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PRODUCTS New e-chain cables for the seventh axis on robots To use industrial robots efficiently in large production plants, they often need to move in a straight line on a seventh axis. It is important to ensure safe energy supply along the axis from the switch cabinet to the robot. For this purpose, igus has now further expanded its range of e-chain cables for robots with two PUR hybrid cables - CFSpecial.792.015 and CFSpecial.792.016. The new chainflex cables are highly flexible and designed for use on Fanuc robots. The new chainflex special cables for are shielded and have an abrasionresistant PUR outer jacket. The cables are very impact-resistant, flame-retardant and halogen-free. The special cables are also resistant to oil and coolant, as well as to hydrolysis and microbes. Like all igus cables, these chainflex cables were also tested under real environmental conditions. Therefore, igus is the only provider on the market that can promise a guarantee of 36 months on its cables. Non-contact color measurement of liquid paint Measuring the color of liquid paint is extremely difficult for paint and color manufacturers. To date, paints have been typically applied on a test area first and then measured only after the drying process. If the measurement results are outside the tolerances, the paint containers must be mixed again or even disposed. Micro- Epsilon has developed a system that enables the measurement of liquid paint during the production process. This new system solution involving the colorControl ACS7000 inline color measurement system and the optoNCDT 1420-50 laser triangulation sensor enables real-time, high precision color determination directly in the production process at the paint manufacturer. Compact spot finder IR camera The Xi series is a fusion between a robust, compact pyrometer and an advanced IR camera. The integrated spot finder function enables accurate temperature measurements in moving objects without having to readjust the sensor. Sensor adjustment takes place autonomously, i.e. without having to establish a connection with a PC. In addition to a direct 0/4-20 mA analog output, the devices also offer users digital interfaces such as Ethernet or RS485. An external processing interface permits the further processing of up to 9 freely definable analog outputs, making it ideal for OEM applications. Platform for engineering of automation applications With PC Worx Engineer, Phoenix Contact is giving you the option of a cost-free engineering platform all tasks related to configuration, programming, diagnostics, and visualization of automation applications. The deep integration of the individual elements offers users some critical advantages. The software design supports intuitive user guidance thanks to its simple, structured interface. Context-sensitive menus and uncluttered, clearly structured interfaces set the PC Worx Engineer user interface apart. Users see only the functions and actions they need for the tasks at hand. Additional functions, such as safety-related or visualization components, can be easily incorporated into the software as add-ins. This enables you to quickly generate your own customized version of PC Worx Engineer. Users pay only for the function add-ins they actually need for their automation solution. 30 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2/2018

IP67 I/O Module connects serial interfaces directly in the field Turck is adding a variant for serial interfaces to its range of TBEN-S ultracompact module series. The TBEN-S-2COM connects devices with an RS232 or RS485 interface directly in the field to controllers with the Profinet, Ethernet/IP or Modbus TCP protocols. This saves users from having to run long wiring routes to the control cabinet. The user can choose between RS232 and RS485, as required for the characterisics of the two serial ports. The module also offers four I/Os that can be used as inputs or outputs without any configuration. Use in very demanding environments is possible thanks to the high degree of protection to IP 65, IP 67 to IP69K, as well as the extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. A client function for Modbus RTU comes already integrated in the I/O module. This eliminates the need on the TBEN-S-2COM to program separate accesses to Modbus in the controller environment. Up to 64 Modbus RTU devices can be connected to the network per module. Secure communication with Powerlink and OPC UA An OPC UA companion specification is now available for Powerlink according to a joint announcement by the OPC Foundation and the Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG). The companion specification describes how payload data is exchanged between Powerlink and any OPC UA platform. The result is integrated communication from the sensor to the cloud – without any interfaces whatsoever. “Powerlink is among the leading real-time bus systems used in plants and machinery. Together with OPC UA, Powerlink networks can now communicate seamlessly and securely with the IT environment and into the cloud,” emphasized Thomas Burke (left), President of the OPC Foundation. “This specification allows OPC UA and Powerlink to fuse into a single network,” added Stefan Schönegger, managing director of EPSG. “We’re then able to join devices from different manufacturers and across different levels of the automation pyramid into a single, cohesive system.” A duo revolutionising measurement technology Loggito is a new decentralised and highly scalable data acquisition system. In combination with the web-based measurement technology software ProfiSignal Web, Delphin Technology, provide a pioneering complete package to link decentralised data acquisition with global data visualisation wherever you are. As the central coordinator of a measurement network, the Loggito Logger provides internal data storage capabilities, preprocessing options for the acquired data, as well as connectivity to PCs and the cloud. With the pioneering “cloud at the edge” measurement technology, the Loggito is also capable of utilising the full functionality of the cloud. The measurement network can be extended by using either the wired Loggito USB module or the wireless Loggito Wireless module. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2/2018 31


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