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MDA Technologies 5/2014

MDA Technologies 5/2014

Drive technologies

Drive technologies Montanhydraulik Germany scope of delivery: 01 n 61 cylinders for dam and ship lock gates, including n 14 pull cylinders for the radial spillway gates Piston diameter: 620 mm Rod diameter: 280 mm Stroke: 13,000 mm n 8 pull cylinders for the radial bottom outlet gates Piston diameter: 450 mm Rod diameter: 240 mm Stroke: 14,500 mm n 4 differential cylinders for the flap valves on the spillway radial gates Piston diameter: 420 mm Rod diameter: 250 mm Stroke: 1,800 mm n 4 mechanical ship arrestor units– in cooperation with DSD NOELL Montanhydraulik India scope of delivery: n 27 hydraulic units n Control system including associated electronics for the ship lock system n Provision of the team for the installation and initial operation of the drive technology, consisting of the cylinders and power units 02 delegation of seven consisting of A customers and advisers spent a whole week testing the first 26 hydraulic cylinders and six cardanic bearings at the Gelsenkirchen factory in Germany. From measuring the installation-relevant dimensions and testing the pressure of all cylinders, through to the surface tests for the piston rods, the dam specialists from Thailand, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland inspected the products made by Montanhydraulik. Following the initial tests, it soon became clear: the quality fully lived up to expectations. All that was left was the painting and seaworthy package. Shipping from Germany to Laos took four to six weeks. The associated power units and control panels were supplied from Chennai by Montanhydraulik India in time for the subsequent assembly. The employees from the Indian site are now on location with a team to perform the installation in the dam, including all piping, and to put the system into service. 04 05 06 Modern hydro power plant at the Mekong 03 Alongside the hydro power plant, the Xayaburi dam also features a parallel lock for shipping. All of the hydraulic drive technology used for the movable gates in both systems is provided by Montanhydraulik Germany and India consisting of cylinders, power units and the corresponding control unit. The scope of delivery for the shipping lock also includes ship arrestor units: in an emergency, these use wire rope strung ahead of incoming shipping as a braking mechanism. Developed in collaboration with DSD Noell, a hydromechanical engineering equipment specialist and long-standing Montanhydraulik business partner, an “intelligent drive and control system” in the ship arrestor units ensures that the arrestor line is held suspended at a predefined height above the waterline for the duration of lock operations. 50 MDA Technologies 5/2014

Drive technologies 01 Ashok Rao, Managing Director at Montanhydraulik India (right), at the first review at the construction site for the Xayaburi hydro power plant in September 2013 02 The surfaces of the cylinders are tested thoroughly 03 The installation-relevant dimensions are discussed and verified together 04 The cylinders are suspended from the concrete superstructure using the gimbal mounts that were designed by Montanhydraulik 05 The pressure testing for the cylinders goes smoothly About Company name: Montanhydraulik GmbH Headquarters: Holzwickede, Germany Turnover: approx. € 250 mio. (2013) Employees: approx. 1,100 (2014) Products: Telescopic and synchronised hydraulic cylinders, rotary actuators, counterbalance valves, and the design and fabrication of complete electric drive systems 06 The last tests also confirm the quality of delivery Cylinders for dam and lock gates The scope of delivery for the cylinders includes generously dimensioned spillway gate pull cylinders, designed to be earthquake-proof in line with specific customer requirements. All cylinders are also equipped with gimbal mounts, with which cylinders are suspended from the concrete superstructure. Angular sensors are deployed to determine placement: The sensors’ electrical signal is processed by the control units supplied by Montanhydraulik India. In addition to an integrated position measuring system, the hydraulic cylinders for the lockage also have sensors fitted to ensure the necessary redundancy. Technical data Xayaburi dam: n Power plant type: hydro power plant n Height: 32.6 m n Width: 820 m n Reservoir capacity: 225 million m 3 Fish stocks and earthquake resistance n Costs: approx. 3.5 billion US dollars n Start of operation: anticipated for 2019 n Rated output: 1,285 MW n Turbines: 7 × 175 MW Kaplan turbines, 1 × 60 MW Kaplan turbine generator n Power generation: 7,406 GWh/year n Overflow versions: 7 sector gates, 4 bottom outlet openings To ensure the fish stocks, five pumps are used, the smallest of which has a flow rate of 80,000 l/s. To provide evidence of the system’s earthquake resistance, the project requires a significant amount of work in advance. The following figures show just how extensive the overall construction of the structure is: 5,000 people from almost 20 countries are currently working on the construction site. To keep on schedule, 6,000 tons of concrete are cast each day. The cement required for this is transported to the construction site each day in 130 lorries. The necessary water is taken from a specially created reservoir. The British company Whessoe, a client of Montanhydraulik, created a special factory facility measuring 6,000 m 2 in order to manufacture the lock gates. Three state-of-the-art CNC-controlled milling machines with a working length of 15 m were specially purchased for this project. Electricity for Laos and Thailand With an estimated completion date of 2019, the hydroelectric power plant will produce a total output of 7,406 GWh annually. The electricity generated by hydroelectric power will be used by 1 million households in Laos and 3 million in neighbouring Thailand. Up to now, a large proportion of the population has had to get by without electricity. In actual fact, electricity generation using hydroelectric power is among the most important industries in the country and comprises 20 % of the total exports. Other energy resources are only available insufficiently or not at all, which is why the People’s Republic primarily uses renewable energy from hydroelectric power. The nominal performance of the power station is 1,285 MW. It is generated by seven 175 MW Kaplan turbines and one 60 MW Kaplan turbine generator. Photographs: Montanhydraulik GmbH Photographs: google maps MDA Technologies 5/2014 51


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