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Safety light grids for

Safety light grids for hygiene-sensitive sectors The Schmersal Group has developed a new product line for safety light grids and curtains eminently suitable for use in hygiene-sensitive sectors, such as the food industry, pharmaceuticals and meat and milk processing. The new product line SLC/ SLG 440 IP69K is resistant to all daily cleaning processes prevalent in such industries. Thanks to a sophisticated, detailed design, this product line achieves the protection rating IP69K and is thus protected against ingress of water during close-range high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs. The locking caps are manufactured in stainless steel (V4A) as are the cable inlet and the fastening parts. The material guarantees greater availability and a long service life for safety light curtains and grids, also allowing a compact design for encapsulated safety sensors. Other characteristics include additional functions such as double confirmation, contactor control and integrated beam blanking, which allows moving parts to be conveyed through the protection field without triggering the stop signal. Modular field bus system for on-machine installation New clamp concept for energy chains Safety plays a key role when humans and robots work hand in hand in the industry. That is why users of cobots and industrial robots are already using igus’ multi-axis round triflex R e-chains for energy and data supply. To easily attach these energy chains and increase work safety in industry, igus has now developed new plastic mounting clamps. With quick installation, these minimise the risk of injury with their rounded edge design. The triflex R range has been specifically developed for sophisticated 6-axis robots in industrial environments. By combining the flexibility of a hose with the stability of an energy chain, the round triflex R ensures reliable cable guidance in multi-axis movements. A ball/ socket principle ensures high tensile strength and easy installation of the e-chain. The interior separation is freely selectable. The circular bend radius stop and the high twistability of the e-chain prevent the over-stressing of cables - this system increases the service life and operational reliability of the application. The triflex e-chains are available as a complete package with cobot designed clamps, cables and connectors immediately ready for connection. background: fotolia PRODUCTS The Cube system from Murrelektronik is a modular field bus system for on-machine installation concepts. It’s engineered flexibly to be the optimal solution for any application – meeting protection class IP20 through IP69K. Cube67 features great functionality, easy connections, a robust and compact design, fully molded modules, and multi-functional inputs and outputs. The modules can be installed right next to the sensors and actuators. The one-cable-technology connects the modules to the bus node, transferring both data and power. Extensive diagnostics enable maximum transparency. The number of terminals in the control cabinet is reduced by moving field bus modules into the field, freeing up space. The Cube67 field bus system makes it possible to change bus without changing system: installation concepts can be implemented independent of existing control concepts. Simply select the bus module with the desired field bus protocol; Murrelektronik can provide bus nodes for the most common field bus systems. New camera series for embedded vision The all-new Alvium camera series is a new camera platform developed by Allied Vision that opens the gates of industrial machine vision to embedded system designers. Alvium offers a full range of digital cameras designed on an innovative platform which offers three configurations (board level, open-housing and closed housing) utilizing MIPI CSI-2 and USB3 Vision interfaces. At the core of Alvium is the unique Alvium technology, a proprietary System-on-chip (SoC) designed by Allied Vision which completes on-board image processing through a comprehensive image processing library (IPL). Integration into systems from the software prospective is made easier as one driver is needed for each platform to operate all Alvium camera models. Furthermore, designers/integrators can control the camera via Video4Linux, GStreamer, Direct Register Access, and GenICam. Models from the 1 500 Series and the 1 800 Series will be the first to be made available. 22 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019

Safe handling of motion and dynamics Machine areas that continue running after switching off are often part of automated production processes. If one thinks, for example, of a large flywheel mass or slowly running down saw blades, it is absolutely essential that the machine operator is prevented from accessing them with the help of a safety guard until the dangerous movement has come to a complete standstill. Safety interlocking devices with guard locking such as the new SLC (Safety Lock), ensure, that protective guards, safety doors and other covers stay closed as long as a dangerous condition exists. Optical sensors with an impressive function variety The O200 sensors from Baumer considerably raise the performance bar for optical miniature sensors. The sensors ignore ambient light by machine reflections or other sensors, even bright LEDs emitting a similar spectrum of light and operating on similar switching frequencies. With conventional sensors, such disturbances result in the object not being detected or sensor operation being slowed down. O200 sensors feature high-power mode to reliably detect ultra-black, light-absorbing objects even at long distance. Product variants with V-optics specialize in glossy or transparent objects. O200 sensors with IO-Link are ready for Industry 4.0 and IIoT. The latest IO-Link standard allows the sensors to be configured automatically. The series comprises around 130 variants with different properties and combinations. Piezo sensor module also with digital I²C signal Integrative pressure measurement in the smallest of spaces: Wika has expanded its portfolio for OEM applications with the very compact MPR-1 piezo sensor module with standardised output signal. With a diameter of 19 mm and a height starting from 17 mm (depending on the process connection), the sensor module can be integrated into a wide variety of products and systems. The custom-fit specification is supported by the selection of analogue and digital output signals. The version with digital I²C signal features very low power consumption and a fast response time (3 ms). It is therefore ideal for applications with battery operation. In addition, a temperature value can be output via the I²C signal. The model MPR-1 is available, as standard, with gauge and absolute pressure measuring ranges (from 0 ... 0.4 bar to 0 ... 25 bar) as well as vacuum measuring ranges. It measures with an accuracy of ≤ ±0.5 % of the span. On request, a higher accuracy and other pressure ranges can be realised. Some industries operate like clockwork in the constant battle to staycompetitive. In over200 countries,thoseare the industries working with us. With over 11.000 members, we represent the Turkish engineering industry. 5TOP The main export products of Turkish machinery: air conditioners and cooling machines; engines; washing and drying machines; contruction machines; pumps andcompressors Main Foyer/F10 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019 23 Turkish-Machinery.indd 1 11.02.2019 10:33:06


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