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MDA Technologies 5/2015

MDA Technologies 5/2015

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Product News Servo proportional valves from Eaton simplify machine control From the Axis Pro line, Eaton offers pre-controlled control valve in NG 25 (D08) with valve position return and integrated axis controllers. The larger KBH servo proportional valve simplifies the machine control, e.g. in injection moulding and blow moulds, in larger presses, in testing and simulation technology or wood processing. It offers an on-board axis controller for volume flow control, position control, pressure control, p/Q function, replacing position/pressure and position/force controls and NC functionality. It can be controlled with Pro-FX software and has diagnosis LEDs and a CAN open bus interface. Bosch Rexroth offers new testing method for hydraulic fluids Bosch Rexroth has developed a new evaluation method for hydraulic fluids, which can be used to test the behaviour of fluids and interactions with the core components such as pumps and motors. According to the provider, the results show that suitable fluids significantly increase the service life of hydraulic components. The method was validated for hydraulic pumps of A4VG series and hydraulic motors of A6VM series closed circuits. It is also suitable for all hydraulic media on mineral oil basis, environment-friendly media and water-free hydraulic fluids. Proportional sliding valve for small volume flows Hydraulic positioning and control function in agricultural machine are designed in parallel and require only a flow volume of less than 40 l/min. The cost efficient proportional sliding valve of type EDL, from Hawe Hydraulics is suitable for these requirements. It controls the direction of movement and speed of multiple hydraulic actuators in parallel and irrespective of the load. The valve is designed for a system pressure of up to 320 bar and works with Load-Sensing-System. It is controlled directly and is activated electrically. The volume flows for the individual loads can be set separately. Customised automation systems for food and beverage industry from Bürkert Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has developed the flexible control head ‘8681’ as well as pneumatically operated element process fittings for decentralised automation. The switching and control valves have modular design and can be easily placed with matching control heads, positioners and process controllers. The control heads in hygienic design as decentralised automation components take over pneumatic control, signal and diagnosis function including bus communication. Thus complex systems in hygienic process environment can be automated in a decentralised manner. The compact flow measurement system Flowave provides smooth documentation of flow and temperature in a single measuring point. MDA Technologies 5/2015 35

The next generation valves About Cynthia Mackin-Fawcett Powertrains, diesel engines and transmissions for mobile equipment are tough, well-built, and super-efficient. Suppliers to this market must be just as tough. As a powertrain market supplier, HydraForce understands that success in this market depends on continuous improvements in performance and efficiency. Author: Cynthia Mackin-Fawcett, Marketing, HydraForce, Zweibrücken, Germany Since the late 1980s, the compact, drop-in style of cartridge valves made by Hydra- Force have been used extensively in diesel engine control, transmission control and hydraulic pilot control applications. Dropin style cartridge valves have an advantage over the conventional, screw-in type cartridges for these markets because they are even more compact and have an attached flange that makes it easy to “drop” them in to an application and stay fastened under pressure. Taking a tried and true product to the next level isn’t always easy – there can be a long winding road before reaching a significant milestone. But HydraForce was up to the task. Enhancing the “Drop-in” product Company name: HydraForce Headquarters: Lincolnshire, USA Products: Multi-Function Valves, Solenoid Valves, Directional Valves, Electroproprtional Valves, Flow Control Valves, Pressure Control Valves, Sandwich Valves, Hydraulic Integrated Circuits HydraForce has introduced its new G3 range of drop-in cartridge valves targeting powertrain, diesel engine control and hydraulic pilot control applications. The new G3 valves are designed as an enhancement over HydraForce’s current product. “Our drop-in cartridges are incredibly prolific in the powertrain market today,” said David Price, Marketing Communications Manager. “While our current product is competitive, we wanted to give our customers an added layer of performance and efficiency.” When it comes to performance, today’s powertrain market is very demanding. “Hydraulic valves have to work in very hot environments, sometimes with lower voltage levels to ensure functionality in worstcase conditions. And then, there’s the issue of contamination. Hydraulic valves need to be able to function when there is significant contamination present in the hydraulic oil. To meet these requirements, the force generated by the solenoid must be as high as possible” said Price. Additional enhancements provided by the G3 include a significant reduction in leakage when compared 36 MDA Technologies 5/2015


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