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MDA Technologies 5/2015

MDA Technologies 5/2015

Product News Airtec is

Product News Airtec is expanding the range of pneumatic screws Airtec has expanded its range of screw connections Blue C-Line. It now has 4c Y-distributor with 3 to 12 mm pipe connection, T-connections with inner thread connection from M5 to G1/2, 90° connectors for hoses up to 16 mm and screw valve-return valve with swivel angular connection from G1/8 to G1/2. The series covers all the common screw connection sizes for conical and cylindrical external and internal threads with screw connectors, swivel angular, T, L and T-connectors, single and multiple connectors, reducer plugs, functional connections as well as pipes. Pre-set damping from Aventics Aventics introduces CSL-RD series of pre-set damping for mini cylinder. The dampers are also suited for cleaning-intensive applications and the characteristic is well suited for majority of the applications. The system is also suitable for lower speeds and does not require any adjustment during installation. The special air vent provides an improved damping performance for reducing the impact forces in changing loads and dynamic loads. The Hygiene design variant minimises a possible accumulation of dust and production residues through a combination of undercut-free wipers, new damper contour and roll geometry. Robust pressure transmitter in field housing The pressure transmitter DMU-02-Vario- FG from Afriso can be used universally due to wide va- riety of electrical connections, output sig- nals as well as applicationspecific process connections. The measurement device is suitable for abrasive environments and it is robust against strikes, pulsations and vibrations. The measurement technology excels in quick and dynamic behaviour, long-term stability, vibration sensitiveness and high compressive strength. In case of open process variants, hydraulic transmission, the transducer is suitable for oil and grease-free applications as well as for gas and fluid pressure measurements. Balluff in SPS IPC Drives 2015 with a broad product portfolio Anyone interested in Industry 4.0 can learn at SPS IPC Drives with Balluff. RFID systems of the company are important modules for the implementation of Industry 4.0. The expo will have something to highlight even for this topic. Another focus of presentation is the sensor solutions, which score high, not just through their miniaturisation level, but also through their performance with smallest form factor, which is possible thanks to Miniaturised LEDs, photo diodes and photo transistors. The expo will also highlight a high-performance dosing systems, which even smallest volumes can be fed reliably with high precision. MDA Technologies 5/2015 39

Predictive Maintenance 4.0 On 23 rd February 2016, “Predictive Maintenance 4.0”, a first class expert conference, will be taking place in Frankfurt/Main. Dr. Jochen Koeckler, Member of the Executive Board of Deutsche Messe AG, Mr. Klaus Helmrich, Member of the Executive Board of Siemens AG and Mr. Hartmut Rauen, Deputy Managing Director of the Professional Association of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) among others, will speak about this current topic. At present, Predictive Maintenance 4.0 certainly is an often discussed and questioned Maintenance Repair Overhaul Strategy of producing manufacturers of machinery and plants in Germany, who take a key role as supplier of such plants. The operators are the beneficiaries. The principle of Predictive Maintenance: The plant operators record the exact condition of machines by sensors and permanently evaluate the data by special software. In that way, faults indicating patterns can be recognized in time, wear-and-tear predicted and immediate maintenance and repair measures of effected parts can be taken. Thereby, production losses can be reduced and the costs for maintenance and service can be reduced due to the recorded diagnosis and operating data. An important component of Industry 4.0 The digital connection of machines, products and components is the key characteristic of Industry 4.0. It enables the permanent recording of access data of machine components and combines them with the information of third party systems (e.g. ERP or CRM). Storing, analyzing and evaluating of machine-data in the process are the foundation for higher planning security and more efficient maintenance. The productivity increases by the reduction, respectively elimination of unforeseen down times. Costs for maintenance and service decrease, Record, analyse and predict digitally! the production quality increases. Predictive Maintenance is the further development of conventional maintenance strategies up to date. Mandatory for the success of such a solution are the choice of the right plants, the generation and preparation of the right data and the right mixture of industry expertise and data analysis. As important supply industries the drive technology and the 40 MDA Technologies 5/2015


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