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MDA Technologies 5/2014

MDA Technologies 5/2014

News and markets “What

News and markets “What do you expect from the Indian drives market in the next years?” The electrical drives market is anticipated to witness a high double digit growth over the next six years. Government of India’s initiative such as the performachieve-trade (PAT) scheme that allows industries to derive business benefits through the exchange of energy savings certificates will give a huge boost to the sales of electrical drives India. Introduction of programs that rates buildings based on their energy usage, will also drive the demand for AC drives. HVAC will be one of the growing segment for Low Voltage AC drives, while growth in building construction industry will see increasing demand for Low Voltage AC drives in elevators, cranes and hoists. There has been low level of acceptance of the MV drives amongst the SME segment due to high cost but with increasing standardization, growing maturity in the MV drives technology and in the ease of operation, prices are expected to come down and thus the demand for MV drives is expected to increase in the coming years. Metals is the biggest contributor to the DC drives market and will continue to use DC drives for specific applications. Steel, paper, sugar and cement industries have been using DC drives in more complex applications, where DC drives are easy to install and use, compared to AC drives. But the DC drives market is expected to gradually lose traditional users in the face of the superior AC drives technology. India’s population, 1.2 billion, is growing about 1.3 % each year since 2008. At the same time, India’s per capita energy consumption is one third of the global average. 80,000 MW capacity addition is expected during 12 th plan from 2012-2017. Super critical power plants are encouraged by the Indian Government due to higher efficiency, lesser emissions and optimum utilisation of natural resources. Therefore we see good chances to participate in this growth with our drive technology for the power, oil and gas industry. Also we see a big potential for public transport. For example the number of passengers using the metro in Delhi on a daily basis is anticipated to double to four million by 2016. Recently the Korean company Hyundai Rotem placed a major order with Voith for the extension of the metro in Delhi: until 2018 Voith will deliver among others automatic Scharfenberg couplers and gear units for 486 cars of RS 10 of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). All products will be manufactured in India at Voith location in Hyderabad. Paladugu Srinu, Senior Manager Voith India Baruah, Manasjyoti, Sales and Marketing, Kübler According to market indications, the machinery market in India, in general, is expected to grow slowly before 2016. In these years, however, Bosch Rexroth is expecting a reasonable market growth. Already the demand in Indian market for electrical drives and electro hydraulic drives is increasing. Many Indian OEMs across all industry segments are now developing more sophisticated machines, based on intelligent drives. This trend increases the average number of drives per machine. Especially, the machine manufacturers for food and packaging, printing as well as the automotive industry are seen in leading position in following these trends. Simultaneously, heavy industries are modernizing their equipment changing from analog to electro-hydraulic systems. Standard European drives often do not meet the Indian requirements. Bosch Rexroth in India, therefore, has invested in local R&D capacities to develop and manufacture locally product variants and system solutions suitable for the Indian market. Dr. Karl Tragl, Chairman of the Executive Board at Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany 12 MDA Technologies 5/2014

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