than 33,000 m 2 , the show attracts more than 500 internationally renowned brands and companies from 13 countries that display latest and cutting-edge solutions in six different sectors of smart manufacturing, industrial robotics, intelligent control system, mechanical transmission system, machine vision and industry 4.0 related products and technologies. In 2018, the show welcomed more than 150 buyer delegations and various industry associations along with 35,000 visitors. With the introduction and development of “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0”, the demand for a common platform that can bring a wide variety of latest technologies and innovative com panies under roof has grown immensely. At such events, all the relevant stakeholders, including 10 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 3/2019

machine and component manufacturers, technical experts, academicians, customers, purchasing managers and decision makers come together to discuss and debate on issues and find out solutions, and chart the way forward for their respective organizations. The pace of transformation of China’s industrial economy is rapidly accelerating and South China is leading the way. Located in the core of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, IAMD Shenzhen can create countless opportunities for companies proactive in the region. Product categories at Shenzhen The robotics segment will have companies displaying their latest products and achievements in industrial robots and components, painting robots, palletizing robots, assembly robots, handling robots, welding robots, various integrated robotic applications and solutions, CNC Systems etc. Control technology segment will host a wide variety of essential automation products like PLC, scada, sensors, actuators, servo motors, frequency inverters, connectors, HMIs, embedded industrial power supply systems, electrical equipment and power transmission systems, wires and cable accessories, process and energy automation systems etc. Mechanical and fluid power transmission systems like hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing technology; gears, chains, belt transmission, bearings, couplings, linear motion technology. For companies to achieve intelligent manufacturing, a strong machine vision system is undoubtedly essential. Every year the number of exhibitors in the machine vision segment is increasing as companies exhibit their applications for various end user industries like lithium batteries, consumer electronics, semiconductors and electronics, solar energy, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, robotics, auto, printing and transport etc. Machine vision products like smart camera, industrial lens, interface card, light source, image processing system, image integration systems, etc. will be showcased at the fair halls in Shenzhen. And the most exciting segment of all, which has been generating immense interest from the world of industries is the “Industrial Internet of Things” segment. Products ranging from latest industrial communication, network, fieldbus and Ethernet systems, big data and cloud computing systems, cyber security and automation software, industrial PCs, automated assembly and handling systems, linear positioning systems etc. Photographs: Fotolia INFO: VDW – Generalkommissariat EMO Hannover 2019 Verein Deutscher Werkzeugmaschinenfabriken e.V. Corneliusstraße 4 · 60325 Frankfurt am Main · GERMANY Tel.: +49 69 756081-0 · Fax: +49 69 756081-74 · VDW.indd 19xxx_World 1 of industries_185x130_gb.indd 1 26.02.2019 25.02.19 12:11:03 14:06 WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 3/2019 11


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