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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016

“Off the shelf”

“Off the shelf” linear axes solutions based on modular principle Maintenance-free, lubricant-free and ready to install, linear guides are becoming more popular in machine manufacturing. The motion plastics specialist igus has developed a construction kit for its drylin ZLW axes, with which the customers can individually assemble their own solutions. In this modular system, width, rail distances and length of the axes can be adapted quickly and easily. Due to the low profile of the toothed belt axes, even small installation spaces are sufficient. With the new drylin ZLW modular system, cross beams, rails and carriages can be designed in the desired size and material. Due to the new installation size ZLW-20, loads up to 75 kg can be lifted, with maximum stroke lengths of up to 3,000 mm. The wide drive belt also permits high speeds of more than 5 m/s. The polyurethane toothed belt with steel cable reinforcement is set centrally on the carriage at the required belt tension. Due to the open design, the linear axes are easy to clean and also insensitive to dirt. Grooved ball bearings ensure a robust support and greater energy efficiency. Encoders from Baumer for railway application Baumer with its multi- faceted sensor technology has been contributing significantly towards the demands of railway industry. The new high-performing axle encoder BPIK merges Baumer’s competence and expertise in providing optimal solutions for tasks concerning speed feedback in railway application. The bearingless axle encoder with a magnetic rotor acquires the wheel speed at high resolution and is ideal for any speed-related application at the vehicle bogie. The robust encoder is designed particularly for the adverse impacts prevailing at the wheel axle and supplies extremely low-jitter signals at up to 1,200 ppr. The low-noise signals ensure very accurate and high-dynamic feedback of the wheel speed enabling the sensor to reliably detect any torsion vibration early on. This ensures minimum wear at maximum traction control and capacity even at low speed and under difficult track conditions. Like all bearingless encoders by Baumer, BPIK is virtually free from wear and particularly resistant against shocks, vibration and dirt. In addition to information on speed, the encoder further provides output data of an integrated temperature sensor. Ready for mobile automation: Inclinometer IN88 with CANopen interface Horizontal position measurement for a vehicle leveling for agricultural and forestry machinery, is one example where inclinometers are required. In this area, the demands placed on the sensors always remain the same: accuracy, robustness and long service life. These demands led to the development of the new Kübler inclinometers. The high protection level IP67 and IP69k, the wide temperature range from -40 up to +85 °C, completed with the high shock resistance up to 100g and vibration resistance up to 10g ensure trouble-free outdoor use. The inclinometers allow measuring 2-dimensional inclinations of ±85 ° or 1-dimensional inclinations up to 360 °. Their resolution reaches 0.01 ° and an absolute accuracy of ±0.4° is possible at a temperature of 25 °C. The measuring principle is capacitive or MEMS. Filter settings individually parameterizable via CANopen allow adapting easily the inclinometers to the application. The inclinometers are equipped with the CANopen interface, which belongs to the usual interfaces in mobile automation. The inclinometers are available in the variants with 1 M12 connector or with 2 M12 connectors. Supply voltage is 10 to 30 V DC. Continental expands its portfolio to agri-business with new drive belts PRODUCT NEWS Continental, the international technology company is intensifying its activities in agri-business and expanding its product portfolio in drive belts, under the product range ‘Continental Agridur’. These drive belts meet the high requirements of the agricultural industry and provide a highly reliable power transmission in farm machines – even in harsh environmental conditions such as dirt, dust and moisture. In addition, ContiTech supports its customers in the design and construction of belts in order to offer them custom-fit solutions, tailored to their individual needs. The introduction of Agridur drive belts also brings further advantages: as an optimized warehouse program enables faster delivery times. The introduction of Agridur drive belts takes place as part of a global expansion of the off-highway segment of the Continental Corporation. The company offers an extensive portfolio for off-highway applications, consisting of components, systems and solutions, which make agricultural, constructional and transport machines and vehicles safer, more efficient, cleaner and more comfortable. MDA Technologies 4/2016

Highly accurate and flexible beam couplings from Ruland Beam couplings from Ruland, the specialist in shaft collars and couplings, are designed to couple stepper and servo motors to encoders, lead screws, and light duty actuators in a variety of industries. These beam couplings consist of two overlapping spiral cuts to increase torque capabilities and torsional stiffness when compared to the commodity style single beam coupling. Separating the spiral cuts into two sets gives the coupling better parallel misalignment capabilities while easily accommodating angular, complex, and axial misalignment. They are available with 4 or 6 beams in inch, metric, and inch to metric bore combinations ranging from 3 to 20 mm. 4 beam couplings are more flexible with lower bearing loads and are ideal for encoders while 6 beam couplings feature a larger body size with shorter spiral cuts. Ruland manufactures beam couplings in 7075 aluminum for improved flexibility and low inertia or 303 stainless steel for higher torque capacity. Advanced tube-bending technology in ship construction The ship construction industry relies heavily on time- and cost-saving bending machines for large tube diameters in tube processing. The company transfluid with its advanced tube bending technologies considerably reduces the production costs while creating a time benefit of up to 60 %. The trend is towards flanges being welded to the straight tube before bending. With internal linking to the corresponding CAD programs, the isometrics are directly processed in the transfluid bending software ‘t project’. The mobile tablet version, ‘t project Draft’ increases flexibility with special requirements. If tube data do not come from the CAD, they can be manually entered in the software. This may be the case if tubes are already present and are measured accordingly. Since this is not always done in-house, but may take place directly on the ships, the tablet version increases flexibility. Narrow radii are possible even in CuNiFe and stainless steel pipes, permitting an additional space benefit in the ship. With excellent flexibility and extremely short tool change times of less than 20 minutes, directly increases the efficiency in tube production. Portable stroboscope with auto-sync laser function The portable LED stroboscope RT Strobe super qbLeD has 118 high-power LEDs, and the auto-sync laser function, an outstanding technical highlight for which Rheintacho has applied for a patent. By means of a far-reaching transmission / reception system based on lasers, the flash rate of the stroboscope is synchronised automatically. A laser beam sent from the stroboscope is reflected by a reflective tape, back to the recipient cell on the front side of the stroboscope. As a result, the controls of the stroboscope calculate the rotation rate of the object, feeds in the flash frequency of the stroboscope and outputs it again as a precisely measured value. For applications in which the reflex tape cannot be attached directly to the object under observation, an observation function (auto-save) has also been added. Thereby, similar to the focus lock on a photo camera, the speed at a position of the system which rotates with a similar to equal speed can be taken down, and this frequency can then be used for further observation on the position of the system which is actually to be tested. Fluctuating rotational speeds are not a problem anymore. SEAL TECHNOLOGY PREMIUM QUALITY SINCE 1867 COG MAKES ITS MARK: The world‘s largest O-ring warehouse. Precision O-rings in 45,000 variants ready for delivery. 1 – 4 November 2016 Visit us in: hall E4, booth D4-1