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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016


COMPRESSED AIR NEWS ComVac ASIA 2016: Platform for the rising compressor industry ComVac ASIA runs November 1-4,2016, in Shanghai. Mr. Wang Sheng, an expert in the compressed air industry, tells us about the development of the compressor industry in China and his expectations for the show this year. How is the development of the overall compressor industry in China from the beginning of the year to present? From the beginning of 2016 to the second half of July, there has been a rising trend in the domestic compressor industry in the first quarter and even the first two months of the second quarter. At the end of May, however, the market went cold since the previous sales were mostly the supplement of leftover budget-purchasing products in 2015. The overall compressor market situation, as predicted, will not be positive throughout 2016, the sales volume, in set, is about 170,000, which consists of 20% from large enterprises, 30% from medium-sized enterprises, 40% from small enterprises and 10% from microenterprises, among which about 50,000 sets will be sold by foreign invested enterprises which takes up 28% overall. The total sale, comparing with 2015, will experience an estimated 5% decrease. During the ten years’ cooperation between and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai, ComVac has been upgraded to an exhibition from a sector. Could you please explain the development of the fair? What’s your expectation for the show this year? Since cooperation is established, we are grateful for the platform and support provided by Hannover Milano Fairs China; the goal of our close cooperation is to invite exhibitors to take part in our show and display products, and at the same time, to attract more visitors to visit and exchange through the platform, making ComVac ASIA an annual event where buyers are willing to visit the industry. For the moment, more than 80% of enterprises in the industry have taken part in the show and 90% of famous brands in China will make their presence, which can prove its strong appeal and specialty. This year’s show has gone well so far, and all the booths have been sold out. In the development of future editions, we prefer to the occurrence of diverse and interactive columns, and hope seminars and technical forums can be held concurrently, so as to not only enable ComVac ASIA to take a lead in scale, but also build a wind indicator for technology in the industry. In view of the exhibition services, we hope to provide more convenience for exhibitors in transportation service and price, onsite management and other aspects, so as to improve their sense of identity. How is the show selling? What highlights and activities will be included? The selling of the show has finished, and scale rises steadily with wonderful and upgraded contents. We will have 160 exhibitors and the display area will be more than 10,000 sqm. Many famous brands including Kobelco, Baosiair, Hanbell, Baosteel, Buma, United Osd, Comps, Dongya, Aigao, etc. will be present. The items on display will include the whole compressor industry chain from air compressors, lubricating oil and relevant auxiliary equipment, compressor parts and post treatment equipment of compressors. There will be some technical exchanges and events. Why should international companies participate in ComVac ASIA? Mr. Wang Sheng, executive chief editor of Compressor, general manager of, secretary general of Educational Fund of Shi Huaxin, the founder of compressor major in China and discipline of Xi’an Jiaotong University The appeal of ComVac ASIA for international exhibitors lies in: 1. Convenience for onsite exchanges among the peers: many domestic enterprises and users need mutual communications and exchanges. 2. More new products from international exhibitors are displayed, which is supplementary for the rising market demand in China. Many agents with rich resources and buyers with great strength have participated in recent shows. In addition, onsite consultation of domestic buyers to international enterprises and expanded domestic sales of international exhibitors will be helpful for enterprises to present in the show. 3. There is serious product homogeneity in compressor products; in terms of the quality, users prefer international exhibitors, which may help international exhibitors to promote their products and expand product popularity. 4. Awareness of domestic enterprise and domestic factors that are willing to make cooperation with international exhibitors and promote their products has been greatly improved. MDA Technologies 4/2016

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