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MDA Technologies 5/2014

MDA Technologies 5/2014

Machine elements 02

Machine elements 02 Flange bearing unit for plow disks ger than alternative design solutions, even under harsh conditions. For the customer, this means no downtimes for repairs or premature wheel changes. Thanks to lifetime lubrication, the bearing unit is also maintenance free. Flange Bearing Unit for Plow Disks The solid flange bearing unit for plow disks is a system solution with a high load-bearing capacity and tilting rigidity that only needs to be bolted to the machine frame and the plow disk. The large pin diameter is ideal for extremely high loads. The internal assembly thread makes for a compact design and prevents the thread from seizing up due to contamination. A plow disk can be changed out on site within a very short time. Thanks to the split inner rings of the double row angular contact ball bearing, a larger number of rolling elements can bear the load than with conventional angular contact ball bearings. In conjunction with the large contact angle, the necessary operating forces and torques can be absorbed safely and reliably. The rolling elements are guided by special plastic cages. Tapered roller bearings in tractor transmissions Thanks to their innovative inner design, FAG tapered roller bearings in X-life quality are an example of an efficient bearing type for providing pinion shaft bearing support in tractor transmissions that is especially suitable for extreme load demands. Specially processed raceway and roller surfaces, along with optimized contact geometry between the rolling element end face and the inner ring rib, have managed to reduce friction in the bearing by up to 50 %. At low speeds when starting up or during field operation, the improved surfaces enable an elastohydrodynamic lubricating film to be formed more rapidly, which cuts down on wear and heat generation. The above-mentioned design characteristics not only save on fuel, but also slow down lubricant aging. The improved rolling contact surfaces and the use of high-quality materials increase the dynamic load-carrying capacity by up to 20 %. This makes it possible to extend the operating life by 70 %. By building smaller transmissions while maintaining or even increasing performance capacity, considerable advantages with regard to cost and competitiveness can result. Re-engineered contact geometry between the roller and raceway, called profiling, counteracts harmful edge pressure and plastification in the rolling contact caused by impact loads or major shaft tilting under full loads (such as when tilling), preventing premature bearing, and thus machine, failure. Consequently, FAG X-life tapered roller bearings increase transmission efficiency, longevity, and reliability in mobile work machines, thereby making a significant contribution to lowering life- cycle costs. Systematic Bearing Design “The Bearinx rolling bearing calculation program developed by Schaeffler allows for the detailed analysis and load-appropriate design of the individual bearing positions in the particular application concerned,” says Beresch. Even complex designs and load situations are perfectly represented. The program makes it possible to precisely portray, calculate, and document the loads affecting each bearing position. Automated changes to the bearing parameters of position/type and installation size enable performance reserves to be identified. In this way, customers receive the optimum and most costeffective solution for their application. The Fitting Lubricant for the Ideal Operating Life Later in the application’s life cycle, lubrication maintenance is added to the aspects of high-quality design and production-related properties. Beresch states in this regard: “The rolling bearing greases developed by Schaeffler under the brand name Arcanol provide very good conditions for favorable bearing running performance as well as for long operating life and high operational safety and reliability. The application range of Arcanol greases is calculated using modern test methods and test systems under a wide range of operating conditions and with all types of rolling bearings. Arcanol rolling bearing greases have better properties in all areas than normal greases do.” Each machine has a maintenance plan ex works for all lubrication points that indicates after how many hours of operation, in what quantity, and with which grease relubrication is necessary. For this, selecting the right lubricant and maintenance interval is decisive for reliable and ongoing bearing function. The end customer or machine operator can procure 100 %-tested and approved Schaeffler lubricant greases from distribution companies and authorized sales partners around the world. 03 Angular contact ball bearings with an integrated shaft for pressure wheels About Company name: Schaeffler Technologies Brands: INA, LuK and FAG Headquarters: Herzogenaurach, Germany Turnover: € 11,2 bn (2013) Employees: over 79,000 worldwide Products: Rolling bearing and plain bearing solutions, linear and direct drive technology, as well as high-precision products for the automotive industry 36 MDA Technologies 5/2014

Product News Play-free high-precision gears for demanding environments The play-free high-precision gears of Sumitomo (SHI) Cyclo Drive Germany GmbH from the Fine Cyclo series are characterized by reliability and high performance. They are designed for demanding product environments in which low-maintenance components make a contribution to short downtimes. With the largest play-free high-precision gear from the Fine Cyclo series, the F4CFS-UA 115, SHI specifically targets manufacturers of robots, positioners and handling systems. The gear is designed to be as resilient as possible to load cycles. Areas of use include positioning tasks (point to point) and track applications, such as pallet changers, bending heads, swivel changers, disc magazines, chain magazines and swivel tables. One typical application is used in the palletising robot to absorb high tipping torques and axial loads. The SDF3 digital resolver by Kollmorgen requires fewer connecting wires With its SDF3, Kollmorgen has halved the usual number of connecting wires required for its digital resolvers from four to two. They are sufficient to supply the digital resolver with current, implement communication, and simultaneously transfer the motor ID and temperature data. As a result, Kollmorgen has implemented singlecable connection technology with an eight-pole standard motor cable – three phases, one PE, two for the brakes and two for the feedback system. Thanks to its high noise immunity, data can be transferred safely via a cable without any EMC issues. Resolvers are used in more than half of all servo applications. In addition, the further development of the feedback system reduces the variety for connection technology. Motors with the digital resolver SFD3 and drives with Multiturn or a Hiperface DSL encoder can be connected with a single cable type. In this way, existing feedback systems in machines can be easily replaced even at a later date, without having to completely reinstall all of the cabling. Moreover, there is no risk of confusion, since only one type is used. Vogel Antriebstechnik converts production line to ground circular arc teeth The spiral bevel gearboxes, servo spiral bevel gearboxes and bevel helical gearboxes by Vogel Antriebstechnik now have improved quality standards. Conversion to the modern production method of ground circular arc teeth brings numerous advantages for both machine builders and plant operators. In addition to the reliable and reproducible manufacturing quality, the main reason for the experts converting to the new process is the increase in productivity. This is achieved by a further reduction in concentricity faults, improvement of the surface of the tooth flanks with defined wear pattern as well as enlarged tooth widths and improved material strength. All these factors contribute to speeding up processing times considerably. For customers, this means faster deliveries and even better delivery dependability. The method of circular arc teeth according to Klingelnberg increases load capacity by an average of 7 %, whereby the value varies depending on gearbox size. Running noise and heat development are both lower in the new process. The greater toothing quality and precision allows small backlash values to be set easily: backlash can be reduced to 2 arcmin. The optimized toothing geometry produces lower specific gliding between the tooth flanks. In combination with the improved surface quality, this increases the efficiency of the toothing components to 99 % and of the complete gearbox to 97 %. In connection with the use of high-grade synthetic oils, durable and low-maintenance precision gearboxes are created. Modified gear motors by Siemens simplify assembly With its rugged gear motors Sidoor MDG 180 and Sidoor MDG 400, Siemens Industry offers two modified motors for door control in industrial machines. The new drive units are characterized by an improved hold of the drive belts. Moreover, a new pluggable cable system with a new polarized plug timer combines the feedback cable and voltage line in just one cable, therefore simplifying the pre-assembly of an industrial machine, as well as assembly. In combination with the automatic door control Sidoor ATD410W, the gear motors Sidoor MDG 180 and Sidoor MDG 400 with IP56 rating allow simple regulation of door parameters and, as a consequence, driving performance. MDA Technologies 5/2014 37


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