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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016

Holistic solutions from

Holistic solutions from a single source Air actuators in pantographs ensure uniform contact pressure in the transmission of power from overhead lines to rail vehicles MACHINE ELEMENTS Whether it is hoses, drive belts, or air springs – ContiTech offers an package from a single source for original equipment manufacturers and the spare parts market. “Our aim is to support our customers in finding the optimal ContiTech product for their applications,” says Jürgen Zwoll, ContiTech general manager of industrial sales in Asia. About ContiTech Continental develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. As a reliable partner, the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer, and industrial partner, the company offers sustainable, safe, comfortable and customized solutions. The corporation with its five divisions Chassis & Safety, Interior, Powertrain, Tire und ContiTech generated provisional sales of approximately € 39.2 billion in 2015. The ContiTech division is one of the leading suppliers of technical rubber products and is a specialist for plastics technology. It develops and produces functional parts, components and systems for mechanical and plant engineering, the mining and automotive industries, and other major industries. In 2014 ContiTech recorded a sales of around 5.4 billion euros and employ strength of around 43,000 in 44 countries worldwide. The international technology company offers solutions ranging from flexible transfer hoses, to high-performance belts, and air actuators that can be individually adapted to customer requirements. The product examples below are typical of the variety of technical highlights available in a range of sectors – “made by ContiTech.” Customized hose solutions for intralogistics From the hose component to the complex line system – ContiTech delivers adjusted hose solutions for use in the intralogistics industry, including the Conti Excelsus transfer hose for high-temperature applications. Depending on the design, the hose can withstand temperatures of up to 250 °C, supplies the turbocharger with cooling water and lubricating oil, and is also used in its control system. Its flexibility allows it to be used even in especially tight and complex installation situations and it is also suitable for transporting air, for example, in exhaust systems and as a fuel return line. Its special braid made of a plastic textile, which is resistant to high temperatures and chemicals, makes the hose extremely flexible. Thanks to its consistent lightweight construction, this hightemperature transfer hose is also considerably lighter than the PTFE tubes braided with stainless steel that have been used up to now. “Our product therefore contributes toward reducing fuel consumption and therefore CO 2 -emissions,” explains Klaus Brühne, a developer at ContiTech. The Conti Excelsus is part of a modular system. Users can select the best product for them depending on the particular application and it can also be produced as a molded hose or supplied by the meter. Furthermore, a kink-resistant version is available. Another highlight for intralogistics is already successfully used in forklift trucks: flexible, dimensionally stable oil lines made from a PA tube with reinforcement. They are approved for operating pressures MDA Technologies 4/2016

of 80 bar and are suitable for use as low-pressure hydraulic lines and many other applications. These oil lines from ContiTech are much more flexible than previous PA tubes, yet they are preformed. Their structure also means that they can dampen vibrations. Foodstuff hoses meet high standards Improving safety and cleanliness when handling food and drink is a constant focus of the Chinese foodstuffs industry. As a rubber and plastics expert, ContiTech provides the solution with its industrial hoses. The hygienically smooth, non-porous surfaces of the hoses ensure the odor and taste-neutral transportation of goods. Specially developed for use with milk collecting trucks, ContiTech presents a product that guarantees safe and reliable handling of foodstuffs – the blue Collector foodstuffs hose. It is resistant to ozone, weathering, and abrasion and can be cleaned easily. The industrial hose is also offered as a complete hose assembly with a coupling system and protective rubber ring. One thing is for certain: whether you need hydraulic hoses, oil lines, or foodstuff handling lines, ContiTech has comprehensive materials and process expertise, using modern CNC bending machines and measurement equipment to find a customer solution. Drive solutions for the heavy-duty sector In the field of drive solutions, ContiTech is developing products that meet the highest requirements for industrial applications and can demonstrate their strengths across the entire breadth of the plant and mechanical engineering industry. With the Conti Synchroforce Carbon, ContiTech has added a new heavy-duty timing belt to its range, which impresses with its high acceleration and shock loading. The belt is made from a temperature-resistant rubber compound with a carbon tensile member. This makes it low-stretch and stable at high torque levels. Thanks to these properties, the Conti Synchroforce Carbon is the strongest rubber timing belt in the ContiTech range. The innovative drive belt is electrically conductive in accordance with ISO 9563 and stands out thanks to a temperature resistance from -30 to +130 °C. With the FO Pioneer, ContiTech has also developed a powerful V-belt. Thanks to its high-performance EPDM compound, frictionlocked drives are now possible even in extreme temperature ranges between -40 and +120 °C. The FO Pioneer is resistant to dust and tropical climates, and is also conductive as per ISO 1813 as well as partially oil resistant. It also can be used throughout the entire mechanical engineering industry, even to cost-effectively replace existing drives. 01 The versatile oil line exhibits shape stability and flexibility at the same time 02 The transfer hose for high-temperature applications is flexible and resistant to kinking if required 03 The Synchroforce Carbon with a carbon tensile member is the strongest rubber timing belt in the ContiTech range 04 Thanks to its high-performance EPDM compound, the FO Pioneer has a long service life In addition, ContiTech presents the recently developed drive calculation software Conti Professional, which is available online at Air actuators in pantographs fulfill strict fire protection requirements Across the world, the use of rail vehicles as a means of transport is increasing. This includes China, where by 2020, the country’s rail network will have been extended by 30,000 km of track. Due to the great distances covered, the main focus is on high-speed lines along which trains with single-arm pantographs can travel. These power supply units transmit the power from the overhead line to the rail cars, supplying the electric motor, electronic controller, and on-board systems with electricity. As pneumatic drive components, the air actuators generate the right pressure required for the contact between the conductor lines and the overhead line. Depending on the requirements of the overhead line system, the contact pressure can be continuously adjusted in the air actuator by applying gauge pressure. This results in an optimally attuned system with a drive that is long lasting and low maintenance. ContiTech has now set a new standard in safety as, recently, it has been possible to use an fire-resistant material to produce these air actuators and therefore meet the strict requirements of international rail transport. “As the first manufacturer of air actuators, we offer rail vehicle operators the highest level of operating safety as our new material complies with the current European fire protection standard EN 45545,” says Carsten Klages, sales manager for industrial applications at ContiTech Air Spring Systems. Based on these products, ContiTech offers customized holistic solutions for fields as varied as the textile, foodstuffs, and agricultural industry to renewable energies, ventilation systems, and intralogistics. Photographs: ContiTech MDA Technologies 4/2016