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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015


NEWS AND MARKETS Shanghai in focus Mr. James Fu, General Manager, Hannover Milano Fairs China In conversation with Mr. James Fu, General Manager, Hannover Milano Fairs China. We talk about the future of power, transmission and controls sector in China with the international trade show “PTC-Shanghai” in focus Last year PTC had more than 1200 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors what do you think brings the visitors and exhibitors big and small to Shanghai and to this event particularly? The PTC -Asia owns its unique advantages and success elements to welcome global leading companies and visitors every year. With over 20 years’ growth, the show has become the largest in Asia and the second one in the world. The loyal exhibitors regard this platform as their first choice to premiere their innovations and tap the new market. This attracts new professionals and visitors to experience the trends onsite. What’s more, the PTC -Asia positions itself according to the market development to generate a right theme for each year. This year we have a theme on “Smart Manufacturing” which sharply echoes the strategy of “Made in China 2025”. It is worth mentioning that the Smart Manufacturing Forum 2015 will be held during the fair to explore more advanced technologies and innovations on the topics of Industry 4.0. As organizers, we have a timely insight into the market, interpret the industry, make pertinent publicity, provide customized services, and convey messages through media to improve the influence of the show to the maximum extent. Our Chinese partners’ efforts also lend us great support. With all these elements, the PTC -Asia can stand out for years. What is “Made in China 2025” and how does the Fluid and Mechanical transmission industry benefit from this? In 2013, Germany put forward the strategy of Industry 4.0. And since 2014, the Chinese government has also organized its forces to formulate the “Made in China 2025”. For China, this is a grand blueprint of rejuvenating the economy through manufacturing from the level of national strategy. The so-called Made in China 2025 is also a Chinese version of Industry 4.0, which aims that, after 10 years of efforts, by 2025, China’s manufacturing industry will have a greatly improved overall quality, significantly enhanced innovation capability and labor productivity. With internationally advanced levels achieved in terms of intelligence, service and greenness, China will become one of world’s manufacturing powers by that time. We hear a lot of talk about how Chinese industry is on its way to upgrade, keeping this in mind, how do you see the future for the power transmission and control sector? The Chinese government now requires the industry upgradation, to further adjust and optimize the economy. Against this backdrop, the power transmission and control sector will develop into a more intelligent and advanced sector. The whole sector will improve the core competence in innovation, production of the key components, thus realising the transformation of China from component manufacturing giant to component manufacturing power. In short, it is the change of China from manufacturer of quantity to the one of quality. This strategy has a significant importance to many sectors including the Fluid and Mechanical transmission industry. It will guide the Fluid and Mechanical transmission industry in its transformation and upgrading towards higher degree of intelligence, network and digitization as well as continuous innovations. The basic guideline of optimizing the quality and structures will be followed for improving the industry’s overall level and quality; and all-new talent cultivation approach will be adopted for promoting industry management, making contributions to the industry and boosting further development. Photographs: Fotolia teaser, Hannover Milano Fairs China z 8 MDA Technologies 4/2015

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