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impressions NEWS AND MARKETS and electronic test and measuring equipment, cables and cabling accessories, electronic and opto-electronic components. In the field of robotics the visitors can see industrial as well as mobile robots, driverless transport systems, programming and engineering services for robotics. IAMD also has on display products and systems from the field of hydraulics and pneumatics like hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, gear pumps, hydraulic variable speed drive units, control valves, pipes, hoses and connectors, filters for hydraulic and oil lubrication systems, pneumatic actuator drives, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing devices, products and systems for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. The Digital Factory is a unique trade fair for industrial IT solutions and integrated processes. The exhibitors at Digital Factory present a full array of solutions for tomorrow’s smart factories – for example, data management software, advanced simulation systems, industrial automation software directly used in manufacturing set ups and the required IT hardware, industrial image processing systems, operating systems for industrial IT, software for application development in CNC controls, PLC, HMI, robotics and artificial intelligence systems, virtual reality systems for industrial applications, industrial cloud services for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, software solutions for product life cycle management, business intelligence and analytics, ERP, MES, raw materials and production planning. Integrated energy The global energy equation of the future will have more challenges as more and more electric drives and different kinds of machines are joining the grid with even higher power requirements than before. Today, the need of the hour is not just utilizing the energy resources efficiently, but also sensibly connecting the renewable energy production and storage system to form an integrated energy system. The strong growth in renewable energy generation frequently leads to overproduction and has a major impact on the grid and the energy system as a whole. This requires a rethinking of how we generate and above all store energy. Smart grids ensure the efficient coordination of production, storage, grid management and consumption so that suppliers can maintain a smooth system. New measurement, control and regulation technologies need to be introduced into the conventional grid to make this possible. One of the biggest task when it comes to creating an integrated energy system is how to amend the existing energy infrastructure. Exhibitors and participants at Hannover Messe make honest efforts to create solutions to these key issues. Hannover Messe 2018, features the Energy show, a trade show for integrated energy systems and e-mobility. This show has on display latest technologies in energy generation and distribution systems, heat management for office and production buildings, virtual power plants, load management and energy intelligence software, energy data management and optimization systems, electrical energy conversion and storage systems like transformers, accumulators, chargers, UPS, hydrogen and fuel cells etc. The e-mobility sector is also featured prominently at Hannover Messe with spotlight on electric transport vehicles for goods and passengers, infrastructure solutions for e-mobility like charging stations, cables and replaceable battery systems etc. Rise of predictive maintenance and cobots Understanding the health of your machines and its components and eventually repairing them before even they break down – that is what integrated machine monitoring and predictive maintenance is about. It enables permanent monitoring of components inside the machine – using sensors that measure parameters like vibration, pressure and temperature for example. Specialized maintenance software collects this sensor data, evaluates it and recognizes in advance when a component will fail. The key advantage of predictive maintenance is minimal breakdown time, saves energy and reduces maintenance costs. Development in robotics has always been one of the favorite topics at Hannover. In the previous editions of Hannover Messe, the world of industries has witnessed the rise of new generation of ro- 18 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2/2018

ots, called ‘Cobots’ or Collaborative robots. Using sensor technology, these cobots observe the movements and position of persons - making them safe enough to assist workers directly with their work without exposing the humans to the risk of injury. Cobots are extremely light in weight, flexible, easy to program and move. These topic have been gaining a lot of importance in recent years, and now are one of the key focus areas of Hannover Messe’s Industry 4.0 exhibits. CeMAT: the world’s most significant trade fair for the logistics and supply chain industry Digialization is radically changing the production processes and at the same time the logistics and supply chains are becoming increasingly integrated. With warehouse management systems, intelligent containers and automated transport systems, logistics is increasingly facilitating smart production. True to its keynote theme “Connected Supply Chain Solutions”, the trade show CeMAT, will drive the global intralogistics sector forward, towards the digital integration and networking of supply chains. Decision makers at most of the companies are wondering how to implement logistics 4.0 in their business operations. CeMAT offers solutions to all that they are looking for. The product category at CeMAT includes a wide range of products and technologies like: complete conveyor belt systems, monorail conveyors, mechanical material handling systems, cranes, driverless off-track and rail dependent transport systems, industrial trucks, forklifts, hoists, platform lifts, winches, port handling equipment etc. Warehousing and shelving systems, robotic handling systems, industrial doors & gates, loading and transfer bridges, loading ramps, loading systems for bulk goods, pallets, bins and containers etc. Pick and pack systems like labelling and identification, packaging and order picking systems, packaging materials, scales, measuring and dosing devices etc. Logistics IT solutions like application software for intra-logistics, transportation logistics, computer systems and controls for intra-logistics, identification technology, auto-ID systems, intra-logistics sensors etc. Conferences and events A strong line up of conferences and events hosted at Hannover Messe offer the visitors a chance to learn more and interact with industry professionals, experts and academicians. Topics of these ‘indemand’ seminars and conferences include the additive manufacturing symposium, the CAE forum, electric transportation systems forum, automation forum, the power transmission and control forum and many more. Since 2005, Hannover Messe hosts a business summit as a central platform to promote the economic relationships between Germany and the fair’s partner country, which in this year is Mexico. The Mexican-German Business summit brings together high-level decision-makers from politics and economy to discuss potential as well as present innovative projects and joint business enterprises. Thus strengthening ties between the EU and Mexico offers great opportunities for business. Photographs: Deutsche Messe AG DERANTRIEB Reliable Versatile Global NORD DRIVESYSTEMS: Worldwide available Subsidiaries in 36 countries Agents in 52 countries Please visit us! Hall 15, Stand H31 23.–27.4.2018, Hannover Please visit us! Hall 21, Stand C33 23.–27.4.2018, Hannover Headquarters: Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG Fon +49 (0) 4532 / 289-0 Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group The Gear Unit Strong bearings Quiet running High power density The Motor High efficiency Global standards All operating conditions The Drive Electronic Field distribution system Easy implementation Scalable functionalities


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