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MDA Technologies 4/2016

MDA Technologies 4/2016

Innovations you

Innovations you definitely shouldn’t miss at PTC ASIA 2016 CHOICE PRODUCT NEWS - PTC ASIA Quick clamping rings easily adjusted without tools Clamping rings are used for the axial attachment of components on shafts. Mädler has just introduced quick clamping rings that enable adjustments to be made quickly using an eccentric lever. Shaft tolerances can be adjusted and the clamping force can be determined via an adjustment screw. The anodized aluminum body and stainless steel axle pins and bolts ensure that the quick clamping rings are corrosion resistant and versatile, and can be used in medical technology, for example. The plastic clamping rings, made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide, are split so that they can be used without having to disassemble adjacent components. The high wall thickness and press-fitted nuts guarantee a very high tightening torque. The plastic clamping rings particularly stand out for their low level mass inertia. Custom-made clevises also available In addition to its standard clevises, mbo Oßwald also offer custom-made power transmission elements. A small, medium or mass production series of the custom-made part can be produced if the specialist’s standard range in accordance with ISO 8140/ DIN 71752 does not include the right model. The company has developed a special production concept for this purpose. The company can also produce the custom-made versions cost-effectively using its fully automated machines. Individually developed and produced, they can be made of steel or stainless steel with a square profile between 8 and 96 mm, a diameter of between 4 and 65 mm or larger diameters upon request. Clevises establish a link between two moveable components. Particular attention must be paid to the connecting elements as the complete mechanical power transmission is dependent on them. They can increase the efficiency and service life of the construction if they are optimally adapted to the other components. New shrink discs for large hollow shafts Ringspann has extended its range and added shrink discs for the external clamping of hollow shafts with large diameters of up to 620 mm, as well as delicate cone clamping elements for the internal clamping of shafts with very small diameters. The RLK 608 and RLK 603 shrink discs can, for example, be used in the wind power and mining industry, Montan conveyor technology and the power plant construction sector. They can transfer torques of up to 4,225,000 or 1,460,000 Nm. Both series make the simultaneous transmission of torques and axial forces possible and centre the hollow shaft or hub to the shaft. The Trantorque Mini and Trantorque OE type shaft-hub-connections, on the other hand, are cone clamping elements with high levels of concentricity. In addition to torques and axial forces, they can also transfer bending moments. The Trantorque Mini series is suitable for tiny and thin shafts of just 3 to 16 mm in diameter, while the Trantorque OE series is suited to shaft diameters of 17 to 35 mm. MDA Technologies 4/2016

High-performance TPU seals meet broad requirement profile With the introduction of COG Variopur, the seal manufacturer, C. Otto Gehrckens, has introduced a new range of products to the premium segment. The three high-performance materials included in the range (COG Variopur 195, COG Variopur 295 and COG Variopur 395) are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU/ AU). In comparison to the standard material NBR 90 Shore A, the resistance to wear and extrusion is at least five times higher. In addition, the three TPU materials stand out for their high gas tightness and excellent tolerability to various gases. They do not become brittle when exposed to the effects of ozone and oxygen. High-performance valve offers new opportunities The high-performance mobile control valve CMA Advanced from Eaton has an independent supply and drain control system and offers almost unlimited possibilities to differentiate machine functions. The CAN-busenabled electro hydraulic valve uses new control algorithms to improve the controllability, for example, for the accurate and efficient control of fluctuating loads. Continuous switching between the speed and pressure control is possible. A real-time diagnosis is possible thanks to sensors that monitor the pressure, temperature, position and flow rate. The valve is available with a nominal flow rate of 90 or 200 l/min. Stainless steel chains despite aggressive environments The rust-proof CF stainless steel chains from Iwis are particularly corrosion- resistant. They can be used in aggressive environments in accordance with strict cleaning regulations and extreme temperatures. The lugs of the chain have a larger smooth cut portion thus increasing their service life and improving elastic expansion thanks to higher pressure forces. The rollers are seamless and are thus shock-resistant at high speeds. Seamless sleeves increase accuracy and speed during positioning, especially during dynamic cyclic operation. They can be used at temperatures between -80 to +150 °C. Calculation software: rapid 3D modeling Modeling in KISSsys has been radically simplified in the latest KISSsoft Release 03/2016: Now, for example, when elements are added, the part geometries are prefilled with default values. At the same time, the shafts are positioned intelligently, to suit the gearing types involved, such as cylindrical gear pair, bevel gear or planetary stage. The user can now see the modeling progress immediately in the 3D view. Another new feature is the option of adding assemblies (such as planetary stages) to a model, and also adding shafts, if required. Pneumatic safety brakes with hydraulic force Mayr drive technology has expanded its tried and tested range by a pneumatically ventilated version, offering users new opportunities thanks to its high retention forces. Designed for machines in which a hydraulic system is already installed, thus ensuring that users can continue to revert to the hydraulically ventilated safety brakes. However, the pneumatically ventilated Roba-Guidestop safety brake can now be used in cases where a hydraulic system would need to be installed first to operate a brake with high holding forces or in cases where several brakes were required to reach the corresponding forces. Industrial drive with 190 kNm driving torque Nord Drivesystems has expanded its successful range of industrial drives by a new size with a driving torque of 190 kNm. The entire series covers driving torques of 25 kNm to 250 kNm and comprises nine sizes. The new, size 14 units ensure that designs are now even more accurately fitted. They are equipped with a one-piece block housing just like all the drives produced by the manufacturer. This ensures that they achieve a longer service life than joint drives and guarantee efficient power transmission and a high tolerance to load peaks and impacts. The input and output directions can be selected freely. All six sides can be used for assembly. MDA Technologies 4/2016