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MDA Technologies 5/2015

MDA Technologies 5/2015

Product News Plastic

Product News Plastic bearings in all standard sizes Igus offers 15 full range materials in 113 sizes up to 50 mm diameter. As top-selling Iglidur material, Iglidur-G has the largest catalogue for shaft diameter of 1 to 150 mm as well as favourable cost/benefit ratio for classical slide bearing applications. It is best suited for medium to high loads, medium speeds as well as long-term application temperatures of -40 to 130 °C and Iglidur-G excels with its high resistance to wear and immunity to dust and dirt, which makes it suitable for wide range of applications. Compact spindle gear for linear drives Spindle drives are solutions for linear positioning systems, lens adjustments or syringe pumps. For compact drives, Maxon offers the spindle drive GP 6 S with a diameter of 6 mm. It is also available with a metal spindle. An inexpensive alternative to ceramic versions. GP 6 S is suitable for various linear drive solutions. Its maximum feed rate is 15 mm/s and feed force of up to 10 N. Thanks to integrated ball bearing, it is also suitable for high axial loads. The drive can be combined with Maxon DC motors RE 6 and EC 6 (brushless). Perfectly connected ROBA ® -DS The impact-proof and truly backlash-free all-steel coupling Wear-free servo drive for electromechanical spindle The servo drive CLDP from Voith can be used for direct linear movements, especially if there is a need for dynamics, reproducibility and reliability. When compared with an electromechanical spindle, CLDP, which covers a range of 10 to 1000 kN and speeds of up to 1000 mm/s, offers a higher operational safety due to automatic overload protection. CLDP only requires an electrical connection and a data interface for the servo motor. “Our customers expect highest precision, absolute reliability and superior quality when it comes to our test stands. That’s why we have decided to use the backlash-free ROBA ® -DS shaft couplings by mayr ® power transmission.” Joachim Heidemann, Deputy Head of Engineering at ThyssenKrupp System Engineering in Langenhagen (Germany) D-87665 Mauerstetten,, Tel.: +49 (0) 8341/8040 your reliable partner MDA Technologies 5/2015 29

Product News I/O module for safe movement monitoring With the ‘PSSu-K-F-EI’, I/O module, Pilz is expanding the scope of its automation system ‘PSS 4000’ for safe movement monitoring. The module is suited for controllers PSS-universal PLC and PSS-universal multi. In addition, it provides safety functions for monitoring speed in accordance with EN 61800-5-2 with only one Sin/ Cos-rotary encoder or in combination of encoder and initiator with additional gear monitoring. As the module can be connected to all common encoder/feedback systems, existing encoder systems can be used. The module has a local fast shut-down of drives independent of PLC cycle time. This results in the reduction of reaction time and increases the productivity of the system. Servo set with safely installed sensors Heidrive is expanding its successful servo sets with motors equipped with safely installed sensors. As the customer requirements in the domain of safety-relevant applications are not just limited to safe converters. An absolutely reliable mechanical connection between the sensor and motor is required for safe function in the applications. Error is ruled out due to sufficiently dimensioned shaft and housing connection as well as assembly. Motors with Hiperface sensors SK x 36S as single and multi-turn sensors with 128 sine/ cosine periods per rotation as well as Hiperface DSL sensors EK x 36-2 as single and multi-turn sensors with resolution of 18 bit per rotation are available. Eddy current - position sensor with 2 mm measurement range Micro-Epsilon expands its series of eddy current sensors ‘eddy NCDT 3001’. The series of sensors for measurement of path, distance and position in M12 design was supplemented with the measurement range of 2 mm. The sensors include an integrated electronics including temperature compensation. They have high measurement accuracy and linearity as well as a threshold frequency of 5 kHz. The sensors are suitable for ferromagnetic as well as non-ferromagnetic metals. They correspond to protection class IP67 and thus can be used universally in automation and machine and plant engineering. In particular, it suitable for serial use for OEM users. Couplings for high speeds and dynamics R+W offers various coupling model series with a low moment of inertia for high speeds and dynamics. For example, the MKS series offers miniature steel bellows coupling up to 10 Nm, which is suitable due to its symmetric design and balancing in quality 2.5 to 120,000 min-1 . If there is a requirement to bridge axle distances up to 6 m, a metallic bellow shaft with CFK pipe is available with the ZAL model, which is suitable for high speeds and up to 800 Nm rated torque without additional interim storage. SL series offers TUV-verified lightweight safety couplings, which are characterised by a high output density and a lower weight when compared to classic models. 30 MDA Technologies 5/2015


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