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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016


COMPRESSED AIR NEWS Product News Modular in-line flow meter for compressed air and gases The compact EE741 in-line flow meter from E+E Elektronik measures accurately the consumption of compressed air and technical gases. Thanks to the modular design, one and the same transmitter can be used for three different pipe diameters (DN15, DN20, DN25). To do so, the transmitter is simply combined with the appropriate gauge mounting block. Easy installation and low maintenance make the EE741 ideal for cost-effective consumption measurement of compressed air and technical gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, helium, CO 2 or argon. The flow meter can accurately monitor standard volume flow, mass flow, standard flow, temperature as well as the consumption of air or gas. The EE741 employs the well proven E+E thin-film sensor, which operates on the thermal anemometer principle and stands out by excellent long-term stability and short response time. The multi-point factory adjustment at 7 bar (102 psi), which is the common pressure of the compressed air supply, leads to best accuracy even in the lower measuring range. By this, EE741 can be optimally employed for leak detection. The EE741 flow meter can be easily integrated in any measurement and monitoring chain. It features a scalable analogue output (4-20 mA / 0-20 mA), two switch outputs and a pulse output. A Modbus RTU or M-Bus (Meter-Bus) interface makes the device future-proof and ready for Industry 4.0. background: fotolia Residual oil content in compressed air down to 0.001 mg/m³ A constant supply of oil-free compressed air with a barely detectable max. residual oil content of 0.001 milligram per cubic metre – this is what the Bekokat catalyst system from compressed air specialist Beko Technologies is able to deliver. The functional principle breaks down technical and economic barriers that are usually imposed on conventional compressed air treatment, especially when it involves applications with extremely high requirements. The generation of oil-free compressed air with conventional, oil-lubricated compressors and an additional Bekokat is significantly more efficient and more cost-effective than with oil-free screw compressors. At lower investment costs and with consistently high compressed-air quality. The Bekokat is also ideally suitable for the retrofitting of existing compressor stations - no need of expensive investments for new oil-free compressors. The catalyst comprises a granulate that is heated to an operating temperature of around 150 degree Celsius. In the catalyst, the oil molecules are broken up until only a carbon atom remains. At the end of the final catalytic phase, the oil molecules have oxidized to H 2 O and CO 2 . The oil-free compressed air can then be used for the given application; the remaining water is discharged. MDA Technologies 4/2016

COMPRESSED AIR NEWS Flow sensors for compressed air and gases In the recent past CS Instruments has been receiving a lot of enquiries from customers all around Asia regarding the topic “Energy Savings“ in the field of compressed air supply and operating media supply of technical gases. “In order to get our products - which are already very successful all over the world - also ready for the Asian market we put a strong emphasis on the implementation of all international parameters like e. g. SCFM (Standard cubic feet minute), °F, psi and so on when developing the new flow sensors for compressed air and gases”, says Managing Director/Owner Wolfgang Blessing (picture). The new flow sensors VA 550/ 570 work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. Therefore an additional temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary. Due to its robust design, the aluminum die cast housing, the robust sensor tip made from stainless steel 1,4571, the new VA 550/ 570 are suitable for demanding industrial applications. An ATEX version is available for applications in explosive areas. For flow measurement, e. g. of natural gas there is a version with a DVGW admission. All-in-one compressed air purity analyzer Since it’s foundation back in 2005 the Asia market plays a dominant role in the marketing and sales activities of CS-iTEC. So does the ComVac as the number one trade show for compressed air equipment. CS-iTEC will introduce their new portable All-in-One Compressed Air Purity Analyzer S 600. It analyzes dew point, particles, oil vapor and bacteria in an easy yet user friendly and compact solution. S 600 is the answer to the increasing demand for portable purity tests specifically for food & beverage, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries. Industry 4.0: Compressed-air technology of the future With airstatus, the Boge portfolio contains a mature and future-oriented remote diagnostic tool that comes very close to the ideal of the modern factory in which all processes are networked. airstatus offers users maximum efficiency, security and transparency in the supply of compressed air. With the free Boge app, this statusoriented remote monitoring tool can be operated conveniently using a smartphone or tablet PC. The airstatus remote diagnostic tool keeps a firm handle on the status of up to 32 components. With functions like direct transfer and viewing of process data such as the compressor status, maintenance messages, temperatures and pressures, airstatus is a modern and powerful instrument. On their PC, tablet or smartphone, users can instantly identify, analyse and respond accordingly to faults from any location worldwide – which speeds up troubleshooting considerably. They may also be using Boge airstatus for condition monitoring to manage proactive measures and the scheduling and coordination of maintenance work. All of this can be achieved easily with the BOGE airstatus app for all mobile iOS and Android devices. System monitoring is turned on simply by locating the relevant compressors and components via ModbusScan. The system data is transferred directly via GSM/GPRS or via a LAN connection in real time. Users can then call up the data on the Boge airstatus web portal or the Boge airstatus app. The receipt of e-mail or SMS alerts when values go above or below defined limits further enhances safety. MDA Technologies 4/2016