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MDA Technologies 5/2015

MDA Technologies 5/2015


SUCCESS STORY 01 By using Rexroth’s IndraDrive Mi concept, Ultra Packaging reduced linkages and other machine components by 60 % 02 IndraMotion MLC – innovative automation system with motion, robot and logic control the height of the conveyor belt for the Veronica. There, the sandwiches are laid manually in the boxes, which were previously erected by the machine. Once a carton is full, it is closed by the ‘Veronica’. According to Rice, one of the key reasons for choosing this machine was the simplicity of making the change to a different carton size. “During a typical work week, we may perform 16 to 18 carton changeovers for various customers. It typically only takes 10 to 15 minutes to do, and we’ve trained four different associates to use the touchscreen Human Machine Interface (HMI) to do the changeover.” These controls, using the Rexroth VCP 35 terminal with a 10-inch color screen, are based on the L25 motion-logic control unit. IndraWorks is used to program it. This allows the operators to control not only the ‘Veronica’ itself, but also the conveyor belts that move the products along. The modular design of the IndraDrive Mi allows new axes to be added to the machine with minimum effort. Since the space available in the production building at Kangaroo is limited, the Veronica’s compact footprint and the conveyor belt controls integrated into the controls of the Veronica provide a perfect solution for this situation. 240 sandwiches per minute The automated packaging process has made it possible for Kangaroo to increase its output significantly. Today, about 240 sandwiches per minute are packed in cartons that differ in dimension. “And if Kangaroo needs to increase its throughput in its cartoning processes, the Veronica has the capacity. It leaves a lot of room for future growth” says Stockus. The investment has already paid off for the company. “By adding the Veronica, we were able to reduce operating costs by $ 150,000 per year. The solution has been performing at or above our expectations and production targets are consistently met. The Veronica cartoner, with the Rexroth drive and control platform, is an effective approach to meeting the requirements of our rapidly changing production environment.” says Rice, plant manager at Kangaroo Brands Photographs: BoschRexroth AG About Company name: Bosch Rexroth AG Headquarters: Lohr am Main, Germany Turnover: € 5.6 billion Employees: 33,700 worldwide Products: hydraulics, electric drives and controls, linear motion and assembly technologies MDA Technologies 5/2015 45

SUCCESS STORY WEG delivers pumping efficiency to new £17m Dee Valley Water treatment works Dee Valley Water (DVW) has its new facility for water treatment at Llwyn Onn in Wales that is capable of producing 47,500 m 3 of potable water per day. Opened in March 2014, it serves approximately 258,000 customers in an 831 km 2 area of North East Wales and North West England and currently supplies 23 million tonnes of water per year. The new water treatment facility at Llwyn Onn consists of dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarification, granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration followed by rapid gravity filtration (RGF) to reduce the levels of manganese, a mineral that occurs naturally in the surface water in the area, and a chlorine contact tank before being pumped to a storage reservoir - from where it is fed into the distribution network. These processes require pumping systems not only for transporting the water but also for backwashing and recycling the filter systems. The site’s pumps and compressors are predominantly powered by WEG motors, which have fulfilled the criteria for a number of applications and suppliers. The main contractor for this project was Black & Veatch, located in Chester, where the company also has a design office. Majority of the construction and installation work was completed by local contractors. This close proximity and strategic location of the involved parties improved the sustainability of the project as well as communications between the design team and the installation and construction engineers. The original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) responsible for the water treatment equipment were at liberty to select any brand of motor provided that it met the efficiency and reliability criteria as well as WIMES (Water Industry Mechanical and Company name: WEG Headquarters: Santa Catarina, Brazil Turnover: R$ 7.8 billion Employees: 31,000 worldwide Products: Electric motors, drives, controls, electric panels, geared motors/gear units, transformers, generators, paints About Electrical Specification). Interestingly the vast majority of motors on the site are manufactured by WEG, including those powering the air compressor units. Pan-UK specification compliant Originally introduced to reduce costs across the water industry by providing a common standard, WIMES is also a means of reducing the whole life costs of equipment such as low voltage electric motors. WIMES achieves this by specifying minimum criteria for features such as energy efficiency, power factor, build quality and environmental protection, all of which can affect a company’s profitability. The importance of WIMES as a whole life cost reduction tool is clear when the ratio of the initial cost of low voltage (LV) motors is compared to their operating costs. It has been calculated that in high use cases – and the water industry has many of these - the purchase cost of an LV motor can represent as little as 1% of the motor’s lifetime cost; the remaining 99% being attributable to the motor’s energy consumption. The W22 WIMES line is available in two versions, both backed by a 3-year warranty, and both designed to exceed the requirements of the IE2 (High) and IE3 (Premium) efficiency classes. Importantly, the IE3 Premium Efficiency versions of the motors are available, in standard IEC frame sizes, well in advance of the Energy using Products (EuP) Motor Regulations due for implementation in 2015/2017. Smart procurement ensures smart energy effciency The three low lift pumps on site are powered by WEG W22, 110 kW, IE2 motors that offer a 95 % efficiency rating, while the backwash and recycle pumps are powered 46 MDA Technologies 5/2015


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