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WIN Eurasia: setting the

WIN Eurasia: setting the direction for Turkey’s industrial development In 2019, more than 1300 exhibitor companies and 77,000 industry professionals from more than 100 countries visited the WIN Eurasia fair in Istanbul. This shows the growing popularity and faith that companies have in the organizers of the show. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the organizers have always delivered on the quality and quantity of display technologies, as they promised. In 2020 too, one can expect WIN Eurasia to be a huge success. NEWS AND MARKETS Between 12th and 15th March, Istanbul will host the highly esteemed international industrial trade fair WIN Eurasia. Organized by Deutsche Messe AG and Hannover Fairs Turkey, WIN Eurasia is witnessing its 27th edition. Over the last two and half decades, the show has become a successful brand in itself in the Eurasian region. Manufacturers and buyers from Asia and Europe flock together to the Tuyap Fair Convention and Congress Center in Istanbul every year to make this event an ultimate trading platform. WIN Eurasia has been experiencing a steady rise in number of visitors every year, but over the last few years especially since the onset of fourth industrial revolution, the interest from all over the world has grown rapidly. Industry 4.0, as it is called in Germany and Europe, has had an enormous impact on the minds of manufacturers and end users. Every industry sector, be it automotive, aerospace, steel, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, or electronics and telecommunication, literally every sector is working towards inculcating industry 4.0 concepts in their manufacturing setup. The possibilities and opportunities that Industry 4.0 offers are countless and impactful, and the best part is, entire industrial world has realized the potential it can unlock. Deutsche Messe AG and its subsidiaries like Hannover Fairs Turkey have been the pioneer and staunch supporters of Industry 4.0 technologies. Hannover Messe in Germany Author: Sushen Doshi, International Correspondent for World of Industries was the first trade fair where visitors first heard of the applications of industry 4.0, and were mesmerized it. Since then, industry professionals have been looking up to Hannover Fair companies to understand and witness the evolution of latest technologies. Interaction with industry professionals from multiple sectors In the initial days of the fourth industrial revolution, leading and innovative companies had on display one small application about one small process that happens on the factory floor. As visiting delegations showed more and more interests, the domino effect began. At events like WIN Eurasia, where the exhibitor companies got an opportunity to interact with industry professionals from multiple sectors and geographic locations, it helped these innovative companies to further scale up their application from one small process to multiple processes across the manufacturing eco-system. This led to further more interest from end users. With every passing year the consultation and collaboration has been growing, thus creating applications and systems that roll across all the divisions of manufacturing set up, achieving one common goal: increasing the efficiency and productivity. Realizing how this industrial revolution is breaking barriers and boundaries, and is creating synergies across all business processes, Deutsche Messe AG and its international shows also integrated all the relevant trade fairs to create one 12 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2020

common platform under one roof. Fairs such as Industrial automation, motion & drives (IAMD), hydraulic and pneumatic technologies, sheet metal working, surface technology, welding, industrial energy systems, CeMAT, ComVac, all being hosted together has created a giant and a magnificent show. Collaborations at events like these have resulted not just in the rise of new applications and technologies but also in completely new business models. The ideas that have generated out of these discussions with experts from different industry sectors have given rise to many start ups. In the digitalization segment alone, the importance of gathering, storing, transmitting, processing and analyzing the machine or process data has created more than a 1000 products. Taking it one step further, now machines don’t just gather and transmit data for analysis to a central server, they also communicate with each other and take corrective decisions on their own. Within a span of few years, we have moved from data analytics to machine to machine communication and now are heading towards artificial intelligence, and all this drastic change happened right in front of us at the fair grounds of Hannover Messe, or WIN Eurasia or anywhere for that matter. Product categories at WIN Eurasia As six trade shows come together within the scope of WIN Eurasia, the products and services on display will encompass almost all requirements of the factory floor. The Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives (IAMD) fair features the full range of drives and mechanical transmission systems like linear motion systems, gears, chain and belt transmissions, couplings, brakes and bearings. It also includes products from hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, seals, lubricants and lubrication systems. The integrated automation area also has exhibitors showcasing latest developments in the field of robotics, process and factory automation, industrial IT hardware and software, motion control and process control systems. At Industrial Energy systems Eurasia, spotlight will be on electrical power transmission and motion control equipment like electric motors and frequency inverters, cables & equipment for electric power transmission, electric and electronic test and measuring equipment, electric switchgear and equipment for power distribution, electro nic and opto-electronic components, heavy equipments like transformers and generators, grid management systems, monitoring systems, integration of decentralized generation systems etc. Like every Hannover Fairs show, a special display area will be dedicated for ‘ComVac’ i.e. the compressed air and vacuum technology products. This display shall involve a complete range of compressed air and vacuum technology, from generation and processing to compressors to management solutions. Blessed with such a strategic location as the bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has historically been a trading junction. And as Turkey’s economy grows, the share of logistics, distribution and transportation sector has also been growing. This has fueled the demand for logistics products and services. Apart from heavy investments in infrastructure, Turkey also needs the support of technological advancements in the logistics sector to improve its efficiency and reduces costs. Leading logistics service providers of the region have been attending and relying on CeMAT Eurasia show for providing latest technologies and sustainable solutions to Turkey’s logistics challenges. Exhibitors from around the world representing large multinationals as well as small enterprises showcase the latest developments in products like industrial trucks, forklifts, cranes, hoists, lifts, escalators, vertical lifting equipment, port logistics equipment, remotely operated transportation systems. The store & load segment of the CeMAT show displays modern warehousing systems and accessories, conveyor systems, robotic handling systems, loading systems for bulk goods and shelf storage systems etc. The pick & pack segment consists of labelling and identification systems, packaging materials, packaging and order picking systems for warehouse operations. Increasingly becoming a crucial part of any logistics operation is the logistics IT. In Istanbul visitors can get to know about various software for warehouse management, transportation logistics, computer systems for intralogistics, auto-ID systems, intra-logistics sensors etc. The festival called ‘4.0’ The Industry 4.0 festival area is a specially dedicated area to understand experience at first hand the game changing technologies that are on the rise. Its main themes are 5G technologies, cloud technology and industrial security, artificial intelligence, machine learning and communication (M2M), digital twin, virtual reality, augmented reality and big data management, product life cycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), data analysis, digital supply chain, and 3D printing or additive manufacturing. Visited by the CIOs and CTOs and other decision makers, this area offers the technical direction for further course of action for any organization. The industry 4.0 festival area consists of digital factory IIot area, WIN 4.0 application park, Smart manufacturing line, 5G special area and Industry 4.0 forum area. Photos: Lead Carmen Nawrath, others WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 1/2020 13


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