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MDA Technologies 5/2015

MDA Technologies 5/2015

01 by similar 90 kW and

01 by similar 90 kW and 75 kW motors respectively; with both offering an efficiency rating above 94%. Even the de-sludge pumps on the new lamella separator are powered by 1.5 kW WEG motors. Allan Reef, Capital Programme Manager for Dee Valley Water, comments: “This has been a virtually clean sheet design where the procurement process has ensured that the most energy efficient equipment has been installed. An ongoing study into the operational energy efficiency of the site is expected to demonstrate that the motors from WEG have been running to expectation.” Phil Hall, Industry Manager for WEG, comments: “The W22 WIMES motor is specifically designed to tick all of the specification boxes for operation in the water treatment industry. Design engineers and OEMs can save time in preparing specification documents and be confident that WEG can deliver whatever the requirement, from stock. A large range of our LV motors are even available in super efficient IE4 energy compliant spec. The stock aspect is critical; although the design and specification process is often drawn out on these projects, the fact that we can supply the motors to outdoor or indoor specifica- 02 01 The three low lift pumps on site are powered by WEG W22 IE2 motors 02 Also the recycle pumps are powered by low voltage motors of the W22 series tion, in vertical or horizontal mounting position from fractional kilowatt power ratings, right up to three hundred kilowatt plus, from stock, held in the UK, makes the job of the designer and the contractors much easier.” Photographs: WEG MDA Technologies 5/2015 47

SUCCESS STORY Emerson motors and drives deliver upgrade for champagne production Nicolas Feuillatte, the Champagne producer comprises 80 cooperatives and represents over 5,000 wine-growers. Its facility in Chouilly, in the Marne region of North-eastern France, is one of the most automated plants of its type, with a workforce of 235 people, half of whom are involved in production. The company output reaches 23 million bottles a year, making it one of the world’s leading champagne producers. This globally recognized champagne producer, chose Emerson to deliver improvements to its bottling line. About Company name: Emerson Industrial Automation Headquarters: St. Lois, USA Turnover: $ 5.0 Billion Employees: 25,000 worldwide Products: Drives, Motors & Systems Frédéric Lopez, Automation Manager CV-CNF, explains “We needed to replace a series of drive systems, gradually . We considered using the original suppliers of the equipment, and other leading firms in this sector. They were all able to supply equipment that would have met our expectations, but we also wanted to establish a partnership with a company able to deliver the level of service we needed. This is why we selected Emerson.” Simple and effective The first step was to replace a conveyor drive system. It sits at the start of the line, to position the empty bottles with accuracy before cleaning and filling. The bottles are loaded onto the conveyor from the pallets, and then lifted in rows of 4 to 12 (depending on their size) onto a perpendicular conveyor. “This line runs at a rate of 4,000 to 6,000 bottles an hour and has to offer maximum availability in operation. Emerson designed the most appropriate solution for us.” says Frédéric Lopez. The existing system consisted of an automatic controller, an alignment controller, a variable speed drive and a motor. The solution from Emerson removes the need for the alignment controller, reducing the overall complexity of the system. It consists of a ‘Unidrive M700’ variable speed drive, connected to the automatic controller, combined with a low backlash servo-gear. This offers high overload tolerance, very high torsion strength and great accuracy. Emerson’s ‘MCi200’ machine control option module has been added to Unidrive M to manage positioning. The Unidrive M700 drive is well suited to this type of application, with a cycle time of 250 µs, synchronised communications through real-time Ethernet and an integrated PLC for controlling movement sequences. The entire application is simple to program using Engineering Control Studio. The system uses Unidrive M’s embedded Advanced Motion Controller. In the final configuration, 15 different configurations have been defined to suit the various bottle shapes. Each cycle has a coarse pitch with a specific movement profile (position, speed, acceleration and deceleration), a fine pitch with a second movement profile and the number of short pitches to be carried out. The required configuration is selected using logic inputs, which automatically starts the chosen cycle. The coarse pitch is performed then the fine pitches are chained together while the path is free. Signals for ‘end of long movement’ and ‘cycle completed’ are sent by the drive’s logic outputs to the client system. Overall training was carried out on site, by Emerson’s support teams. “We have taken over the application completely so that we can make our own adaptations. With its expertise and service, Emerson has fully met our expectations and we are in the process of deploying their solutions across our entire site”, added Frédéric Lopez. Photographs: Teaser Fotolia, Emerson 48 MDA Technologies 5/2015


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