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Hannover Messe meets CeMAT NEWS AND MARKETS The concept of Industry 4.0 was first introduced in 2011 at Hannover Messe, with an aim to create a smart factory scenario, in order to take industrialization to the next level. Since then the fair grounds of Hannover Messe have been the place where all the technological developments in regards to Industry 4.0 are premiered first. Author: Sushen Doshi, International correspondent for World of Industries Broadly speaking, Industry 4.0 is nothing but the merger of operations and information technology, in short the bridging of digital and physical production systems. Although the output of any manufacturing process is a physical object, manufacturing inevitably begins with information. Throughout the process, continuous flow of data, information and actions between the physical and digital worlds takes place. This flow occurs through a series of steps, known as the physical-to-digital-to-physical (PDP) loop. To make it into a reality, Industry 4.0 combines relevant technologies that sum up it’s physical-to-digital-to-physical flow. n Physical to Digital: Sensors, augmented reality, machine vision n Digital to Digital: Cloud, simulation, data analytics, cognitive and artificial intelligence n Digital to Physical: advanced robotics, additive manufacturing Six years since the talk of Industry 4.0 began, the question is how far are we today? In other words: what are the desired and achieved technological maturity levels, and what are their benefits? In the last few years, the developments have been quite rapid and these technologies are now beginning to show initial signs of maturity. Today, companies are focusing on the lower hanging fruits of Industry 4.0 like enhancing productivity, automation and the optimization of operational processes and predictive maintenance. In the next stages, Industry 4.0 offers the more mature goals like increased flexibility, occupational safety, better utilization of energy 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2/2018

With ‘Integrated Industry – Connect & Collaborate’ as its lead theme, Hannover Messe 2018 offers guests from all around the world to experience completely new types of products and systems that are made by the increasingly connected and digitally networked industrial landscape. Visitors will get to witness first-hand the benefits of integrated industry such as enhanced productivity, increased flexibility and speed in production, improved quality, exciting new business models and newer revenue streams. The digital integration of industry and logistics is gathering pace as traditional boundaries between industries are now breaking down. This April, Hannover Messe will team up with CeMAT, the world’s largest trade show for logistics and supply chain industry to demonstrate the immense opportunities that Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 offer together. resources and increase in innovative capabilities, development of new business models and revenue sources. Role of Hannover Messe Today, most manufacturing and industrial companies are still in that stage where they are implementing Industry 4.0 but in an ad hoc and isolated manner, often there is also a lack of a bigger picture, a broader strategy. Without a full understanding of the changes and opportunities Industry 4.0 brings, companies risk losing ground. This is where Hannover Messe 2018 comes in. It brings experts, industry professionals, academicians, manufacturers and consumers all together at one place, that helps provide a bigger and complete picture of the changes to come. Over the decades, Hannover Messe, has become the world’s most influential industrial trade fair, and has been the pioneer in showcasing the industrial technologies of the near future. In April, the city of Hannover, will once again open its doors to the world of industries. The show organized by Deutsche Messe AG, runs from 23rd - 27th April in Germany. Over the last few years, the focus of this event has been digital integration of the entire industrial ecosystem. Leading innovative companies from all over the world have displayed unique products and applications in this context, but at this year’s Messe we can witness the technologies that take Industry 4.0 to the next level. Trade fair line up Hannover Messe covers a wide range of themes with its 5 international leading trade fairs, at the same time and under one roof. The topics and exhibits covered at Hannover represent the most fundamental industry sectors like - Integrated Automation Motion and Drives (IAMD), Digital Factory, Energy, Industrial Supply and Research Technology. The IAMD show is one of the world’s leading trade fair that attracts more than 2000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from around the globe. This trade show hosts a wide variety of products and technologies related to factory and process automation such as linear positioning systems, automated assembly & handling systems, control systems like PLC, Scada, automatic data capturing and identification systems, embedded systems and industrial PCs, sensors and actuators, communication network and field bus systems, measuring and test equipment. The product line up for electrical and mechanical drive components is also quite comprehensive, with German as well as international corporations displaying their products in this segment which include; mechanical power transmission systems and equipment like belt and chain drives, couplings and clutch units, various types of braking systems and accessories for brakes, entire gears units, geared motors and bearings. Electrical equipment that includes, electric switch gears, contactors and relays, electric motors, frequency drives, electric WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2/2018 17


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