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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016

Linear system solutions

Linear system solutions for special purpose machines Special purpose machines are one of the supporting pillars of machine tools industry. Whether in the interlinking of presses in sheet metal processing or the fitting of CNC production lines with tools, it is the flexible solutions of these machines running in the background that ensure the optimum productivity of high-end machinery. With machine tool development cycles becoming shorter and shorter along with the higher degree of flexibility now required in production plants, the special purpose machine manufacturers are now getting affected directly. They are adapting to the fact that the time-to-market for their solutions keeps shrinking. Having a brief period between the customer inquiries and submitting a tender is often a decisive factor to quickly prepare a solid concept and submit a tender. Those who can do this have a clear advantage here. For special machinery manufacturers, this means implementing an effective work flow internally as well as with the drive technology suppliers. After all, these suppliers are involved in the most important phases of the project, such as task analysis, solution conceptualization, design and engineering. Linear systems are particularly challenging in the project development phase, and those who offer them need to be able to produce tailor-made linear systems with short delivery times. For an effective project sequence, Schaeffler’s INA Linear Technology offers special machinery manufacturer’s solutions for hardware, software and sales in order to reduce the time-to-market. Large portfolio for effective single sourcing Everything comes from a single source. When it comes to single sourcing, suppliers with a complete portfolio of rolling bearings and linear technology offer better efficiency in procurement. However, this is offset by a need for electrical components for drives in linear modules of many different motor and control system manufacturers – as demanded by the customers of special machinery manufacturers. In such a scenario, Schaeffler balances the act very elegantly by supplementing the linear system portfolio with motors, control systems and sensors from a wide range of producers on the market. Henning Dombek, Vice President of System Solutions at INA Linear Technology explains: “We already offer a very diverse range with our standard drive technology (see the AL1 catalog). However, we also specialize in factoring in the motor and control system suppliers of our customers, since this is much more The key to individual linear axes is not just having a large modular system range. The work flow from the order inquiry up to delivery of the fully-assembled system is also important MACHINE ELEMENTS MDA Technologies 4/2016

Linear modules with monorail guidance system Drive element Linear module Tandem module Clamping module Compact module Telescopic module Toothed belt √ √ √ Ball screw √ √ √ √ Cograil Use/function Handling Positioning Processing As a self-supporting transverse axis, rigid axes, measuring tasks, Processing Wide variety of INA linear modules with monorail guidance system Aligning Tensioning Fixing Centering Positioning Handling Processing √ Handling Handover Approval of work spaces advantageous for their procurement, spare parts inventory and maintenance process. In order to provide a wide selection here, there is hardly any manufacturer of electrical drive technology that we do not offer. This simplifies purchasing for the customer and delivers a ready-to-operate individual axis that is solely from a single source.” The line of linear modules ranges from a precise compact module with a small cross-section to a highly durable tandem module with two parallel monorail guidance systems or the new telescopic modules. With the large portfolio of standard linear modules and linear tables, it is very easy to provide the speed, load-carrying capacity, and rigidity required for each task (Tables 1 and 2). Precision saves development time and costs Testing procedures are not economical for very small batch sizes in the manufacturing of special purpose machinery. Consequently, the process of designing a linear system needs to be very close to reality. There are free calculation tools on the market but they do not always satisfy the level of precision needed. Their simplified calculation process usually leads to oversized linear components and drive up the hardware costs unnecessarily. For this reason, it is particularly important in special purpose machine manufacturing to decide the reliability with respect to load safety and operating life. Schaeffler brings about these conditions with its Bearinx-online Easy Linear System calculation and configuration tool. The software calculates the actual linear guidance load for each individual rolling contact, yet is very easy and intuitive to use. This is mainly thanks to the client-server concept: Intelligence and complexity are stored on a powerful Schaeffler server in the calculation engine, which executes complicated calculations and delivers precise results. Users – both customers and Schaeffler engineers, all of them access the same calculation engine. The Bearinx-online Easy Linear System calculation algorithm factors in: n the connection of all axes for closed linear system calculation, accelerated table and machine bed masses n the non-linear elastic deflection behavior of the rolling elements n the elasticity of the carriage and guideway in recirculating guidance systems n load-related contact angle shifts in linear ball bearings n the actual contact pressure when accounting for a tilted position and rolling element profiles n Elastic deformations of the linear system when operating points are set Using the Bearinx-online Easy Linear System, it is very easy to combine pre-defined linear modules with servomotors and planetary gears to form drive-powered single or multiple axis systems and configure them as a system. Selecting the suitable motor/gearbox combination for the particular linear module along with displays of 01 Entering load cycles and graphics in the Bearinx Easy Linear System MDA Technologies 4/2016