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MDA Technologies 4/2015

MDA Technologies 4/2015

Product News Gas

Product News Gas compressors for extreme pressure up to 17 bar As OEM supplier, Rotorcomp Verdichter GmbH, a subsidiary of Bauer Comp Holding, supplies oil-injected air ends and compact modules to the manufacturers of gas compressor for more than 10 years now. Rotorcomp delivers gas compressors as air ends of the series EVO Gas with drive power of 2.2 to 670 kW, whereby the air ends are made of casing and integrated rotor pair and compact module of the series EVO-NK Gas with drive power of 2.2 to 90 kW, whereby the module consists of an air end with integrated rotor pair and oil container supplemented with flanged multi-functional block, fine separation, thermostat and minimum pressure control valve for controlling oil circulation. We have not only updated the rotor profiles in both the EVO series, but we have also reworked the casing and in particular oil circulation and suction range were optimised. We were able to increase the specific performance due to these measures and thus increased energy efficiency significantly. Therefore, the new system is far more economical now and offers even better conveyor performance with same energy consumption. Both series are available with integrated drives for sizes up to 18.5 kW. The compact module is also available in Atex design. In particular, new modular design of the compact module helps in its use as pressure compressor, because oil container volumes as well as multi-block with fine separation and pressure control valve are available in different sizes for each type and thus extend the application range significantly with reference to conveyor quantity and working pressure. In addition, a rated working pressure of up to 16 bar and a complete feed into PN16 gas pipes are possible according to the test conducted by Rotorcomp. Individual compressor blocks are designed for an operating pressure of up to 17 bar. Rotorcomp provides easy-to-use, computer-assisted design and calculation program so that its customers can select optimal gas compressors. New air cleaner for 4 m 3 /min Mann+Hummel presents the new Entaron HD air cleaner for nominal flow rates up to 4 m 3 /min. The air cleaner convinces offering many advantages in its performance class. It was developed for mobile compressors and gensets. The Entradon HD 4 series extends the existing range of Mann+Hummel air cleaners for nominal flow rates up to 4 m 3 /min. The Entaron HD is available as a two-stage or optionally as a single stage version. Its design offers customers many advantages with a long service life, high separation efficiency and excellent flexibility when adapting to limited installation space. Thanks to its new design customised versions are possible without changing the tool and are therefore available faster than with conventional air cleaner designs. In addition, its size is approximately a third smaller with the same filtration performance than the comparable Europiclon 200 within the Mann+Hummel product range. This makes life easier for application engineers looking for high performance air cleaners suitable for limited installation space. Furthermore, the Entaron HD can also be delivered with a metric or inch version of the clean air port and a 90 ° elbow with optional outlet for an mass airflow sensor. The position of the service switch connection on the air cleaner is designed to fully exploit the installation space. The brackets integrated on the housing offer two mounting positions either as standard with through-holes, or optionally with threaded inserts. This means the air cleaner is easy and quick to fit. The Entaron HD 4 is also maintenance friendly and can be serviced without the need for tools. Imprint Compressed Air News is published in cooperation with ComVac, the leading trade fair for compressed air and vacuum technology. Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH, Lise-Meitner-Straße 2, D-55129 Mainz / P.O.Box 100465, 55135 Mainz, phone: 0049/6131/992-0, fax: 0049/6131/992-100 Managing Director: Dr. Olaf Theisen Publishing Director: Dr. Michael Werner, Tel: 0049/6131/992-401 Editorial: Dipl.-Geogr. Martina Laun, Phone: 0049/6131/992-233 (Responsible according to the press law) Design: Cornelia Grothe 66 MDA Technologies 4/2015


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