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Bearings with black

Bearings with black oxide finish Bearing manufacturer NKE Austria GmbH presents bearings with black oxide finish. The protective layer improves run-in and wear characteristics and protects against environmental effects. Especially in critical applications such as wind turbine gear boxes, black oxide finish is a cost-effective and technically viable means of prolonging the service life and performance of rolling bearings. The black oxide finish forms a protective layer for steel parts. In a multistage chemical process, the surface layer of the treated parts is converted into a 1 to 2 micrometer thin mixed ferrous oxide layer that causes the characteristic black appearance. Black oxide finished bearing components feature a set of special technical characteristics, especially in the case of components that move relative to each other. Multiple protective effects can be achieved if only one functional element (typically the rolling elements) is treated. For best effect, however, all functional surfaces of a rolling element bearing, including the inner and outer ring as well as the rolling elements, should be black oxide finished. Digital motor feedback for smart servo drive systems As a result of increasing digitalization in mechanical and plant engineering, electric drive systems are increasingly faced by the challenge of having to be integrated as smart components in future-oriented overall mechatronic concepts. The Sick range of motor feedback systems with digital Hiperface DSL interface offers the required remote intelligence and communication capability for motors and servo drive systems. The rotative sensors also meet all requirements for application-based functionality, maximum precision and dynamics as well as certified safety. The new product families EDS35 and EDM35 are the technological highlight in this range. Here, Sick presents the second sensor generation with digital Hiperface DSL one cable technology. Couplings for the big drive background: fotolia PRODUCTS Axial piston variable pump: medium-to-highpressure all-rounder Construction machinery and its components must first and foremost be reliable and robust, even when under extreme application conditions. Hydraulic units are also expected to be space-saving and energyefficient. Over-sized and hence expensive high-pressure units are often used for applications with a pressure level somewhere between the classic thresholds of medium pressure (280 bar) and high pressure (350/380 bar). With its A10VOH (series 60, size 145), Rexroth has created a solution which perfectly bridges the gap in order to enable users to achieve efficient operation in this “light heavy-duty” application area. The axial piston variable pump A10VOH features a permissible nominal pressure of 320 bar in corner power operation at maximum swivel angle and rotational speed. If the swivel angle is reduced, the permissible nominal pressure increases to up to 350 bar. As such, the A10VOH is ideal for use in various applications, including steering drives, hydrostatic fan drives and working hydraulics. It is lightweight and, despite its size of 145 cm³, so compact that it requires the same installation space as the Rexroth A10VO (series 31, size 100). The metal bellows couplings of the KXL series from Jakob Antriebstechnik were designed for medium and large drives up to a maximum of 65,000 Nm. A special design feature is the three-piece design with a flexible bellows package as an intermediate piece. This removable intermediate piece, consisting of an optimized, torsionally stiff stainless steel bellows with 2two bellows shafts per side and a variable length intermediate pipe, is frictionally connected (screws ISO 4017 / 10.9) with the two hubs. This results in a considerable ease of assembly, as e.g. can be omitted in the maintenance or service case a costly disassembly of the heavy drive or driven units. The designer has several hub variants available for the specific application. The extremely favorable moment of inertia and the rotationally symmetric design ensure good dynamic performance. The KXL couplings are particularly suitable for precise drives, such as for printing presses, cross cutters, main spindle drives, transfer axes or transmission connections. 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019

A filter, breaking all records The smallest non-woven element ever produced at Argo-Hytos in Kraichtal has a diameter of 25 mm and a height of 35 mm and is used in the control block of a wheel loader. The smallest filter from Argo-Hytos is just the size of a thumb, but does not compromise on functionality. A multi-layer filter fleece encloses the perforated support tube. The close cooperation between development department and prototype shop guarantees the process-reliable manufacturing of the necessary materials. Complex process steps must be mastered in a new dimension: cut to width, four-layer pleating of the materials, optimization of the pleat geometry, cutting the pleat pack to length, bonding of the longitudinal seam, dosing of smallest quantities of glue, secure fixation of all parts during curing, assembly of support tube and end cap. The miniature filter elements thus produced are then subjected to quality testing, which they have passed without complaint. In sample production, process reliability is also assessed and documented, which is important for future series production. Optimized insulation of motor and servo cables The development of new motors known as variable frequency drives (VFDs for short) is pointing in a clear direction: ever more compact at the same or higher power with extremely high switching accuracy of the frequency inverters. As a result, when selecting a cable in the future, the user will not only have to pay attention to the correct number of cores and cross-section combination, but also to the electrical properties of the cable. For this reason, igus has now developed a material for its latest generation of motor and servo cables that is up to the new challenges. This material withstood more than 45 million strokes in the test with a bending radius of 7.2 x d. DER ANTRIEB Reliable. Versatile. Global. Hall 15 Stand H31 THE GEAR UNIT Strong bearings Quiet running THE MOTOR High efficiency Global standards THE DRIVE ELECTRONIC Field distribution system Easy implementation Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG | Fon +49 4532 289-0 |


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